Top 10 Best SEO Services Company in India

SEO helps search engine robots figure out what each page is about. One of the most crucial aspect of SEO is to make your website amiable and easy for both users and web crawlers i.e, search engine robots to understand. Soon as you have planned to move your business online, you would need a SEO company to make your venture a success.

This list of top ten search engine optimization companies in India has been compiled by weighing in the essence of various parameters which includes clientele base, global reach, number of SEO experts, Alexa rank, and experience.

Best SEO Companies in India

10. Savit

Alexa Rank in India: 22, 187 (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


Savit Interactive, an Indian SEO company which began its operations in 2004 as an Digital Marketing Service in India. Savit focuses only on SEO and helps businesses enhance their visibility on the search engine, especially, Google. The completion of more than 1000+ projects in a period of 12 years for over 1300+ clients makes this Mumbai-based SEO company, one of the best SEO Company in India.

9. Indian SEO Company

Alexa Rank in India: 53,353 (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


Indian SEO Company has helped a number of websites attain prodigious traffic with their methodologies. They emphasize on higher return on investment(ROI) for their clientele. Their reach in 20 countries speak volumes about their credibility.

8. Ebrandz

Alexa Rank in India: 11,324 (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


An industry leader with over 12 years of experience, eBrandz has executed more than 6000 search marketing projects and the numbers have been rising steeply ever since its inception. The team of 250 marketing experts help clients grow online businesses to their utmost satisfaction.

7. SEOValley

Alexa Rank in India: 25,678 (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


SEOValley is one of the most reliable and fastest growing SEO company of India. Till date, they have helped over 4000 websites to increase their online exposure and spur financial growth.

6. Profit by Search

Alexa Rank in India: 39,674  (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


Frequently qualified by Google AdWords as one of the top results for SEO India, Profit by Search has proven their mettle in internet marketing, media planning, and interactive campaign creation. They are serving their clientele of 300 reasonably well and you can validate it from the testimonials on their website.

5. Techmagnate

Alexa Rank in India: 7,843 (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


Techmagnate is one of the best seo companies of India. They have a team of passionate and dedicated professionals serving over hundreds of clients spread across the globe. Many of their SEO experts are Google Analytics and Google AdWords Certified individuals.

4. SEO India

Alexa Rank in India: 73,630  (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


The motto to satisfy their clientele, professional approach with their projects, 10 years of experience, and affordable prices for SEO  services are a few of the reasons which make SEO India one of the best SEO company. Over 1700 clients have shown faith in SEO India to help expand and consolidate their online business.

3. Ranking by SEO

Alexa Rank in India: 13,249  (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


Ranking by SEO solves all the gravels associated with SEO, PPC, link building, blog marketing, affiliate marketing, and content syndication. It is an amalgamation of intelligence and imagination. They have made a global name for themselves in a very short period of time. The workforce of 200 is full of zeal and skills, available all through the day and night to solve any web baffle of their clients.


Alexa Rank in India: 23,938 (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


Whatever may be the shape, size  and reach of your company, begins with consultation followed by  examining your reach in the online industry. Thereafter, they incorporate competitive intelligence to identify your competitors and analyze the marketing trends which makes sure  you are giving away the right deliverables.

1. Page Traffic

Alexa Rank in India: 6,373  (As of 1st Nov, 2016)


An award winning digital marketing agency, Page Traffic can help you with every step of setting up of a successful online business. They offer a wide range of services that includes search engine optimization, social media marketing, link building, web designing, and  online media buying.


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    This is a great curated list to mark off when choosing the right SEO company in India. I did a comprehensive research when I was choosing which company to go with for our SEO services. In the end we went with because they were transparent and open with what we needed most. The best companies will have a free consolation when in the stages of negotiating SEO services, which this company did perfectly.

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