Top 10 Best Shoes Brands with Price in India 2021

List of Best Selling Shoes Brands in India with Price

The people of India seem to have a fascination towards shoes that have a different styling to it. With the advent of the modern generation, the people seem to have made a profound adjustment to their styling demands. People seem to be intensively associated with the styling needs nowadays since when it comes down to the shoes, one cannot simply let go of fashion. Some of the prevailing brands of shoes in India happen to be the following:

Humans have only been walking upright for a few million years, which is very short in evolutionary terms.  In a lot of ways, our bodies still haven’t fully adapted to the change, and that leads to health problems related to our upright stance, including fallen arches, bad backs, hemorrhoids, dizzy spells, and injuries from falls.  The reason we need arch support is because the human foot hasn’t had time to evolve into an ideal walking platform.  It’s still pretty much a repurposed branch-gripper. And yes, feet do develop callouses for protection, but they still suffer wear and tear over extended use, so extra protection is nice to have. Developing calloused feet takes a long time and a lot of pain.  Wearing shoes spares you from that. Insiders in Indian footwear industry are saying that the speed of opening stores has increased at a significant pace. Normally men purchase a pair every 3 months while women do so after a couple of months.

10. PUMA


The Company has been pretty acknowledged over the fact that they are providers of ethnic and compulsive sports-wear. Casual wear seems to be pretty well sought as well since they have made a lot of name for themselves. However, as the sports niche entrant, the company is ought to be your premier sports footwear choice.

Puma is one of the international leaders when it comes to sports and lifestyle products such as footwear, accessories, and apparels. Apart from the Puma brand, the synonymous parent group owns Tretorn, and Cobra Golf. Its registered offices are at Herzogenaurach in Germany. Its footwear comes in the following ranges: MenSport, Women, Motorsport and Lifestyle.

9. Red Chief

Red Chief

The newest entrant into the Indian market has been making quite a good reputation. They are known as “pure leather” providers and therefore, one can expect premium quality. The pricing of the shoes is pretty steep and comparable to Woodland, but given the fact that quality is no less, the people can be highly assured of value for money service. Hiking shoes, off road leather shoes and casual wear shoes are the things that you need to have when buying from them.

They are an Indian shoes brand for men and offer an elite collection for leather shoes. The most excellent thing about their collection is the ideal balance of price and quality. The brand defends the price by presenting exclusive designs and strong shoes which increase your character and poise both. The brand has both online and corporal stores. So as per your convenience, you can moreover visit the corporal store or can enjoy online shopping of the most recent designs of men’s leather shoes in India.

8. Lotto


Casual wear and sturdy boots for travelling are what the company is famous for. The rich collection of footwear for kids is also among the positives of the company. Lace-less shoes, dual density shoes, stitched on-sole shoes have been the latest on offer from the company. Its market has been pretty hard but still it is to be considered as one of the best in the Indian market.

Their collection might not be the most up to date or fashionable compared to the other brands in the market but they can be your alternative of choose if your budget is low. Also, what we found is that they are also less robust. At times some shoes even be likely to wear and tear quick compared to other brands. So, the choice is up to you to take.

7. Converse


Conventional styling using the canvas shoes is exactly what the company seems to have pre-defined over the years. It has had a stronghold as one of the leading casual shoe frontiers in the market. The impressive styling and varied collection of casual wear are what attracts most of the customers. If you are in for that swag look, then this company is ought to deliver you with the best.

Converse is a primary American brand, deals with athletic clothing and lifestyle fashion in addition to footwear. It is currently owned by Nike and was set up in February 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts. At current its head offices are at North Andover in the same state. Its shoes are accessible in the subsequent ranges; from Kids, Men, Sales and Women.

6. Lancer


This Company appeases the Indian Market with an array of compulsively designed shoes for all niches. The design is broadened on every material and the company providing for a strong aftersales service. Among the premier range of shoes, PVC Footwear, sports shoes, slippers, casual shoes like floaters, and Canvas shoes have been making it big across the market.

Lancer is one of the important shoe makers in India. The group was incorporated during 1989 and its head offices are at Udyog Nagar, Delhi. It givess products in the following ranges; PVC footwear, Air slippers, Sports shoes, Belly Sandals, Moccasin School, shoes Canvas and PU slippers Kids range

5. Woodland


For the people who have a demand for styling and quality, the Woodland shoes are ought to be the right one for you. The company has the strongest provision of tough and durable feet-wear, which surpasses all expectations. The shoes have an off-terrain look to them, which makes you feel more like a “sturdy mountaineer” for a change. The range of boots has a very compact styling and there is absolutely no match with the quality and durability of the product. People who go in for hiking can get the best of shoes from here.

Woodland is owned by Aero Group that has been in the trade of outdoor shoes since the near the beginning 50s. The product was introduced during 1992. At now, the brand has 350 elite outlets across the globe and is now in at least 3000 multi brand stores in several countries.  The main manufactured goods ranges of Woodland may be detailed as; Boots Casual Shoes Travel Sandals Climbing Slippers Trekking Men’s Hiking Women’s.

4. Adidas


This is among the other primary assets in the Indian Shoe Industry. The company has been a strong competitor to BATA and has been known for their modern styling approach. They also sell in quite cheap when compared to others. The company is more prominently recognized for their delivery of quality shoes in the niche of Boots, sports shoes and slippers.

Adidas is here to wonder the modern men with its most recent collection of footwear, custom-made for your vital biz meet, informal luncheon or the evening stroll. So this is your informal office wear shoes. Additional draw is the fine tanned exported leather and the leather insole included within each pair to save the feet from filth, dust and smell. Adidas offers shoes in the following categories: Women, Adventure, Men, Outdoor, Girls, Sneakers/canvas, Boys, Sandals, Casual, Slippers, Sports and Chappals/sandals.

3. Nike


This Company also seems to have made a strong hold on the Indian Market. Owing to their international recognition, Nike has been able to produce a large number of quality shoes for the Indian Market. Their vast arsenal of shoes including shoes for training for both men and women, shoes for running, sandals, football, or soccer training shoes and casual sports shoes has been the reason as to why people seem to be attracted to this company. A high-end quality assurance is also one of the reasons.

Nike is a international footwear, accessories, apparel, services, and gear brand that is based at Portland, Oregon. It is the universal leader in athletic clothing and footwear as well as sports gear. Its income is currently US$ 24.1 billion and it has at least 44 thousand employees across the globe. Its current worth is about US$ 10.7 billion making it the top sports business product in that consideration; they are a Fortune 500 company as well. Nike offers shoes in the following categories: Men, Men’s training, Women, Women’s training, Kids, Golf, Running, Skateboarding, Basketball, Snowboarding, Football, Surfing, Soccer and Tennis Shoes.



Over the years, BATA has emerged as one of the leading shoe brands across the country. People have long been acquainted with the traditional shoe company that seems to have had a strong grip on the market. A large variety of shoes ranging from floaters, boots, slips-ins, and sports shoes can be found. The company accounts for lesser pricing and better quality.

Bata India is the main manufacturer and seller of shoes in the nation and founded by the Bata Shoe Organization. It was founded during 1931 as Bata Shoe Company Private Limited. It’s Batanagar industrialized capability is also the first of its kind in India to have been given the ISO: 9001 qualification certificate.  Its main merchandise categories are: Women, Kids, and Men.

1. Reebok


For the people who have a different taste, this company comes in for you guys. Reebok has been widely acknowledged for their consistent and unconventional styling and the same has been a market winner here in India. The unconventional styling with the shoes involving ZIG-tech and compulsive color combinations have been a key towards making such a profound impression. The sports shoe section is the best and if you are a fitness freak, then it simply can’t get any better.

Established in 1895 in England, Reebok is one of the major admired brands in the sporting world and contemporary history. Since 2005 it is the part of even superior product Adidas. As per the most recent Sales data, it is ranked 4th in the list. This brand unites several options: provides strength and grip, which is essential for taking a weight, offers more liberty to get around and even run a short distance and gives you a fashionable look. It gives a flexible, breathable, and soft, pretty much like sock wearing skill. There’s sufficient strength for a deep workout, which is pretty great. Reebok offers shoes in the following categories: Men’s, Girls, Women’s, Sports, Boys’ and Classics.