Top 10 Best Selling Skin Care Brands in India 2021

As we have changing weather, it is necessary to give attention to skin care products to protect our skin from any damage. As we know, the hot sun can suck more moisture from our skin and can thus take toll on our skin. In order to avoid this, check out below skin care products that are famous in Delhi as well as in the Whole India.

10. VLCC De-pigmentation Cream

VLCC De-pigmentation Cream

Formulated to lessen the dark spots and pigmentation this cream acts as an excellent night cream to heal and soothe pigmentations. Made up of combination of sandal wood, sun flower oil and aloevera that makes skin glow and healthy. Best cream to fix any imperfections on your skin.

Thus, above are the top 10 best creams that are highly in demand at Indian markets. Go and grab your choice of cream as per your skin type.

9. Vichy Aqualia Light Cream

Vichy Aqualia Light Cream

This paraben free and hypoallergenic cream acts best as a moisturizer and immediately soothes the feel of irritation upon application. This cream is highly recommended for dehydrated sensitive skin. When applied, it protects your skin for 48 hours and fights against skin aggressions.

8. Garnier Moisture Rescue

Garnier Moisture Rescue

Garnier, a very famous international brand has introduced Garnier Moisture rescure gel to lock moisture on your skin for several hours. It is a gel based cream that is light on skin and suits best for oily skin types. This cream is little expensive than other creams available in the market.

7. Joy Fruit Moisturizing Cream

Joy Fruit Moisturizing Cream

This fruity massage cream claims to have extracts of fruits, jojoba oil and almond oil that comes with a fresh fragrance. Almond oil enriched with Vitamin E gives a bright and glowing look for your face. Jojoba oil acts as anti-aging agent and controls wrinkles and gives younger look.

6. Himalaya Night Cream

Himalaya Night Cream

Himalaya herbals night cream is a revitalizing skin cream which works during the sleep time. This comes in a tub packing with green colored screw and guarantees to contain 100% herbal product which does not harm your skin in any way.

5. Dove Silky Cream


Dove the most popular brand in India has introduced silky nourishment cream for normal type of skin. Packed with tons of natural nutrients and essential oils this cream suits very well for dry type of skins. As the name suggests, it is a soothing cream that heals your dry skin problem permanently.

4. Lakme Complexion Care Cream

Lakme Complexion Care Cream

Lakme CC cream is a blend of daily skin cream with a touch of make up. Benefits of this cream are skin moisturizing, brightness and freshness with a quick touch of right make-up. Enriched with SPF 20 protects your skin from any sun strokes and damage. Available in two variants such as beige (fair to whitish complexion) and bronze (dusky complexion) that gives a heavenly look upon application.

3. Palmolive Cold Cream

Palmolive Cold Cream

Enriched with vitamins A, C and D, Palmolive cold cream acts as an excellent moisturizer and makes your skin so soft and light. It is one of the magnificent creams during winter seasons allowing your skin supple and hydrated at all time. Packed with white colored jug with a sweet and pleasant fragrance is a cream that has high demand in Indian market.

2. Oriflame Milk and Honey Cream

Oriflame Milk and Honey Cream

As the name suggests, Oriflame has introduced a rich moisturizing cream enriched with milk and honey leaving the skin so soft and smooth. It can be little costlier when compared to other cream products in the market. Mild scent of butter-ish cream will make you go mad. Small blobs of this cream will make your body cool upon application.

1. Nivea Cream

Nivea Cream

Enriched with Eucerit, Nivea cream is one of the first skin care creams introduced in India which can be used as a multi-purpose cream to heal the damaged skin immediately. Packed with regular blue tin, Nivea works amazing on pimples, acnes and dry skin. It is a neutral cream and can be used by both men and women.

Designed for the people whose skin deprives water content so quickly resulting in dull and wrinkled look. Comes with an attractive travel friendly pack and has no side effects. Also suitable for babies since it is dermatological tested cream. It can be very effective when applied regularly on elbows, cuticles and heels.