Top 10 Best Smart Band Brands with Price in India 2021

The wearable technology is becoming popular among the people who are obsessed with fitness training. It is very useful device to keep a track of daily fitness routine. The smart bands come with many high tech features that each popular brand has started to produce these smart gadgets. Here are famous brands that are available in Indian market.

Best Smart Band in India

10. Jawbone UP Wrist Band

The Jawbone UP Wrist Band can track all the activities of yours. The small and comfortable gadget is useful for day and night. It has a system called UP, which is an app of the phone. UP system can calculate protein, carbs, sugar and calories as well. The app fitness enabled tracker by Jawbone is imported from USA, available in Indian market with the best price of 3881/-

9. EnerZ Gofit Pro Band

The EnerZ Gofit Pro wrist band comes in sleek and trendy design. it has a sharp OLED display with a resolution of 64×32 pixels. The long lasting comfortable silicone strap makes it a durable product. It has the best features like sleep tracker, sedentary alert, call alert and remote controlled functions. The high tech smart band is available at the very affordable price of 900/-

8. Xiaomi Mi Band

The Mi Band from Xiaomi is has a funky look. The device features optical heart rate monitor, pedometer, smart alarm and notifications. It is compatible with android 4.4+ and iOS 7.0+. The unlocking feature of the band can unlock all the android 5.0+ smart phones. The smart band is dust free and water resistant too. Best price: 1690/-

7. Polar Loop Activity Tracker Band

The gadget that track you activities throughout the day and night, Polar Loop Activity Tracker provides guidance and motivation to reach the activity goal. It is made to automatically sync with free polar app. The smart device is compatible with iOS and android 4.3+. the band can be useful for 5 days constantly after charging. The activity tracker is available at the cost of 6400/- to 11000/-

6. Sony Smart Band (SWR10)

The minimal design of Sony Smart Band (SWR10) makes it an attractive device. The smart band does not have a display. However, the fitness tracker features calls and messages notifications and activities like steps, distance, calories and sleep hours tracking. It can be connected to smart phone using NFC or Bluetooth. The smart device is available in 4 different colors. Best Buy: 5785/-

5. Garmin VivoFit 2 Band

The only activity tracker with one year battery life and backlit display, Garmin VivoFit 2 is on the fifth position. It has auto sync, audio alert, heart rate monitor, time to move feature, time for activities feature, sleep mode and personalized daily goals. The smart device also tells time and time to move. Can be use this device round the clock. Available in the market at 6000/- to 6500/-

4. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit Band

Samsung presents 1.84 inch curved Super AMOLED display, Gear Fit Smart Band. The device is little larger than other fitness gadgets. The display produces vibrant colors with exceptional viewing angles. The smart device comes with 6 inter changeable wrist bands with different colors, which makes the device smart and sporty. The high tech featured smart device is available at the cost of 18,799/-

3. Intex FitRist Health Band

The latest fitness device from Intex is loaded with features such as sleep monitoring, mobile search, music, notifications and remote shutter. The device is compatible with android 4.3+ and iOS 7+. It is capable of detecting different gestures with the feature of 3 axis accelerometer. The best third smart band is available at the cost of 900/- to 1050/-

2. Fit Bit Charge Band

Available in two different sizes, Fit Bit offers best featured fitness band that has wireless syncing, Bluetooth support, OLED display, heart rate monitor and smart notifications. With a high performance wrist band, you can get continuous and automatic heart rate, take distance, steps, calories, floor climbed and activities. Best price is from 14,000/- to 15,000/-

1. GOQii Band

GoQii is one of the popular Indian origin fitness band brands. The trendy smart band is an activity tracker, very simple to use and it analyzes activities. It is sweat proof and water resistant, having a touch screen OLED display that shows watch’s functionality and time. Available at the best price of 1800/- to 2400/-

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