Top 10 Best Smartphone Companies in the World

Smartphones have now become an integral part in our daily life. So, the smartphone industry is going through an evolution too. The performance and designs of smartphones has changed over the years and different new companies joined the market with the stalwarts like Samsung and Apple. Some of the Chinese brands are doing very well in the market like Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Vivo. So let’s see who are the top 10 smartphone companies right now in world.

Best Smartphone Companies

10. Vivo

One of the most fastest growing among the newest companies in the world is Vivo. After its establishment in 2009, Vivo has became one of the most prominent names in the smartphone industries. The company is famous for its well designed mobiles devices, smartphones, and software. The yearly sale of Vivo is around 45 million units. There are three categories among their phones, the X series, which are their high end phones, the V series, which have a medium price range and at last the Y series the low cost smartphones from the company. They boast of releasing the slimmest smartphone in the world in the year 2015.

9. Alcatel

This brand has a very wide reach and can be found in most of the countries. Globally, it can be found in around 170 countries. The major focus of Alcatel is just providing the best product to its buyers technologically. Per year sale of this smartphone company is around 50 million units. You will find its best smartphones in ranges such as Idol, Pop, and Pixi. Some customization options are also given to the buyers by the company. Focusing for the CSR activities has increased the customer base for the company.

8. Oppo

The company became famous for its tech and electronics products after its foundation in 2001. They step in the smartphone industry only on 2008 but before that their main product was MP3 players. The company is rapidly increasing in stature as right now they do business in 20 countries. Their major part of business comes from Asian countries like India and China. Some of the other countries where they are active are USA, Europe, Middle East, and Australia. They always try to keep up with their slogan, ‘The Art of technology’. Some of the most popular smartphones of Oppo are OPPO Joy, OPPO R7, OPPO F1, OPPO Neo, and OPPO Mirror. The advertising they are doing is increasing their sale a lot.

7. ZTE

Yet another Chinese company ruling the world this year. Apart from smartphones, the company has other great products like tablets and telecom services. Their main focus is to provide smartphone to the middle and the lower class people but they do make some premium class smartphones too. Their per year sale is around 55 million units.

6. LG

LG is famous for a lot of things other than just the mobile devices like electronic devices and appliances. The smartphones, mobile handsets, smart watches, and tablets are very reliable from LG. The most famous phone brands of the company are the K-Series, G-Series, LG G Flex, LG Tribute, and LG Nexus. Per year smartphone sale of this famous brand is around 60 million.

5. Xiaomi

Xiamoi is another company which is very new to market but created quite a buzz after the foundation in 2010. The company has a very strong work unit of around 8000 workers which help it to produce some of the best phones right now in the market. The company has forced its way in some bigger markets in the world like India and China. Some of the other countries where Xiamoi has good market are Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, and Thailand. The company sells around 65 million units of phones per year.

4. Lenovo

The subsidiary of Motorola, Lenovo has a strong financial background which it uses for the research and development to make their products better. The company sells around 70 million units per year. The main focus of the company is the design and the quality of the product. Sometimes users can customize the phone according to their requirement and this is one the best features which they provide to its buyers.

3. Huawei

Another Chinese company who is gradually becoming one of the market leaders in the smartphone industry. Other than smartphones, it is famous for tablets, broadband, and computer too. Annually the company sells 100 million units. The work force is another thing in the company for which it is able to make such huge numbers of smartphones with high quality. Around 75000 people work in the company which increases its work force.

2. Apple

One of the most famous brands around the world is Apple. It does business in around 40 countries around the globe and sells 200 million units per year. The main product of the company is iPhone which is famous for its durability and the phone is also rich in features. The company founded by Steve Jobs has come a long way since its foundation in 1970.

1. Samsung

The number one position goes to Samsung. The company sells around 300 million units per year which is around 30% of the total smartphone sale. The phones are sold in around 100 countries. The Galaxy series is the most renowned series of the brand. The company who sells android based smartphones are on the top because of their worldwide portfolio.

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