Top 10 Best Soft Drink Brands with Price in the World 2018

Soft drinks are recognized as one among the biggest business in the world. Summer has come and gone but in spite of that these soft drinks will have huge demand in all the seasons and the business will have profit throughout the year.

Everyone will enjoy the chilled soft drink. It’s very rare for people to not consider drinking them irrespective of seasons. One can have refreshing feeling after consuming these soft drinks. There are several of soft drinks available in the market. Some of the best soft drinks are mentioned below.

10. Coke Zero

Coke zero is the new product of the coca- cola brand and it has the answer for many of the question that the people have with the old coke. When this brand was introduced to the market lot of men thought that it was a women’s drink until men started liking it. The popularity of this drink role when it was introduced with the ad mentioned no sugar soft drink as many people had stopped consuming it due to presence of sugar in previous cokes. This contains less sugar compared to other drink. Cole zero is considered as the best diet drink and it is the best seller among the men in the recent days. It costs about 14 USD for a pack of 24 cans or 12 ounce.

9. Diet Dr. Pepper

Diet Dr. Pepper is the low calorie drink of the popular brand. This brand was introduced in the 19th century. Most of the people thought that this brand was introduced as the competitor of the coke but that was not the case. Coke was introduced after one year of the introduction of Dr. Pepper to the market. This brand has become popular between the soda drinkers. There are many different flavors available with this drink and people enjoy the drink with different flavors. It costs 24USD for a pack of 24 cans or 12 ounce.

8. Fanta

This is an orange drink and it is considered as the alternate drink for the coca- cola. This brand of drink was developed during the World War 2 in response to an embargo for selling the juice for coca cola in Nazi Germany. German makers decided to create the new drink with the leftover drink of coca cola product. The result of that drink was the Fanta with orange flavor. Today this drink is very popular and it is one of the most selling soft drink in the market. It costs 17USD for pack of 12.

7. Diet Pepsi

This diet Pepsi drink is considered as the co version of the Pepsi drink. This drink was introduced in the year 1964. This has gained popularity similar to the Pepsi and the other soft drinks. Many people are enjoying this drink all over the world and this brand of Pepsi is also liked and it is the preferred product over its competitors by lot of people as well. It costs 24USD for pack of 24.

6. Dr. Pepper Regular

Dr. Pepper was the very famous soft drink. This brand was introduced in the year 1800s. There is misconception that the main ingredient that is used in the preparation of this drink is prune juice. But it is not the fact. Just as the other brands ingredients even Dr. Pepper recipe is secrete and it is kept in two separate safety deposit boxes in two different banks of Texas and Austin. The source of the rumor is not known. Despite of all these rumors Dr. Pepper regular is one of the most popular brands of soft drink that is being liked by most of the people. Pack of 12 costs about 20 USD.

5. Sprite

This is another popular drink which is introduced by the coca cola company. For the people who enjoys the lemon lime drink then it is sure that they like the strong and the different taste of the sprite. The coca cola company has introduced the new version of sprite drink with more fruity taste and it has gained very much popularity in the market. This drink is consumed by the people by keeping their health issue as well this is well suited for the people who are suffering from the indigestion problem as it has the combination of lemon lime and the soda it act best suited for digestion. One can also get the super chilled and the zero sprite flavored juice in the market. Pack of 12 costs about 5 USD.

4. Mountain Dew

Mountain dew was introduced by the Pepsi cola company. This brand of drink was introduced in the year 1940. This drink is available in different forms of flavors one can select the sugar free juice or can even get the regular flavors. This sugar free juice was not introduced in the beginning but it was introduced in the middle of the 1989. This has gained very much high popularity in the market and most of the people prefer this because of its good taste. Pack of 12 costs about 5 USD

3. Diet Coke

Diet coke was introduced by the coca cola company. It was introduced in the year 1983. There are different flavors of diet coke available in the market. Some of the flavors that are popular are Lemon, vanilla and the Raspberry. This brand has gained popularity because of different kind of flavors and even the juice is available in the small tins. This will be obtained for the reasonable price. Pack of 12 costs about 5 USD

2. Pepsi

There is a misconception that Pepsi was introduced as the competitor for the coca cola. But the fact is that it was not introduced as the compotator both the brands were introduced at the same time and both the drinks gained popularity together. Both these products were created roughly at the same time. Pepsi was introduced in the year 1893 by the druggist called as Caleb Bradham. He wanted to create the drink which will boost the energy and also help in digestion. Pepsi has the combination of two major ingredients and they are Kola nuts and the Pepsin. Originally this drink was called as the Brad’s drink but later it was named as Pepsi. Pack of 12 costs about 5 USD

1. Coke

Coke is one of the very popular drinks that are available in the market. It has kept its name constantly from many years. It is more than a soft drink, it is a phenomenon. It is not popular because of its huge sale but it is famous because of its variety of standards. It was started in the year 1880s. It is the most favorite drink for many of the people and has gained huge popularity in the market. Pack of 12 costs about 5 USD.