Top 10 Best Soup Brands With Price in India 2021

Whether you need as an appetizer or have it as a mid-day snack, soups are always been in the top of the list. Soups can warm up the taste buds in the coolest winter seasons. From all over the word, soups have been a favorite food to have, as they benefits differently and each one of them have their unique tastes. There are numbers of delicious flavors which we can make instantly for our ready to eat snack. The popular food brands are offering huge varieties of the soups we can enjoy. Below is the list of top 10 brands of soups you can indulge in this winter season.

10. Baxters Soup

Baxters Soup

Baxters is the UK based company which serves finest soups and other fine quality food products. The brand offers a wide soup range which includes Chicken & Vegetable Soup, Chicken Broth, Cream of Tomato Soup, Lentil & Bacon Soup, Scotch Broth, Minestrone Soup, Pea & Ham Soup, Potato & Leek Soup, Cock-a-leekie Soup, Fresh Onion Soup, Highlanders Broth, Cream of Chicken Soup, Royal Game Soup and Oxtail Soup.

Best Price: 225/ for a pack of 400g.

9. Bambino Soup

Bambino Soup

Bambino is the Indian brand, which was launched in 1982. The brand has to offer the authentic flavors of Indian soups such as Tomato Soup, Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup, Mixed Vegetable Soup, Hot n Sour Vegetable Soup and Mushroom Soup. The brand has also launched Herbal Soups like Tomato Soup and Drumstick Soup.

Best Price: 50/ for a pack of 60g.

8. Keya Soup

Keya Soup

Keya is one of the newest brands of the organic certification, which offers finest ingredients, natural & preservative free, and automated processed food products in the Indian market. The range of soups includes Creamy Chicken Soup, Creamy Tomato Soup, Creamy Mushroom Soup, Creamy Spinach, Hot & Sour Chicken Soup, Sweet Corn Chicken, Sweet Corn Vegetable, Tom Yum Seafood, Tom Yum Vegetable and Mixed Vegetable Soup.

Best Price: 55/ for a pack of 48g.

7. Batchelors Soup

Batchelors Soup

Another UK based brand Batchelors offers their extraordinary flavors in the soups. The healthy and tasty soups from the brand comes in super delicious varieties in soups such as Rich Tomato & Basil, Mushrooms & Croutons, Asparagus and Croutons, Creamy Cauliflower and Broccoli, Tomato Vegetables with Croutons, Chicken and Vegetables with Croutons,  Minestrone and Croutons, Chicken Noodle, Tomato,  Chicken, Chicken and Leek, Golden Vegetables, Slim-A-Soup Minestrone, and Chicken and Leek.

Best Price: 160/ for a pack of 104g.

6. Campbell’s Soup

Campbell’s Soup

The global American food company Campbell’s provides food products that are good, honest, authentic and flavorful. The brand manufactures a wide range of high quality soups as well as meals. The chunky soups are available in the various flavors like Creamy Chicken Noodles Soup, Chilli Mac-Beans, Macronni Pasta and Meat Soup, Calm and Corn Chowder with Bacon Soup,and Spicy BBQ Seasoned Chicken with Beans Soup.

Best Price: 109/ for a pack of 31g.

5. Heinz Soup

Heinz Soup

The Kraft Heinz is the the globally trusted food brand with the high quality, great taste and nutritional food products. The brands presents delicious soups in the variety of flavors such as Classic Vegetable Soup, Lentil Soup, Cream of Mushroom, and Cream of Chicken.

Best Price: 270/ for a pack of 400g.

4. Continental Soup

Continental Soup

The wellknown Australian brand Continental offers various flavor sensation with Cup a Soup Sensations. The range of soups includes Cream of Mushroom, Spring Veg, Tomato Soup, Chiken Noodles, Crtn Creamy Mushroom, Cream of Chicken, Garden Veg, Italian Minestrone, Spanich Tomato, and Hearty Spanish tomato.

Best Price: 285/ for a pack of 70g.

3. Ching’s Secret Soup

Ching’s Secret Soup

Ching’s Secret is a brand name of Sabi Foods, which is one of the best food brands available in India. The brand offers numers of classic Indian as well as Chinese flavored soups which are Beijing Hot Soup, Manchow Soup, Tomato Soup, Sweet Corn Veg Soup, Sweet & Soup Soup, Hot n Sour Soup and Mix Veg Soup.

Best Price: 25/ for a pack of 30g.

2. Maggi Soup

Maggi Soup

One of the most popular brands in the country, Maggi brand is launched by the vibrant company Nestle India. The brand provides best quality soups in different tasty flavors such as Sweet Corn Vegetable Soups, Cream of Mushrooms Soup, Creamy Chicken Soup, Healthy Soups Manchow, and Tangy Tomato Veg Soup.

Best Price: 45/ for a pack of 53g.

1. Knorr Soup

Knorr Soup

The bestselling soup brand in the nation is Knorr, with the highest range of soups as well as cup-a-soup varieties. The delicious soups are available in authentic flavors of Tomato, Mexican Tomato Corn, Mixed Veg Soup, Thai Veg, Sanghai Hot n Sour Soup and many other flavors.

Best Price: 10/ for a pack of 15g.