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Top 10 Best Photography Straps with Price in India 2017

Photography is a passion, which has reached a summit of technical revolution by introducing SLR and DSLR cameras in the market. It is quite necessary to purchase suitable straps for the camera to hold it easily and to make it comfortable. Numerous products are available along with their technical mountings, affordability and robustness. Ten best straps with price in India are enlisted below, in order to guide you for best products.

10. Omax DSLR Camera Sling Strap

Omax DSLR Camera Sling Strap is one of the top ranked products in this domain. This particular item is lightweight to carry and is designed with two stoppers at two front ends. The strap rear is figured to provide the support to the camera movement. It is a durable product, strong and rotates freely ensuring the safety of camera and flexibility in shooting. It is made of shockproof and waterproof breathable fabric and is available in the market at Rs. 675 only.

9. iKACHA QS Strap

The iKACHA QS Strap is produced with lock connectors that are made of metal providing the item more safety perfection. It is adequate strong and can pivot seamlessly during photo filming. It is light in weight and easy to carry. Length and width of this strap is respectively 150 cm and 4-cm. Strap material is polyester nylon and is mounted with screw plate mechanism. It comes in black version and is priced around Rs. 725 only.

8. Power Smart Series Strap

This specific item of camera strap is one of the robust and reliable products in the market. It is elastic straps and houses steel nut as well as plastic mount. This soft smooth strap can be fitted seamlessly with GoPro Hero 1, 2, 3, 4 version of camera. Length of the product is 80 cm and it is adjustable. It comes with black colour combination and ideal for men. It helps to rotate the camera up to 360 degree during photo shoot, which is one of the important features of this strap. Current market value of this product is Rs. 699 only.

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7. GoPro Chesty Chest Harness – (GCHM30-001) Strap

The GoPro Chesty model of strap is a neck based or shoulder based strap and comes with black colour only. This chesty strap is suitable for all sized adult camera even when you are in cycling, skiing, paddling or motorising mode. Length of this product is 225 cm and it is suitable for men and women both. It is priced in the market at Rs. 2642 only.

6. Gadget Hero’s Neck Strap

Gadget Hero’s Neck Strap is a retro pattern belt that avails multicolour design and fits all major models of SLR and DSLR cameras. Grip of the product is soft and wide enough to distribute evenly the weight of the camera to the shoulder surface. It is 116 cm long and 4 cm wide. Designing material of this strap is polyester and the strap length is adjustable is this item. Present rate of this strap is Rs. 450 only.

5. Power Smart 360D Rotation GoPro Glove Style Band Mount Strap

It is one of the best and reliable straps in the market. It is packed with wrist and hand straps while the extended belt is suitable to fit leg, arm or other supports. Moreover, this strap allows your camera to rotate 360 degree by flipping it in any direction without any mounting. The padding of this trap is ideal for photo shooting in any angle while the actual length of 80 cm is adjustable in front. It comes in black colour and is available at Rs. 799 only.

4. iKACHA VSMS Strap

This particular type of camera straps is compatible with majority of DSLR cameras. This item is fashionable, comfortable, and soft and designed with various colours. Weight, length and width of this product are respectively 100 g, 116 cm and 4 cm. It is made of polyester material and the length is adjustable. This camera strap is priced around Rs. 325 only.

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3. iKACHA HGS Strap

This particular hand strap is designed with tight grip that suits video cameras, digital camera or any other same tools. The cushioned straps fit conveniently around your hand during filming of a particular shot providing the camera sufficient stability. In order to facilitate the use of tripod, it is featured with respective tripod mounting. It comes in black and has 20 cm length. This item is worth of Rs. 375 only.

2. Power Smart Double Camera Strap

Power smart camera strap is designed with an objective to provide your camera beautiful and comfortable cage. It fits all kinds of SLR and DSLR camera, comes with black colour version only. It is 220 cm long and is constructed of ballistic nylon for long durability. The strap is wide, soft, spongy, and anti slippery enough allow your shoulder to carry camera without pang. Current market rate of this product is Rs. 1325 only.

1. Focus F1 Strap

Focus f1 Cross Body DSLR Sling Strap is made of ballistic type nylon that provides extreme longevity to the product. It is designed to protect the lens of camera when you prefer to go for outdoor photo shoot. It is compatible with almost all SLR cameras and is packed with a tripod plate along with ¼ inches thread to connect the camera with any other device by ¼ inches screw. Weight of the camera is uniformly distributed through extra sponge filled shoulder pad, which comprises of neoprene elastic. It is available in the market at Rs. 899 only.

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