Top 10 Best Stun Guns with Price In India 2018

Cultures across the world differ from each other in a huge manner. Right from simple practices to rigorous rituals, we all differ in many ways from one another. When we live in society filled with peace and friendliness, we have nothing to worry. We lead a life with happiness and faith in the power of peace. But when the society has many anti social elements in it, it becomes inevitable for us to take certain measures to safeguard ourselves. One such measure is to carry stun guns with us just for protection purposes. We provide valuable information pertaining to the top 10 Stun guns and their price ranges in India.

10. LadySafe(TM) Security

Ladysafe is a 38, 00000 voltage Stun Gun in the shape of a Lipstick. It is rechargeable. The small size offers ease of portability. The small size as well as the lipstick shape enables concealing the gadget without attracting an iota of doubt. The LED lighting feature helps at times when escape is necessitated in the dark while the inbuilt sounds scares off the attacker with their real life like effects

Cost – Rs. 1300/-

9. 979 – 85,000,000 V Stun Gun

These powerful stun guns available in the market come with a lifetime guarantee. It is very handy to carry and so facilitates easy portability. The LED lighting is a value adding provision. The exterior rubber coating helps tight grip of the gadget. The safety pin feature disarms the gun when snatched from your hand in a forcible manner. The noise created just in the air above could be heard from quite a distance helping you get assistance quickly.

Cost – Rs. 940/-

8. B01 – 98,000,000 V Heavy Duty Expandable Stun Gun

This high volts Stun gun is a heavy-dutymodel, whichis basically helpful in tough serious environments. The LED light helps you tackle dark nights. The length of the gadget allows you to attack your attacker or dogs from quite a safe distance. The sound produced by this gadget is as high as 120 decibels, which could get you, help away from miles.

Cost – Rs. 1750/-

7. 88KSuper Duty Stun Gun

This rechargeable stun gun comes with a Police siren, whichare an extra protection as well as attraction. It has 88,000,000 volts capacity. The deep finger grips feature enable tight grip on the gun. The trial shock feature zaps your attacker away from you making him lose voluntary control over himself stopping signals from the brain to his muscles. LED lighting is another value addition available in this model gun

Cost – Rs. 1200/-

6. SABRE Stun Gun

This stun gun is one of best selling model at all times. It is extremely high powered when compared to other products similar to this. The 100 Lumen LED light can make an attacker lose his vision when the light is directly focussed on him. It comes with a wristband which helps hold over the gun. The compact sleek design makes this model stun gun a portable one

Cost – Rs. 1345/-

5. Stuns R Us

Another best product that is fast selling among women and old age people, Stuns R Us is a rechargeable Stun Gun. It has LED light that is bright red in color, which will help get the attention of people even at a distant to help the concerned from the attacker. The 120-decibel sound that can be created using this Stun gun helps attracting help at a distance.

Cost – Rs. 1540/-

4. POLICE Stun Gun

This type stun gun is considered as the most economical type among the other models. Have simple charging requirements, the LED flash light is absolutely bright providing the scope to make the attacker blind. It is handy in size and so easily portable

Cost – Rs. 1140/-

3. Stuns R Us Sting Ring

This latest model stun gun is creating revolution in the Stun gun market. It is small in size providing easy of grip and portability. While there is no formal on / off switch in this device, the gadget can be switched on just by applying pressure on the same by your palms

Cost – Rs. – 1540/-

2. VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun

This rechargeable mini model stun gun comes with a LED light that is as bright as it could be in a mini model. Very easy to operate and handy enough to carry it anywhere, this is a value adding product to the safety of the ladies.

Cost – Rs. 670/-


This 38000000 volts micro stun gun comes with LED light and rechargeable batteries. With a cost that is so affordable, this product is small in size making it easy to carry. It can be hidden from the attacker and used only when required since it is small in size

Cost – Rs. 2400/-