Top 10 Best Summer Wear for Boys/Men in India 2021

Summer can be a really interesting time to explore new possibilities in the apparel section. This is certainly a period of time where the person can take into consideration quite a lot of eccentric summer wear and cater it to their needs and fashion desires as well. There are numerous options available to flaunt your style this summer and here we are to take a look at what best goes in as the summer wear for men this year.

Summer Wear for Boys

The best of summer apparel to flaunt your style this summer

10. Sleeveless Hoodies and Shorts

This summer is one of the best periods to define your masculine elegance by virtue of sleeveless hoodies and shorts. These modern funk wear is meant to inspire men into reliving their traditional country boy look. The contrast needs to be taken care of along with the attire as well. Sports shoes are great options and if you are not comfortable with sport shoes then you can also take sandals into consideration.

9. Cotton Tees and Cargo

The traditional attire of cotton t-shirts is never gender-biased as it is both suited for men and women. However being a man you can surely take your fashion appeal to greater heights with the ever-green combination of light coloured cotton t-shirts and cargo pants. Again it is important to have the perfect contrast sense for this attire so that you can look smart and smooth in the public.

8. The Nehru Jacket

Well, if it is a family occasion then it is necessary to think out of the box. The Nehru jacket can be the ideal apparel in this case since it allows the person to get a hold of better styling and comfort as well. They do the best with “Kurta” and“pyjamas” and therefore seeking traditional attire with great influence will do just fine. The contrast should be in such a manner that the Nehru jackets resemble a dark colour, while the kurta and pyjama resemble a lighter colour contrast.

7. Kurta and Pyjama

The traditional house-wear of every Indian man makes it back to the list since it is among the best of options to avail if you are intrigued on being the “man” and also sporting classy attire. This is an impeccably classical combination which is extremely comfortable as well. We assure you that this style is never going to get out-dated as the classic summer wear.

6. Full-Sleeve T-Shirts

Now this might sound interesting but it is surely the best option to evade the scorching heat of the sun this summer. Full-sleeve polo t-shirts practically do well with any type of trousers and can be extremely comfortable. Of-course it is important to go for the cotton variant. The best aspect of this attire is that it can be mixed with formals, trousers, casuals and even shorts.

5. Party Blazers

For the ones that are looking forward to some great nightlife and party this summer, the party blazers can be a great wear for sure. It is not just apparel for winters as people would commonly refer it to be for this is the ideal attire for every party animal that is kept hidden in the secret existence of a man.

4. Jeans and Joggers

The jeans and joggers are some of the best options that can surely be taken into account if the person is intrigued on getting a hold of great style and equal proportions of comfort as well. Jeans and joggers are the ideal wear for people that are looking forward to a rugged and sporty look which would practically blend in with any attire. There is absolutely no wonder that these have been the attire for ages.

3. Chinos

Chinos provide for a greater completion to any look. Yes it is true that they do the best with formals, but at the same time the style of a chino perfectly blends in with casual wear as well. The chinos are available in a wide range of colours which further makes it fascinating apparel that can be induced in with any type of apparel.

2. Formals

For the daily office goers and the corporate entities, the formals representing the age old legacy of cotton shirts and cotton pants never ceases to amaze with its existence. The formals will surely be the greatest asset for any person that happens to be a regular office goer or a corporate giant as well. It is comfortable and accounts for classy look.

1. Sleeveless Shirts and Sleeveless T-Shirts

This is definitely going to be the hottest trend this summer owing to the fact that the sleeveless t-shirts can certainly entertain a man beyond the conventional limits. They are beyond comfortable and bring about a sporty mid-aged boyish look. Accompanied with flip-flops this is a great option to bring about your very own charm this summer.

It is thus time to make fashion your USP this summer!