Top 10 Best Telescopes with Price in India

Telescopes with high technical features along with affordable price will help you to find out the best product and best value of your money as well. According to the availability, quality and reliability, a list of top ten telescopes in India is compiled below, which is a chart of accuracy and balance among features and price. Check the list before you select to buy an object.

10. Space launcher 38 mm Telescope

It is one of the best suitable telescopes for education purpose making it easy for beginners to watch moon closely. It uses inverting image technology for territorial view and is composed of 38 mm aperture length. Moreover, it has 400 mm focal length, and highest optimal magnifying capacity of 16x. Weight is 350 g and dimension is 46 x 16 x 7 cm. It is priced in the market at Rs. 799 only.

9. Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope

The product of Celestron PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope is one of the convenient models for land view and astronomical view with the magnification capacity of 118x and the finderscope of 5×24. Technical features of this telescope include 50 mm aperture length, 600 mm focal length, and 610 mm optical tube length. Lens of this tool is coated and is provided with definite tripod. Product dimension and weight is respectively 83.8 x 12.7 x 20.3 cm and 1.6 kg respectively. It is available at Rs. 10833 only.

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8. Celestron Speciality Series FirstScope Telescope

Celestron Speciality Series FirstScope Telescope is one of the best FirstScope telescopes that have 76mm aperture reflector and metal optical tube. This tube is moveable for the sake of comfort to navigate or view a particular object. It is light and portable including two eyepieces in the design. It is ideal for astronomical experiment and is packed with particular specifications such as 3.95-focal ratio, 300 mm focal length and few more. In addition, it has 15x magnification for eyepiece 1 and 75x magnification for eyepiece 2. It comes with 2 kg weight and 22.9 x 22.9 x 40.6 cm dimension. Current rate of this telescope is Rs. 4389 only.

7. Celestron 140990 5X30 Impulse Compact Binocular

The Celestron 140990 5X30 Impulse Compact Binocular is one of the reliable and best models of telescope. It is featured with 5x magnification, high contrasting facility, 9.1 m focus length along with optical coatings. Diameter of the objective length is 30 mm and is packed with 1-year warranty for user’s convenience. It has 200 g weight and 11.5 x 11 x 4.5 cm dimensional length. It is available in the market at Rs. 499 only.

6. Kiran Udyog Antique Real Usable Telescope in Brass and Leather 269

It is one of the reliable stylish looking telescopes available in Indian market. It has maximum expanding length of 8 inches and minimum folding length of 3 inches. It is designed with 200 g weight while having the dimension of 11x 7 x 7 cm. It requires no battery and comes with pure brass finish offering a antique design and making it suitable for trip or outing purpose. Present market value of this model is Rs. 470 only.

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5. Artshai 6 inch Pocket Brass Telescope

The specific item of Artshai 6 inch Pocket Brass Telescope is considered among the best portable devices for magnification viewing. It is made of quality brass and bounded by leather piece. The length of this tool can be adjusted up to 6 inches maximum and 3 inches minimum. It is suitable only for focusing on the objects within short distance. This unique item has 12x10x10 cm dimension and is available at Rs. 249 only.

4. Celestron Land and Sky 60AZ Telescope

Celestron Land and Sky 60AZ is one of the ideal models that is designed with 35x and 135x magnification respectively for eyepiece 2 and 1. It is a refractor type telescope having the lens diameter of 60 mm. Apart from this specifications, it is modelled with 60mm aperture length, 700 mm focal length, 20mm eyepiece 1 length and 4 mm eyepiece 2 lengths. For easy viewing, it has 90 degree diagonal and has 998 g weight along with the dimension of 75 x 25 x 10.4 cm. It is priced around Rs. 2999 only.

3. 90X Advance Land & Sky Monocular Refractor Telescope kit

This is one of the best and widely purchased telescopes, which has been designed with spectacular magnification range of 18x to 90x. It is composed of metal optical tube and porro prism for reflection. Other features include 360 mm focal length, 50mm lens diameter and monocular viewing mechanism. It is made of aluminium barrel body and it comes with tripod accessory. Weighing 2 kg, it has the dimension of 43.5 x 10 x 29 cm. This model is worth of Rs. 2449 only in Indian market.

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2. Celestron Land and Sky 50AZ Telescope

The celestron Land and Sky 50AZ telescope is featured with various specifications such as 60 mm aperture, 20 mm eyepiece for 35x and 4 mm eyepiece for 175x. It houses two eyepieces while eyepiece 1 has 135 x magnifications and eyepiece has 35 x magnifications. It is packed with Altazimuth tripod. Weight and dimension of the item is 998 g and 35x20x55 respectively. It is available in market at Rs. 2499 only.

1. Royal Navy 12 inch antique look full brass Telescope

This particular model of telescope is made of high quality full brass achieving an antique and handicraft shape. It comprises of class magnification quality as 12x zoom and can be used as nautical or collectible product. It is capable of expanding and folding up whose length can be adjusted maximum up to 12 inch and minimum up to 5 inch. Item weight and product dimension is respectively 159 g and 19×7.1×5.8 cm. It is priced at Rs. 499 only.