Top 10 Best Textile Companies in India

The textile industry in India is the second biggest employment sector over a long period including both skilled and less skilled labour. It has played a great role just after the agriculture department in order to enhance the economical growth of India. So many big industries are involved in Manufacturing and exporting of textile products. The list of top 10 textile companies in India is compiled below.

Textile Companies in India

10. Mysore Silk Factory

Mysore Silk Factory is placed at the top list of textile industry as it produces silk weaving in huge amount in this country. It is a Karnataka based silk industry which works under the ownership of KSIC (Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation). Their product list includes various quality items such as suits, saree, yarn silk, pure silk, fabrics, salwar kameez, shirt, kurta, silk dhoti and lots more.

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9. Lakshmi Mills

Lakshmi Mills is a south Indian based textile Manufacture Company which has been established in the year of 1910. The headquarters of this industry is situated in Coimbatore. The quality products of this company include weaving, textile yarn, spinning, textile garments and many more. It has the gross turnover of 27 million dollar annually.

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8. JCT Ltd

In the book of textile industry, JCT Ltd is another name of trust where polyester has been produced in huge amount. It has been considered as one of the largest and widest manufacturer of cotton yarn, nylon polyester and natural fabric in the country. The produced fabrics by this company cover multiple blends such as cotton polyester, nylon polyester, yarn polyester and many more. It is ranked among the top ten textile industries by earning the revenue of $ 70 million annual turnover.

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7. Fabindia

Fabindia is one of the strongest contenders in the field of Textile Industry. It can be treated as giant retailer of garment in Indian market. This company has 150 multiple stores across the country as well as in the abroad. It has the annual turnover of around 68 million dollar. The company houses their products from the nook and corner of the country in order to enhance the opportunity of employment in rural part of India.

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6. Reliance Textiles

Reliance textiles are a foremost subsidiary company under the flagship of Reliance Industries Ltd. it has been established in the year of 1966. The manufacturing products list of this industry includes polyester, synthetic fabrics, silk amino fabrics, auto textiles, water repellent fabrics and many more.

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5. Grasim Industries

Grasim is Premium Company under the ownership of Aditya Birla Group of Industries. It is one of the most renowned textile companies that have been established in the year of 1947. It has been involved in production of viscose staple fibre, pulp, textile, yarn, chemicals and cement. This familiar industry has its manufacturing plant in many abroad countries such as Canada, China, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Sweden, and Bangladesh.

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4. Raymond’s

Raymond is the name of trust and reliable textile Industry which has been established in the year of 1925. The headquarters of this industry is located in Thane, Mumbai. It has been considered as the largest Worsted Fabric producer in India. Apart from this, it is the biggest textile for woollen fabric production as well as the highest ranked exporter of textile in abroad. It supplies products in numerous countries such as USA, Japan, Canada and many more. It also deals with the ownership of various brands such as Color Plus, raymond, Parx, Park Avenue.

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3. Bombay Dyeing

Bombay Dyeing has a strong presence in the history of India. The head corporate office of this Industry is situated in Mumbai. It is leading in the Indian market from almost 130 years as it has been established in the year of 1879. The main textile products of this company include towels, industrial fabrics, quilts, accessories, furnishings and bed linen. In addition, they are also engaged in chemical manufacturing. It has 350 stores and 2000 multi stores within India.

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2. Arvind Mills

Arvind Mills has started their journey in the year of 1931 and has been considered as one of the oldest textile industry in India. Headquarter is situated in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. It is treated as one of the biggest manufacturers of denim products and also exports the products outside the country. It is ranked as fourth in the world whereas the products include woven, denim, retail, knits, telecom, engineering, and agri business.

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1. Vardhman Textiles

This company is one of the pioneer leaders of this country in the domain of textile industry. It is a renowned textile conglomerate which has the annual turnover of approximately $ 1.1 Billion. It has enormous amenities around 22 plants in five states of India broadening the business portfolio. In addition, the manufacturing products include yarns, alloy steel, sewing thread, greige, and processed fabric. It was introduced in India in the year of 1965. It has the export authority to international countries such as Japan, Spain, and Germany, US, UK and many other African and Asian countries.

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