Top 10 Best Thermal Wears Brands for Men & Women in India 2021

Winter is the favorite season for many people. Especially the afternoon sunlight of winters is to die for. People like to sit in the parks, kids play outside and the enjoyment gets doubled when the snowfall starts. Some other people like the way this season allow them to add as many layers as they want to. The fashionistas can experiment in many different ways without concerning about the discomfort of sweat.

Along with all the enjoyment, the concern of protection from the chilly winds of this season never leaves the mind. Here comes the role of thermal wear. The job of this inner layer is to safeguard the body heat and doesn’t allow the chilly atmosphere to attack the body of the wearer. Men, women, people of all ages need to add this at the top of their shopping list before the winter starts.

Here are the top 10 thermal wear brands that you can choose from this season.

10. Zimfit Thermal Wear


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The Zimfit offers a range of thermal wear, which includes the full sleeve, half sleeve and sleeveless upper thermals for both men and women. The brand also provides thermal lowers for both the genders. The quilted thermals offer great protection during the windy days of winters.

Price: The great fitting Zimfit upper thermal piece costs about INR 250.

9. Hanes Thermal Wear


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Hanes provides soft fabric thermals for the working class. The materials like cotton and polyester viscose are used to manufacture the thermals, which makes it very easy to wash in the machines. Various sizes of sleeves and neck are available for the different preferences of the buyers.

Price: The upper single thermal of Hanes cost about INR 550.

8. Hap Kings Thermal Wear

Hap Kings

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Hap King is the one of the most preferred brand for thermal wear. The mixed material of the innerwear allows both men and women to feel comfortable all day long. The heat-trapping capacity of the material doesn’t let the temperature of the body go down, even if it is freezing outside. Both the upper and the lower pieces provided by Hap Kings fit well due to the elastic nature.

Price: The full set of upper and lower piece will cost about INR 650.

7. Oswal Thermal Wear


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Oswal has been a big player in Indian clothing market. The brand believes in offering comfort blended with the style. Both men and women love the stretchable fabric of the thermals provided by this brand.

Price: The single upper piece of Oswal cotton blend thermal cost about INR 500.

6. Ice Bear Thermal Wear

Ice Bear

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Made with the layers of polyester and cotton, the thermals of Ice Bear offer amazing protection from the most extreme conditions of the winters. The fitting of the fabric is so amazing that becomes very difficult to notice that the person has them inside.

Price: A full set of thermal wear from Ice Bear cost about INR 800.

5. Alfa Thermal Wear


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Alfa has a long range of thermal wear for both genders and provides the items in different sizes, which helps the customers to get the best fit for themselves. Moreover, the color choices are also amazing with this brand. It won’t be wrong to say that Alfa offers the largest variety of colors in thermals.

Price: A full set of thermal wear will cost you about INR 1,000.

4. Selfcare Thermal Wear


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People who are fashion conscious put their faith in Selfcare thermal wear. The brand keeps the comfort and protection in mind but doesn’t compromise on the looks of the thermals.  This is the reason why both men and women love this brand.

Price: You can get the set of upper and lower pieces of the thermals in around INR 1000.

3. Jockey Thermal Wear


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The name of the brand says it all. Jockey has its own worshipers who know that the quality of the thermals won’t let them down. The style, the fit, the durability, the looks, the comfort, or the protection, the brand scores “A” in every aspect.

Price: A set of Jockey thermals can be bought at around INR 900.

2. Lux Thermal Wear


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Lux holds a strong place in the market and in the minds of the Indian consumer. The cotton blend wool of the fabric offered at reasonable prices makes it a favorite of the Indian middle class.

Price: A set of the quality thermals is available at affordable INR 800.

1. Vimal Thermal Wear


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Vimal is the first name that comes in the mind of the Indian consumer when you ask about the thermal wear. The brand has created a strong customer retention by providing protection from the extreme weather conditions. With the soft fabric and stylish looks, Vimal holds the first place on the list.

Price: A complete set of Vimal thermals cost about INR 1000.

Hence, these are the top 10 thermal wear brands you can rely on, this season.

FAQ of Best Thermal Wears for Men & Women in India

Q1. What are the best cold weather thermals?

  1. Vimal: Vimal is a recognizable brand in the thermal clothing segment. The brand has a good customer segment. It guarantees against unusual climatic conditions. It offers a delicate texture with a jazzy look.
  2. Jockey: They have warm clothes with the right fit, strength, comfort, and shape. In comfort and safety, the brand is best in each criterion.
  3. Lux: The texture consists of cotton mix fleece. This warm clothing will help you to feel nicely wrapped with delicate hands and relax in winter without any problems.

Q2. How do I choose thermal wear?

Pick the ones that stay close to your skin: When choosing thermal clothing for women or men, it is important to find the right fit. Appropriate thermal tops and bottoms are very close and stick to your body, so you don’t have to deal with extra pieces of fabric that get in your way.

Look for those seams: Another rule used when buying thermal clothing in the women’s or men’s sections is always to check the seams. These fabrics sit very close to our skin, and any rough or heavy seam can cause some irritation and abrasion.

Q3. Can we wash thermal wear?

Yes, you can wash them with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. They can be machine washed as well. The best part, you don’t have to wash them after every wear, and mostly after 3 to 4 wears.