Top 10 Best Toffee Brands in India 2021

Indians are well known for their love for sweets especially toffees and chocolates. The kind of happiness that this sweet little wonder brings is kind of unmatched. Toffees and Chocolates bring instant cheerfulness and are known as the great mood enhancer. Toffees are loved are people of all age groups, more popular with the children. Here we present the top 10 toffee brands in India in the year 2021:

Best Toffee in India

10. Ferrero India Toffee

An Italian food & Beverage Company with their origin in 1946 started its business in India in 2014 and within a decade, became an indispensable part of Indian toffee & chocolate market. With a different marketing strategy, Ferraro brands have a unique taste with creamy filling, hazelnut center, and a crunchy wafer. The flagship product of Ferrero India is Ferraro Rocher. Ferrero India held 5% market share in the segment in the year 2015, which in itself is a huge achievement. Some other Ferraro variants are Nutella, Mon Cheri, and Kinder.

9. Choc on Toffee

Founded in 1994, Choc on started with bottled water and later forayed into the toffee & chocolate segment in 1998.Their first famous product was ‘Milk N Nut’, post which there was a number of other popular variants like a chocolate bar, Milk creme Choco bar toffees. Identified for their richness of chocolate and a unique approach to toffee making, it is a popular brand in India.

8. Lotus Toffee

Chocolate & Toffee Company founded in 1992, they are makers of some of the finest & exquisite cocoa products, chocolates, and toffees. They are also the suppliers of cocoa and other products to local confectionaries and bakeries. Famous brands are Milk punch, éclairs, and chuckles

7. Campco Toffee

Founded in 1973 as an Indian cooperative, it is known for its chocolate products. The main ingredient of the campco chocolate is Areca nut. Campco processes, markets and sells cocoa and areca nut as their specialty. Popular products are Krust, Treat, and Turbo among others.

6. Mars Toffee

An American brand, Mars has been quite popular in India for its famous ‘Milky way’ toffee bar. Recently, Mars has started its manufacturing in India as well. Most popular toffees from Mars are Snickers and Galaxy. In the year 2014, a company was the fifth largest seller of toffee & chocolates in India.

5. Cadbury Toffee

A British multinational chocolate major is quite famous in India for the famous flagship product ‘dairy milk’. Cadbury is most loved and widely sold in the Indian market. Some of the toffee variants from Cadbury are 5 star, Gems, Perk, Silk, Celebrations. Indian festivals and special occasions are incomplete with Cadburys; such is the popularity of the brand.

4. Candyman Toffee

Owned by ITC, a famous Indian business group, ITC’s confectionery segment was launched in 2002.Candyman has a variety of toffee variants famous for innovation and unique taste. Popular variants are Eclairs, Crème Lacto and Choco double eclairs.

3. Nestle Toffee

Brand founded in 1866, Nestle is a well known multinational consumer food company, who entered India in the 1950s.Nestle is one of the top selling toffee and chocolate selling the brand in India. Kitkat and Munch are the widely consumed and loved chocolate variants in India.

2. Amul Toffee

Amul is one of the India’s biggest brands, mainly known for dairy products. Their milk chocolate (toffee) is hugely popular among the masses. Some other popular variants are dark chocolate, Almond toffee bar, Fruit & Nut toffee bar.

1. Parle Toffee

World’s best-selling Parle-g is the flagship product of Parle, a well known Indian manufacturer in the field of consumer goods. Parle is the biscuit manufacturing in India. Their products are full of taste, quality, and nutrition. Some famous toffees from brand Parle are Kismi bar, Kismi toffee, 2-in 1 Eclairs.

Toffees and Chocolates are slowly taking the marketplace of traditional Indian sweets. For any occasion, people are choosing the variety of toffees and chocolates in attractive packaging. One of the other reasons for their increased popularity among urban masses is the less calorie content in toffees and chocolates as compared to traditional sweets. Health conscious people are choosing toffees and chocolates as an alternative, filled with great taste and are less harmful to the health. Toffees and chocolates are an integral part of everyday life and Indian market gives numerous options to select your favorite brand.