Top 10 Best Tops, Tees and Shirts Brands for Women in India 2021

Women in India follow a versatile fashion. They create a combination of traditional and Indian and casual western styles of clothes in their wardrobe. While the traditional attires let them look beautiful in family parties, casual outfit enhances her Fashionista personality in front of her college friends or colleagues.

So, when it comes to selecting casual tops, tees, and shirts, the Indian women never compromise. They choose the best of the best brands. Hence, here is a list of Top 10 best tops, tees and shirt brands for women in India. Now, you can select the best and suitable brand for yourself.

10. Flying Machine

Flying Machine

This brand has its unique touch in women fashion clothing. The designs and cuts of the tops would make it your favorite in every occasion. The tees offered by Flying Machine are trendy and the shirts are to die for. However, the brand also offers various other items for women such as hoodies, sweaters, jeans, skinny jeans, and short dresses also.

9. Numero Uno


When it comes to young women’s fashion taste, it has always been a combination of beauty and hotness. And this brand fits that appeal in every possible way. The brand has an amazing style, which comes with the comfortable fabrics of the clothes. You can have dynamic shirts, vibrant sweatshirts and other clothing options from Numero Uno.

8. Spykar


For younger women who like to give a western touch to their Indian attires, Spykar is the best. The brand not only keeps you fashion updated with its trendy collection but also improve your wardrobe with the Indian-international combo.

7. Wrangler


A comfortable fit and beautiful patterns, these are the traits of the clothing offered by Wrangler. Indian women love this brand for the fact that it provides different variations of tops, tees, and shirts under one roof. All that with a great quality assurance.

6. Pepe Jeans


Want to add denim tops and shirts in your collection? Pepe Jeans is “the” brand for you. The style and comfort of the denim offered by this brand can’t be compared with any other brand. Apart from the printed tees, and tops, the brand also offers coats, jackets, shirts and swimwear for women.

5. Lee


Lee is very popular among both the sexes in India. However, women simply love this brand for the casual but high fashionable designs and color blends. Durability is also a factor, which attracts people to this brand. The shirts and tees offered for women and allow the person to explore different limits of fashion.

4. Provogue


People who want to get a wide (very wide) range of designs, patterns, and colors, prefer Provogue. The brand is famous for its variety and allow women to flaunt their best fashion appearance. The shirts and tees are available in different prints and cuts and provide great comfort to the person.

3. Allen Solly


Allen Solly offers clothing for every age group and genders. However, its women’s clothing collection is quite impressive. This is a brand which allow the person to flaunt designer kind of dresses at reasonable prices. The varieties and options are never ending. Plus, the quality is amazing to invest in. The shirts are especially preferred by many women in India. Apart from that, the brand has printed tunics, tees, tops, suits, blouses and many other clothing options for the women of India.

2. Park Avenue


You must be thinking why Park Avenue is on the list. But it is added due to the formal tops it provides for the women. It brings a unique fashion sense in your formal attires. Apart from formal tops, they also offer casual tees and shirts for women. Having this brand in your wardrobe is a must to impress everyone at parties, family gatherings, and office meetings.

1. Levi’s


Casual fashion and Levi’s are like a synonym of each other. Especially for women, it is the only brand in India offering international levels of casual fashion. It provides you the cuts and styles of tees which can’t be found anywhere in India. And the quality assurance doesn’t need to be justified. The brand is very well-known for its quality fabric all around the world. From this brand, you get shirts, blouses, tees, tops, tanks, and many different variations of dresses.

So, these are the top 10 brands for women’s clothing. You can either pick one of these brands, or select unique tees and shirts from all the brands. Having selected pieces from different brands would let you have a unique appearance every day.

Final advice would be to add your tops and tees with different layers and accessories. This would enhance the appearance of the outfit. Keep this small point in mind and you will become a fashion diva in front of your group.