Top 10 Best Trimmers & Shavers Brands with Price in India 2021

Trimmers and shavers are essential accessories plus the need of every man. These are grooming products that help you to have a clean shave whenever you are getting late for an urgent meeting. Sometimes, there are certain situations when you have not enough time to go to saloon to have a clean shave.Trimmers and shavers help a man to keep himself neat and clean.

At this time, its models such trimmers and shavers are affordable at a very affordable price.If you are looking for such, then following is a list of some amazing trimmers and shavers and shavers in India that you can buy:

10. Nova Trimmers

Nova Trimmers

Nova trimmers are becoming very famous amongst colligates these days. The company offers trimmers starting from prices as flow as Rs. 200 and go up all the way in thousands, depending on needs and budget one can buy trimmers. Low cost does not mean that they are not durable; instead, some users have reported their Rs. 200 models to be lasting for 2-3 years without any problem.

9. Philips Trimmers

Philips Trimmers

Philips is one of the most famous brand in the trimmers and shavers and shaver’s industry. Philips trimmers and shavers and shavers are skin friendly. Generally, the models have rounded tips. In addition, you can also buy the grooming kit, which can be availed for an additional cost of a few hundred bucks. Any of the models take at least 10 hours to charge fully, as the battery of Philips’ product is high.

8. SAM Trimmers

SAM Trimmers

SAM has been famous for its low rate yet high-quality factor. If you want to buy a trimmer and shaver which suits your pocket and will last you for a couple of tears, then you can buy their trimmers. The trimmers and shavers by SAM are easy to hold, as they are designed keeping in mind the ergonomics. Due to its metal blade, the trimmers cut your beard well and you are not left with a single piece of hair on your face. It is easy to use and gets auto-off whenever it is overcharged.

7. Kemei Trimmers

Kemei Trimmers

Kemei is not a popular brand comparatively, but their trimmers and shavers are really good. The trimmers and shavers will be a perfect companion to you, if you travel frequently. The models fit perfectly into a shaving kit or a small bag. The finish of Kemei products is very good, depicting a different class of shavers and trimmers.

6. Bentag Trimmers

Bentag Trimmers

Bentag uses stainless steel as their primary construction material. The blades and internal machinery both are carved out of the same, hence making it a very durable one. Reviews against almost every product is very positive, hence one need not worry about the after-purchase performance. Shavers and trimmers can be bought at various online stores for a limited discount period.

5. Maxel Trimmers

Maxel Trimmers

Maxel’s products support flexible design, thus helping you reach even the hardest corners of your head. Behind the neck, under the chin and any such area it is, the company’s product will zip away even the thinnest of the hair. The precision offered by the products is incredible, rated up to.5mm of hair length, thus leaving you with professional level shaving and trimming.

4. Brite Trimmers

Brite Trimmers

Brite trimmers are new it town, yet they have gained immense popularity. The products are very high quality, and offer specific features such as overcharging protection, water resistance, and quick charge, which make them a worthy competition to the existing rival models. The range of Brite’s offerings is not very high, thus will not affect much of your budget.

3. Panasonic Trimmers

Panasonic Trimmers

Panasonic is another famous brand; its products are amongst the best sellers at various stores. The material for construction of shaver and trimmer products is created with skin friendly material. There are no allergic reactions, burning sensations or irritation. The trimmer gives you a saloon like look every single time you use it. Its rechargeable battery takes less than 5 hours to charge. The trimmers are designed for easy grip handling.

2. Agaro Trimmers

Agaro Trimmers

Agaro trimmers and shavers are designed for convenience. Its models are high quality styling trimmers and shavers that add confidence to your persona. Agaro’s products are designed in accordance with the recommendations of many professional barbers, thus you are bound to get the features that are most needed while trimming or shaving. Also, they ensure quality of their products by putting them through conditioned testing.

1. Gemai Trimmers

Gemai Trimmers

When it comes to the price and value comparison, Gemai’s the winner. The packages offered by Gemai include scissors, greasing oil, cleaning brush, charging dock, wall adapter, variable trimming and shaving clips. Exclusives are such as carbon fiber and metal design, charging level indicator, cleaning cloth, placement stand, and much more comingjust under thousands of bucks! Yes, you read that right. You can purchase the Gemai shavers and trimmers from multiple online stores.