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Top 10 Best Tripods & Monopods with Price in India 2017

Tripods are the inseparable parts of a photographer’s life. It comes with particular flexibility, height and dimensions matching the requirements of the users. According to the features and technical specifications, top ten tripods and Monopods along with price in India are enlisted below.

10. Fotopro DIGI-4400

Fotopro DIGI-4400

Fotopro DIGI-4400 is counted among the best tripods and is available in the market with definite features. Weight of the product is 1100 g and the load capacity is 3000 g. It is made of aluminium magnesium alloy and comprises of quick release type plate. Maximum height of this product is 1100 mm while the measurement of folded length for this specific item is 380 mm. It is packed with 3 leg sections and 1-year manufacturer warranty. The model is worth of Rs. 1720 only.

9. Benro T-880EX

Benro T-880EX

Benro T-880EX is designed with particular mechanical features to meet the demand of users. It has the normal weight of 1460 g and the capacitive load is up to 3000 g. It comes with 1200 mm height while the folded length and maximum height is respectively 470 mm and 1460 mm. It is packed with 3-way pan head along with lifetime manufacturer warranty. This tripod is priced at Rs. 2990 only.

8. Fotonica F-145

Fotonica F-145

Fotonica F-145 is considered among the widely purchased tripods in India. Weighing 750 g only, it is capable of carrying up to 3000 g. Maximum height of this product is 1450 mm while it can be folded down up to 510 mm minimally. It comprises of 3-way pan head and 3 leg sections. It has quick flip leg lock system and the platform for release the camera. It comes with 1-year domestic warranty and is available in the market at Rs. 833 only.

7. Manfrotto PIXI

Manfrotto PIXI

Manfrotto PIXI is one of the sleekest and smartest tripods in the market. It is made of aluminium material and has the weight of 190 g only, while it has the capacity to support up to 1000 g weight. Maximum and minimum height of this product is same and that is 135 mm. This lightweight item is compatible with CSC (compact system cameras), DSLR and many more. Present market rate of this tool is Rs. 1688 only.

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6. Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH

Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH

The Manfrotto MKBFRA4-BH is one of the best and convenient items for tripods. Weight of this product is 1400 g while the load capacity is 4000 g. It is constructed of aluminium and it borrows the maximum and minimum operating height of 1440 mm and 340 mm respectively. It houses 4 leg sections along with idiosyncratic folding system. This product is available in the market with 1-year manufacturer warranty along with the price of Rs. 11000 only.

5. Simpex 333

Simpex 333

Simpex 333 is another most popular item among the familiar tripods in India. It is made of aluminium material and consists of 3-way pan head, 3 leg sections, and 2 pin platform. It has 1300 g weight and has the capacity to carry up to 3000 g. Minimum and maximum height of this tripod is respectively 42 mm and 1350 mm. Folded length of this product is 520 mm while the tilt angle is 55 degrees. It comes with 1-year warranty and is priced around Rs. 570 only.

4. Power Smart WT 330A

Power Smart WT 330A

The model of Power Smart WT 330A is one of the reliable and durable products in the market. It has 3-way head system along with quick releasing lock technology. Weight of the product is 730 g while it can permit up to 730 g weight. It can be extended up to 1345 mm and can be folded down to 515 mm making it compatible for travel. It comprises of 3 leg sections and double level axis bubble. This product is worth of Rs. 690 only.

3. Photron Stedy 450

Photron Stedy 450

Photron Stedy 450 is one of the top-notch tripods in India and is designed with many technical specifications such as 3-way pan head, lever leg lock system along with 20 mm leg diameter base. Maximum length and folded length of this product are respectively 1350 mm and 495-mm. Weighing 700 g itself; this model can tolerate the stress limit of 2750 g highest. It comprises of self-adjusting camera platform able to adjust up to 90 degree. It is packed with lifetime warranty and is available at Rs. 999 only.

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2. Vanguard Espod CX 203AP

Vanguard Espod CX 203AP

The model of Vanguard Espod CX 203AP is configured with the facility to pivot 360 degree along with the availability of three section legs. It has 1.1 kg weight and has the capacity to handle up to 3.5 kg including camera and relevant accessories. Considering the folding feature, the tripod allows to extend up to 1550 mm and to fold down up to 575 mm. It is made of aluminium and comes with pan type head. This model has 2 years of company warranty and is priced at Rs. 3129 only.

1. Benro T-600EX

Benro T-600EX

Benro T-600Ex is one of the best tripods that are available in the market. Weighing 1460 g, this specific product is featured with the maximum capacity to hold the weight of 3000 g. Normally the height of this product is 1435 mm while the folded length can be 570 mm making it convenient in order to carry for distance photography. It comprises of 3-way pan head and is packed with lifetime warranty. Present market value of this product is Rs. 1119 only.

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