Top 10 Best Underwear Brands in India For Women 2021

Women and underwear are two inseparable nodes. Every girl after 12 or 13 years faces a menstrual cycle in which she wears pads on her underwear. Hence, undoubtedly it is most beneficial garment in every woman’s closet. More than periods, it is necessary to wear underwear for every girl as it protects her integrity. However,undergarments for women are a huge industry and have no limits for patterns and colors as majority women have their personal likings as well as moods.

Women love to choose colors and patterns that fit their lifestyle and hence manufacturing companies unlike men undergarments, produce great styles and different patterns every season to keep their clients happy.

Underwear Brands for Womens

We made a survey and we have compiled a list of top 10 best innerwear/underwear brands for women in India:

10. Bwitch Underwear for Women

It is specialized women’s lingerie brand. It has a cool collection of underwear for all lovely women out there to match their interests and moods. The best part about Bwitch is it is not very costly and hence preferred by the masses. Even the bright color prints and attractive contrast elastic waists attract majority of the men. They understand the needs of the women and hence make good quality stuff for every occasion.

9. Lovable Underwear for Women

This is a good brand, which even telecasted an advertisement on TV for some time. It is highly popular among women for its extremely good fit and fabrics. Moreover, a pack of three underweardoes not cost more than 360 INR. Company has researched a long time to get into this successful model in India. Lovable overall has a great distribution network and it has done extremely well among majority middle class women.

8. Enamor Underwear for Women

It is India’s premium undergarments brand launched in 2003 under collaboration of Barbara of Paris. It has come long way winning the hearts of all women in between. They make underwear, which suits the Indian body requirements. Moreover, it is first of a kind company that has launched panties based on body shapes and multi sizes. You can always get ideal underwear for yourself at Enamor.

7. United Colors of Benetton Underwear for Women

UCB is an imported garments brand, which is quite popular in India due to its extremely good quality of products, competitive price range, and a new collection every season This way people who loves to change their styles often opt for UCB’s season collection. In undergarments, also they have great color options with thin elastic bands for added comfort all day.

6. Red Rose Underwear for Women

It is not a much publicized brand but the most comfortable brand in the lot. This company specializes in underwear and the women who wear a Red Rose will never switch the company as they find it completely ideal for them. They keep including new prints and styles with different sizes of elastic bands and different set of floral or geometric prints. Also solid colors with contrast waist bands look great.

5. Mark and Spencer Underwear for Women

M&S is a very classy choice in lingerie. You won’t believe but the inside story about M&S is highest selling product in M&S is women lingerie. People love the extra-added fashion touch in its innerwear with lacy embellishments and rosy colors. Even Disney prints are seen sometimes in lingerie, which become the hot cake items of that season. M&S is no doubtcostlier than other brands mentioned above. However,it is worth a buy. Try it once and you shall never regret on your purchase.

4. Jockey Underwear for Women

It is the most popular and upcoming brand for women in masses. They launch new collections very often sometimes in neon bright colors. They look very different and lovely. Also Jockey is the most approachable brand for ordinary people as small undergarment vendors also feature this brand. A small pack of 3 will cost you around 380 INR only. Get yourself lost in this pure comfort world. Flaunt it anyway and also pamper yourself.

3. Triumph Underwear for Women

Triumph is a luxury brand of undergarments. It has super quality and immense variety. There are huge stores in metro cities dedicated to selling only lingerie of Triumph. Women normally buy sensual looking undergarments from Triumph as they come in sexy vibrant colors which might excite any man.

2. Calvin Klein Underwear for Women

It is the most classy underwear brand for all brand freaks. Generally couples buy it in pairs and wear it together just for fashion. They are costly- around 500 INR for single underwear. It is available in CK stores present in huge malls and personal stores of CK in India.

1. La Senza Underwear for Women

Just as Louis Vuitton is s brand name for purses, La Senza is the top luxury lingerie brand in India. Almost all kinds of fantasy fulfilling lingerie can be seen in their stores. Its products are available only in personal LS stores present in only few cities like Mumbai and Delhi in India. One should at least have one piece of La Senza undergarment in closet before you die.

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