Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples 2021

Are you a newly married couple eagerly waiting for this upcoming Valentine’s Day? Definitely this Valentine’s Day will be a great day as you expect, if you plan the best ideas according to that. So what kind of ideas will impress your better half? Do you wish to bring romantic smile on his/her face? For this, just implement the following ideas to make this year’s Valentine’s Day more beautiful.

So let’s check few of those best Valentine’s Day ideas for married couples.

10. Make a romantic dinner at home together


This is a common idea but yet more effective than any. Prepare his/her favorite foods in a delicious way together. Decorate it with finishing touch. Serve hot and make feel that you both have made all the dishes for each other. Make him/her understand that you both are important for each other.

9. Knit a lovely sweater


If you are trained in knitting, start to knit a lovely sweater with your names in a lovely romantic format. If you are not able to knit the whole name, just the starting letter of your names is more than enough. Present this gift as a pleasant surprise to stun and surprise your better half.

8. Take her out

take her out

This is the most common idea for any couple during this Valentine’s Day. Just plan your vacation on this day and spend your whole day with your better half. Try to take her to her favorite destinations and gift her favorite things for this Valentine’s Day.

7. Place a welcome note at your entrance


Welcome your husband with a romantic message note at your door steps or at your entrance of your house. Just leave further messages in all the places wherever he may go. And finally do not forget to place a final touching romantic message leading to your bed room. This will definitely bring joy and happiness to your husband on this romantic day.

6. Scribble on shirts

lovely shirts for couple

Just take out a red marker or dark pen. Buy a new shirt for your spouse and just start to scribble your lovely messages on this shirt. Write your lovely messages to your wife/husband in this shirt and hang it in front of your wardrobe. To his surprise, he will definitely get amazed if he notes this shirt full of love messages. Just start your day more romantic on this beautiful Valentine’s Day.

5. Decorate your mirror

write message on mirror

Decorate your bathroom or bedroom mirror with lovely and romantic messages with kisses for your better half. This will make him blushed and happy as soon as he looks into it.

4. Pack the lunch box with symbols of love

lunch box valentines idea

If you wish to really surprise your husband, just make a pan cake or a pizza in a form of romantic symbol and pack it in his lunch box. As soon as when he opens this box, he will really get very emotional and happy looking at the cute little heart shaped pan cakes.

3. Hang lovely blow up messages on your wall

message on walls

To stay always positive in a relation, try to hang on “Positive message cards” about your relationship on your wall. Messages conveying how far your wife is important to you, how far you love her will add more meaning in a relationship between a couple.

2. Record lovely voice messages

record your voice

Record your sweet voice saying “I love you” and how far you love your better half with the help of the recorder. Now place this recorder in his car with a love note. Just to his surprise, this will make this day more refreshed when he listens to your sweet voice carrying lovely messages unexpectedly. If he fails to note that in the morning, let this stay in his car and be a pleasant surprise for evening return after a tired hectic schedule of work.

1. Write a special book for her

special valentine day book

Prepare a special Valentine’s Day book for your better half mentioning all the lovely things that you may love about her. This book must be in such as way that it should bring smile on her face. Just keep this book underneath her pillow and give her pleasant surprise during the morning of the Valentine’s Day.

So, here you have the ideas to make this Valentine’s Day more happily and unforgettable for your better half. 🙂