Top 10 Best Vest Brands for Men & Women with Price in India 2021

The vest brands in India offer a great variety of products for both women and men of all ages. In 2016, the favorites of the people have changed a bit. While the big players are coming with new items, some new players have also gained popularity.

Here is a list of top 10 vest brands that are leading the Indian market this year.

10. Sixer Vest

Sixer Vest

The colorful variety of the Sixer vests allows the men to add a variety of comfortable cotton vests in their wardrobe. The fashionable looks and amazing fitting have made this brand a favorite of men in India.

Price: The average pack of 5 cotton vest will cost about INR 550.

9. White Moon Vest

White Moon Vest

Offering cotton vests in multiple sizes, this brand has clearly made a strong place in the Indian market in a very short period of time. The colorful vests offer a great gym look for both men and women. The fabric hugs your body but doesn’t make you uncomfortable with too much tightness.

Price: The pack of 3 multicolor gym vest of White Moon will cost you about INR 450.

8. Kanvin Vest

Kanvin Vest

Providing comfortable, thermal, and soft vest for the women of India, Kanvin’s vests are a great option for the inner layer for women during winters. The special varieties of these sleeveless vests come with scoop neck and thin shoulder straps.

Price: The pack of a single piece of this vest will cost about INR 450.

7. Hammock Vest

Hammock Vest

With a long range of vest designs, Hammock has achieved his place in the top ten this year. The reason why people like this brand is because of the different patterns and colors that it provides in the vests.

Price: A single piece of the beautifully patterned vest will cost you about INR 350.

6. VIP Vest

VIP Vest

Maintaining the customer loyalty and trust with the pure cotton vests, VIP is more about the durability and comfort. The sweat absorbing capacity of the fabric allows the wearer to indulge in various physical tasks without worrying about the bad odor. From sleeveless to the half sleeves, the products are available for both men and women.

Price: The average price of a pack of three VIP vest starts with INR 470.

5. Macroman Vest

Macroman Vest

Designed to serve the young consumer of India, Macroman is all about style and fashion. The brand leverages the latest technology and provides exclusive designs for the customers. Different colors, comfortable fitting, and fashionable appearance, these are a few of the qualities of this brand.

Price: The average price of a pack of 3 vests of Macroman is about INR 560.

4. Park Avenue Vest

Park Avenue Vest

Offering a wide range of vests for men, Park Avenue is for those who believe in that inner layer should be fashionable too. The solid patterns and a high-quality cotton fabric allow the person to wear this on a daily basis. Plus, the washing also doesn’t require too much effort. Even a mild wash is enough to clean it, which makes it a favorite of men living in metro cities away from their families.

Price: A pack of a single piece will cost about INR 300.

3. Jockey Vest

Jockey Vest

Jockey has always been the first favorite of sports lovers. Both men and women who are the gym freak, devotionally follow the Jockey fashion. And this has created a strong relationship between the Indian consumer and the brand. Jockey offers amazing neck types and patterns for the fashionable young generation of the country.

Price: The pack of 3 simple sleeveless vest costs about INR 450.

2. Lux Vest

Lux Vest

Lux has always been a big player in the vest market of India. The products are available for both the genders, and people rely on this brand due to the lightness it provides to the wearer. It is the fabric of these products which allow the wearer to have it on their body all day long, without feeling uncomfortable.

Price: The average price of a pack of 5 simple white vest costs about INR 350.

1. Rupa Vest

Rupa Vest

The number one player this year is the favorite of the common man of the country, the well-known brand Rupa. This brand has made its loyalty among the working class of the country, which has allowed it to get the top place on the list. The reason why people like this brand is because of its quality that comes at reasonable prices. The multiple sizes provide suitable options for the customers and work for a long time with a mild wash.

Price: A pack of 5 cotton vest of Rupa costs about INR 320.

Hence, these are the vest brands leading the Indian market this year. While most of them offer vest for both men and women, some focus only on one gender. You can choose from any of these brands, according to your own preference.