Top 10 Best Violin Brands With Price In The World 2018

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 best Violin Brands along with their respective prices. The best of the lot are usually the major selling brands and this article explore these brands of the violin. The brands like Yamaha, Hofner and many more brands make an appearance in this article.

This comes to rescue for those who seek best violin in the market with their price in the year 2018. The player would want to make an informed decision before they buy their violin and this article is a great resource for it. Let us get on with the article to find out more.

10. Andreas Eastman

The Eastman Strings operates in the same manner as a late 19th-century workshop would work. The craftsman work in the works shops just like a 19th-century craftsman would work. The primary focus is on the quality of the product produced in these workshops. The techniques used are the same old good method of making a violin. The hand-crafted violin makes the beautiful true sound that it is made to. Only the handcrafted violins like Eastman can deliver such sound quality. The price for Eastman starts from $ 399.

9. Stentor

Stentor is the most well-known of the violin brands in the musician’s market. The Stentor is famous for its high-quality instruments and long lasting durability. The violins are all handcrafted and reach the finest level of precision in the musical instrument world. The violins are not cheap but the craftsmanship does take its due. From a novice to a pro player will appreciate this piece of magnificent instrument. Price: The price of this violin starts from $ 179.99.

8. Windsor

Windsor is another great manufacturer of quality violin across the globe. The main thing about the brand is that they produce a large number of their products through machines and only a fraction was made through hands. If you want to hold a modern machine built violin in your hands and experience the sound of certain quality, then go for this brand. Price: The range of this brand’s violin starts from $ 74.04.

7. Primavera

If you are starting out on your journey to becoming a violin player, then this brand has the right options for you. The violins are made keeping in mind the beginner of any age group. However, this does not mean that pro player would discard its abilities. The Primavera are recommended by the musical schools and teachers too. The Primavera has made a name for itself in the musical industry and continues to inspire the musician in you. Price: The price starts from the range of $ 145.

6. Mendini

Mendini is a mid-range violin specifically made for the beginner class musicians. The main feature of this brand is that it produces affordable instruments in an acceptable range with all necessary features required for a beginner. Price: The price for this violin starts from $ 66.99.

5. Cecilio

One of the most celebrated violin brands of all, Cecilio is a fantastic producer of violin all over the world. The Cecilio violins are handcrafted and are precise in their tuning. The bow of the violin is also of high quality. Price: The price for the Cecilio brand of Violin starts from $ 89.99.

4. Cremona

The Cremona company was founded in the year 1989 and ever since it has been known in the circle of musicians as good violin makers. The violins are all made through hand and feature solid wood making no laminated wood is used. This gives the violin characteristic tune and pitch which stands apart from the other. Price: The price for this violin start from $ 66.

3. Franz Hoffman

This particular brand of the violin is made for the bigger class of musicians. The violin built is of good quality materials and is comfortable to learn on. The company is headquartered in North America and is also one of the bestselling violin makers in the world. Price: The range for this violin starts from $ 149.

2. Carlo Lamberti

This brand of the violinis for the intermediate players and the company that produces these are well-known for it. You can go blind folded to buy one of these if you are an intermediate player. The quality of wood used is top notch and the sound that this instrument makes is mellow in nature. The violin gives you the chance to upgrade your skills and make you feel confident so that you can feel how it is to be a pro player. Price: A violin from this brand can be yours for $ 500.


Yamaha needs no introduction the violins by Yamaha have been something out of the ordinary and have equally created some craze amongst the violinists. If you want to hold a true professional violin in your hand then be it a Yamaha. The company has invested heavily in the making of the violins and have proven the critics wrong. The electric version so the violin has been selling in good numbers and continue to do so. Price: The violin from Yamaha can be yours for $ 500.

So, now that you have the knowledge of the best violin brands out there what is going to be the best violin brand for you?