Top 10 Best Vodka Brands with Price in the World 2017

“Shots”, this is the word we hear in the parties today. A few shots and you are ready to party all night long. While wine is showcased at dinner parties, vodka creates a fun environment for the casual night parties and club scene. Containing mainly water and ethanol, vodka has minimum 40% of alcohol in it. It is used in a different variety of cocktails. When the hit of Vodka merges with juicy fruits, it becomes a heaven for the taste buds.

Having amazing health benefits, Vodka has become famous among both the sexes all around the world. Here are top 10 best Vodka brands in 2017.

10. 42 Below

42 Below Vodka

Available in different flavors, 42 Below is a brand from New Zealand. The vodka offers the flavors such as honey, kiwi, and Manuka. The smooth taste makes it a favorite for many people. The usual size of the bottles is 750ml.

Price: A single bottle of 750 ml 42 Below vodka can be bought in $14.

9. Coyote Vodka

Coyote Vodka

Coming straight from the United States, Coyote is known for its grain-based smoothness. It is also one of the best-selling vodka brands in 2016. It is the grain, which doesn’t require much distillation of the product. The alcohol percentage of this vodka brand is about 45%.

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Price: A bottle of Coyote Vodka can be bought in $23.

8. Absolut 

Absolut Vodka

This Wheat based vodka brand is very famous in many countries. The smooth and fruity taste makes it a good drink in parties. The distillation of the product is done three times to make it perfect. The alcohol content is about 40% in Absolut.

Price: A single bottle of Absolut 750ml costs about $20.

7. Reyka 

Reyka vodka

The cost of this vodka brand is a bit high. It is due to the fact that it is distilled six times in order to attain the required fruity taste. Reyka is from Iceland and made from wheat. Finding this brand is not difficult. It is quite famous in many countries. The alcohol content of Reyka is also 40%.

Price: 750ml bottle of Reyka costs about $30.

6. Smirnoff

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff is very popular in almost every place on this earth. People prefer this brand due to its flavors and awesome taste. Smirnoff is from Russia and comes in different varieties. Even the plain vodka is a mixture of different types. This is the beverage, which takes the cocktail to another level of excellence.

Price: 750ml bottle of Smirnoff costs about $36.

5. Belvedere

Belvedere Vodka

A gift from Poland, Belvedere is incredibly popular in different countries for its exciting taste. It is prepared by the fermentation of grain and gives a spicy taste to the drinker. The brand offers many different flavors and variations of the product in 1.75L bottles.

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Price: a 1.75L bottle of this vodka brand costs about $34.

4. Stolichnaya

Stolichnaya Vodka

It is a crystal clear vodka offering an amazing taste. Being grain based, it provides a great experience to the drinker. Its cocktail appearance is also quite likable. The alcohol content in it is about 40%. It has many loyal customers.

Price: You can buy a 750ml bottle of this brand in $26.

3. Ketel One 

Ketel One Vodka

If you like a sweet touch of taste in your vodka, then, Ketel One is your brand. Its Netherlands origin gives it a rich taste and makes your cocktail a treat for you. Also, there are different flavors of this wheat based drink. The alcohol content in Ketel One is 40%.

Price: The price of this brand is not very high. 750ml bottle of this brand can be bought in $28.

2. Crystal Head

Crystal Head Vodka

The filtration process goes through seven different stages. This makes it a premium brand. Also, Herkimer Diamonds, five hundred million years old crystals, are used to complete the filtration process. The smoothness of this vodka brand reaches to amazing levels after this much of filtration. It is sold worldwide from Canada. The alcohol content is about 40% in it.

Price: A 750ml bottle of Crystal Head can be bought in $50.

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1. Grey Goose

Grey Goose Vodka

When it comes to top vodka brands, Bacardi leads the market with its brand called Grey Goose. The superior quality and amazing flavors such as cherry, orange, pear and others make it a favorite. The product is manufactured from wheat and provides a pure taste of vodka. The alcohol content of Grey Goose is about 40%.

Price: This worldwide famous vodka can be found easily. A 750ml bottle of this vodka brand costs about $30.

So, these are all the top 10 vodka brands in the world 2017. However, you can pick anyone from the list according to your own preference. Have it neat, or as a cocktail, these brands won’t let you down.

Finally, stay responsible and enjoy more! It is the best way to enjoy the flavors.