Top 10 Best Watch Brands with Price in India 2021

Watches are one of the first and some of the most valued possessions that one can ever own in one’s lifetime. Apart from its basic utility, watches have served in the modern day and age to tell apart from the sophisticated from the common layman. It is a style statement and an icon for one’s status in the society. Watches have therefore become an integral part of daily lifestyle and it’s imperative to own a good watch.

Nothing can be as exquisite and effective as the slick wrist watch, they have a charming look which splendidly finishes the look of your dress. Be it, men or ladies, wrist watches remain as a cherished memory to everyone and that is the motivation behind why the watch producers continue modernizing the look, style, and outline.

Let us have a look at some of the top brand watches in India 2021.

10. Maxima Watch

maxima watch

Known for their affordable price line, this brand has been popular amongst the common man of India for affording style with ease. Moreover, these watches have been popular for gifting purposes; especially their couple watches that offer the same designed watched for the lady and the man. The latest arrived models in maxima clearly offers several astonishing watches with the affordable prices such as

  • Maxima fiber 43910Ppan with black color with both analog and digital mode, the Indian market prize will be around Rs. 1272
  • Maxima Attivo Gents 2415 lmgi chronograph watch mostly available in brown and white shades with the price list of Rs. 2697
  • Maxima Attivo steel 39315cmgi available in silver and white color with an analog mode.

9. Citizen Watch

citizen watch

Founded in 1918, and headquartered in Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan. They are regarded as the world’s largest manufacturers of watches and they offer various product lines suited for different classes of the society. Being Japanese in origin, each of their product lines has the precision and quality promised. One of the most beloved brand watches of India, Citizen was a prime choice for watches in the generations before us. Each watch is a showstopper and is an immaculate mix of excellence and innovation. Include an effective look with Citizen Watch and be prepared to draw in everybody’s consideration.

  • Display Lineup: Eco-Drive, Satellite Wave, L, Pro master
  • Sorts of Watches It Make: Analog, Analog-Digital, and Chronograph
  • Value Range: Each watch is a magnum opus consequently it ranges from Rs.3500-Rs.1, 95,000

8. Timex Watch

timex watch

Famous for their digital watch product lines in India, Timex is an American company owned by the Timex Group, USA. The company is headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, United States. Very reasonably priced, all their product lines do focus on the large middle class population that offers daily wear products. Timex watches comprehend the requirements of an individual and offers Intelligent Quartz for the design mates, Ironman gathering for the wellness mates and Expedition accumulation for the experience sweethearts. Timex is more than a wristwatch as it the new Metropolitan accumulation deals with your wellbeing, finds the measure of calorie consumed and a great deal more. The other famous brand of Times Group is Helix, Versace, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

7. Casio Watch

casio watch

Yet again, a Japanese electronic manufacturer, Casio is a popular manufacturer of watches, electronic calculators, electronic musical instruments and mobile phones. But Casio is most popular in India for the manufacture of digital watches that is the most popular amongst the younger generation. Casio’s most popular product lines included Edifice series and the G-shock series that had targeted the population with people under thirty. The models were G-Shock, Baby-G, Edifice, Sheen, Pro Trek, Outdoor Series, Youth Series, PHYS and the sorts of watches it promotes will be  Analog, Analog-Digital, Chronograph, Digital. The value range: Rs.700-Rs. 27000.

6. Omega Watch

omega watch

This watch brand gained its recognition when it was featured in the James Bond Series. They have a beloved and loyal customer base that has good reason to be so, since their product lines to assure quality and precision. Moreover, their unique design and technology caters to the many sections of society. Some of their most sophisticated product lines function even in zero gravity. The range of models available in Omega watches was Deville, Constellation, Seamaster and Speedmaster.

5. Swatch Watch

swatch watch

Yet another Swiss manufacturer, this brand of watches has gained immense popularity amongst the younger generation of the country with their unique design and precise technology. Swatch is a Swiss brand of watches, which was built up in 1985 and is effortlessly accessible in India. The name remains for “Second Watch” and it is a famous brand among Indian men today. Swatch is a brand known for its great class and moderateness. Moreover, their reasonably priced product lines have also been responsible for their success story in the country.

4. Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heur watch

Tag Heuer is Swiss brand that is marketed and popularly advertised by the Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Most of its product lines have their theme lines based on cars and racing, such as Formula One, Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Link, Grand Carrera and Monaco. Moreover, they do have product lines in the area of eyewear, various fashion accessories and mobile phones.

3. Sonata Watch

sonata watch

Designed for special occasions, this product line also comes under the Titan watch manufacturers that yet again targeted the youth of the country. Its product ranges covering a wide range of designs to accommodate the various market demands of the country. Sonata Superfibre looks for the young and the dynamic, these watches from Sonata accompanied various valuable components that help a globe-trotter or a voyager for their different exercises, at the same time looking sportingly polished. The watches are made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Polyurethane materials known for their high strength. The occasion collection vigorously promoted two different models such as Utsav and party

  • Utsav – Stunningly studded with mind-boggling points of interest, Utsav gathering is certain to add punch to a wedding or a celebration. Display these extreme timepieces when you comment a happy event with your friends and family.
  • Party – Being the focal point of fascination when decorating these splendidly created watches with amazing bends and impeccable wrap-up. Put forth a style expression and hotshot the delightfully studded timepieces.

2. Fast Track Watch

Fastrack watch

This is the main watch mark that characterizes the adolescent of the country. Fastrack is a sub-brand of Titan and was propelled in 2008; from that point forward it has made a surprising imprint on the more youthful era. The noteworthy sweet and hip outlines make it a wannabe watch. Originally designed and targeted towards the youth of the country, the design and technology is best suited for college-going students that want a funky sense of fashion sense with the promise of quality and precision and affordable price ranges.

1. Titan Watch


Owned by the Tata group of industries, Titan is the largest watch manufacturer in India with brands such as Fastrack, Sonata, Diva, Aqura, Raga, Insignia, Octane and many other product lines under its belt. Advertised by Mr. Aamir Khan, the brand, like its promoter, promises perfection and precision at affordable price ranges with a guaranteed style statement with every piece of product they sell. The Titan mark design involves a few accumulations and sub-marks, each of which is a pioneer in claim space. Outstanding among them are Titan Edge – world’s slimmest watch in light of the logic ‘toning it down would be ideal’, Titan Raga – female and arousing embellishment, for now,’s lady, Nebula – created with strong 18k gold and valuable stones. A few other prevalent accumulations like Purple, Orion, Automatic, Bandhan, Octane, Obaku, HTSE and Zoop additionally shape a piece of the Titan portfolio.

Watches are an integral element of every one’s wardrobe, and the above brands of the watches may provide for every imaginable demand that a person may have, with the very fancy and precise technologies to the daily wear requirements. So go ahead, if you are looking for a new watch, you now have a direction or a guideline for where to look.

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