Top 10 Best Selling Weight Loss Products Brands in India 2021

Want to shed the excessive mass and fat on your body? And, are you laid behind in the dark to achieve the same? Well, you have reached a place where you will get the answer to your questions. The continuous research and development, clinical studies and the assurance of quality has helped people confide in the weight loss products.  Yet, it is my belief that you might not know much regarding the brands you can trust.

Shed away such skepticisms and check out our list of most reliable and best selling weight loss products brands in India.

10. St. Botanica Weight Loss

St. Botanica Weight Loss Product

St. Botanica is one of the world’s leading supplements brand. For the Indian market, it manufactures its products locally. While acting as a dietary supplement, it also supports weight loss. They offer an industry leading 80% Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which is the most potent one available out there.  The supplement from this brand is suitable for adults only.

9. WOW Weight Loss

WOW Weight Loss Product

WOW provides an ultimate solution to manage weight and boost metabolism and remain one of the bestselling brand in this category. The weight loss products of this brand comes with a body cleanse booster made of herbal, fiber components that aid getting rid of toxins and waste.

8. Himalaya Weight Loss

Himalaya Weight Loss Product

Himalaya is a clinically proven, safe and natural ayurvedic slimming solution brand which develops its products after extensive research.  Himalaya’s Ayurslim has a favorable effect on weight reduction and lipid profile. It contains garcinia which limits fat production in the body and aids in body weight loss

7. Cellucor / Product: Cellucor Super HD Weight Loss

Cellucor Weight Loss Product

Cellucor is one of the most renowned and best selling brands for weight loss. Cellucor’s Super HD is a cutting-edge stimulant thermogenic combining potent nootropic compounds with fat burning ingredients delivering energy and focus. The product has been developed to make you feel good during and after its intake. 120 capsules with 2 servings a day efface your worries away for 2 months.

Moreover, it also contains gymnema which reduces the craving for sweets, and Indian bdellium which controls cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

6. Dymatize Weight Loss

Dymatize Weight Loss Product

The nutrition’s research and development team at Dymatize collectively has over 50 years of experience, and this has helped them truly deliver results with their products, while maintaining an award winning taste. It helps accelerate weight loss with proper exercise. Moreover, it keeps you energetic and refreshed all day long.

5. Universal Nutrition Weight Loss

Universal Nutrition Weight Loss Product

Universal Nutrition has been providing cutting-edge and staple nutritional products to body builders and hard training athletes since 1977. If you wish for quick and effective weight loss results, try the fat burner of Universal Nutrition.

4. Herbalife Weight Loss

Herbalife Weight Loss Product

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has help people pursue a healthy and active life since 1980. Their weight management and weight loss in particular, products are available through their more than 2.3 million independent associations in more than 90 countries, especially, India.

3. BSN Weight Loss

BSN Weight Loss Product

Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition (BSN) was founded in 2001, and over the course of last  6 years it has won 35 sports nutrition awards, and that should be enough to justify the credibility of this brand whose products help you  lose weight and burn fat too.  For anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and get clean fat-burning and training support, BSN Hyper Shred is the state-of-art supplement choice to help users elevate their overall physical performance and reach their fitness goals.

2. Nutrex Weight Loss

Nutrex Weight Loss Product

In business since 2002, good quality products have allowed Nutrex to become a major force in the dietary supplement industry. Nutrex offers a wide variety of weight loss products suitable to different needs.  Their products have been rated very well amongst the leading e-commerce websites of India.

1. MuscleTech Weight Loss

MuscleTech Weight Loss Product

The one leading this list, MuscleTech is a team of researchers passionate about supplements. Numerous products falling under this brand has been best sellers across the globe and in India too. It believes in delivering results with superior science, and has proved its mettle with the quality of their products. Besides regulating weight loss, MuscleTech also increases the blood flow to muscles, reduces fatigue and muscle soreness after workouts along with providing enhanced energy to body.