Top 10 Best Wine Brands with Price in India 2021

Wine is one of most trendy drinks in India!! Indians who be fond of alcohol habitually prefer whisky, vodka, brandy, etc., as their party drink. However, gradually, wine is gaining more popularity in the country, as most young stars and enthusiasts desire to taste wine as their refreshment drink. And now people feeling that ‘A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine’!! Many Indian Estates now have wine manufacturing units, so wine lovers can enjoy by exploring India’s wine regions. Let us have a look at top most wind brands in India for which people passionate!!

Below mentioned are the excellent brands of wine in India with price 2021:

10. Dindori Reserve Shiraz

Dindori Reserve Shiraz

Sula Vineyards produce this and it is one of the best wine brands existing in the present Indian market. In addition, it has been awarded as best wine in Sommelier India Wine Competition (2009). It exhibits lush berry aroma and the said wine is perfectly blended with lamb dishes, grilled meat, and hard cheese. This brand of wine is quite popular in India, which comprises of 13.5 % alcohol in the liquor content. It is the distillery product of Sula Vineyards.  With a good aroma and superior mouthfeel, its taste lingers! It is dark in colour and has been manufactured with a sweet flavour of red cherries, peepers and sweet spices. Apart from India, this brand of red wine is also available in the United States. The price of Dindori is also quite affordable.

  • Price Range: 850 INR per 750 ml of wine.

9. Seagram’s Nine Hills

Seagram’s Nine Hills

This is one of the finest wines produced by Seagram’s brand, available in the India. Fruity flavour of Nine Hills makes it unique and it tastes great with dry food as well as spicy food. It is available in some authentic flavours such as Strawberry and Cherry. More and more, this wine is a proper amalgamation of strawberry, vanilla and cherry. Nine Hills stands for long aftertaste and a memorable mouthful too. This wine is also known for being little spicy in taste which is always more perfect with deep fried Indian dish. In the year of 2007, Seagram’s Nine Hills has lifted the crown of best wine in a competition like wine India challenge. If you are looking for a good wine brand within the range of your budget then this Seagram nine hills is a right choice to invest.

  • Price Range: 575 INR per 750 ml of wine.

8. Barrique Reserve Shiraz

Barrique Reserve Shiraz

Barrique Reserve Shiraz is the best dry wine from the house of Four Seasons wine yards that includes the name of blackberry, sweet aroma and little spices. It is considered among one of the familiar wine brands of India which is producing a top class full body wine named as Barrique reserve Shiraz. This wine is mix up with red meat, blackberries, cheese, mushrooms, and spices. The said wine has paired well with matured cheeses. It is such class wine or masterpiece drinks that you can order online or can purchase from a local retail shop to add some extra pleasure to your lazy evening and to move like a reveler.

  • Price Range: 900 INR per 750 ml of wine.

7. Sette


Sette is greatest wine offering from Frantiis Vines, Akluj and is famous for the aroma and flavours. This is one of the well-known brands in India and it is nicely balanced plus drinkable. Sette has been awarded as best wine in 2013 at the Decanter Asia Wine awards and also had been achieved the second position in world wine vintage edition in 2009. The wine has citrus notes of ripe fruits, carries vanilla flavour, and pairs well with spicy Indian food. Moreover, this top-notch wine is available in Indian market at medium price provoking the regular customers and wine lovers to invest money in this sweet flavored drink.

  • Price Range: 1650 INR per 750 ml of wine.

6. Chateau d’Ori Merlot

Chateau d’Ori Merlot

Chateau d’Ori winery manufactures a wide range of wine flavours of which Merlot is one. You must have heard about the toothsome grapes of merlot. It is made from special grape types such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, which have distinct tastes. The aroma and flavour of Merlot are of a unique, as it is stored in oak barrels. It is a deep red wine and available in affordable price. This wine tastes amazing and is being manufactured by Chateau d’oru Winery. Buy this wine online or directly from the retail distributors to get the genuine piece of this red wine.

  • Price Range: 648 INR per 750 ml of wine.

5. Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve/Revelio

Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve/Revelio

This masterpiece from Vintage wines! This is quite familiar as world’s best wine and loved by wine enthusiasts due to its kicking taste and spicy aroma. It is considered ideal with meat, as it has the special taste of pepper, cinnamon and nutmeg in a single flavour. More specifically, lamb dishes are mostly the compatible side dish with this excellent wine. In India, Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is treated as one of the sweetest and the best wines that are available in the market. The price of this wine is below the average rate which makes you excited to taste this wine in weekend or in a party.

  • Price Range: 1345 INR per 750 ml of wine.

4. Grover La’ Reserve

Grover La’ Reserve

This is a product of Grover Zampa brand that is basically reputed for its wines. The specific wine is made of shiraz grapes and is delivered from cabernet sauvignon, which is a French winemaker Bordeaux. If you want tasty, quality, and classy wine, then go for Grover La’ Reserve! This is a Nashik-based brand and can be availed in chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla flavours along with a pure taste of ripe original ingredients. And La’ Reserve goes very well with kebabs and biryani, soft cheese as well. This spicy wine is tasty and affordable as well. However, this brand has become one of the most trusted wine brands of India after being launched in the middle of 90’s. It is widely accepted by Indian customers due to its amazing taste and quality of the ingredients that are being used.

  • Price Range: 850 INR per 750 ml of wine.

3. Rasa Shiraz

Rasa Shiraz

This is also a product of renowned Sula Vineyards and bagged best wine award in 2010. This vintage red wine is known for the taste and blend in India. Apart from India, this brand is also equally popular in abroad countries and has encountered a huge demand by the customers. The wine has a peppery and fruity aroma. It is quite compatible with the barbeques and red meat. Also it can be consumed with soft cheese and barbecue dishes. You will get this wine is a reasonable price and make you feel unique combinations you can ever have. Order online or get it from a distributor shop.

  • Price Range: 1150 INR per 750 ml of wine.

2. Chene Grand Reserve

Chene Grand Reserve

From the collection of Grover Zampa, Chene Grand Reserve is one of the most fan following wine brands in India. This red wine grabbed Hong Kong International Wine Award in 2013 and Bronze medal at the 2012 Decanter World Wine Awards in the U.K. It gives a mixed flavour of berries and plums with a tinge of spices. It is stored in oak barrels from which it gets a distinctive flavour. However bit costly, one can have it with a several dishes like roasts, stews, pasta, grilled vegetables, and even rice too!

  • Price Range: 1700 INR per 750 ml of wine.

1. Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco

Fratelli Sangiovese Bianco

Sangiovese Bianco is a Tuscan brand that is Fratelli, known for the delicious taste and flavour. This is one of the finest wines for the aroma. Sangiovese is the blue-black grape, which is used to produce the said wine. You will get aromas of tropical fruits and violets; it is sweeter, which can be preferred with vegetarian foods. This brand of wine is another most luscious and tasty red wine that is quite affordable and available in all corners of this country. Investing money on this wine will be a brilliant decision. In order to add more pleasure and charm to any party, order it online and get it in your hand.

  • Price Range: 850 INR per 750 ml of wine.
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