Top 10 Best Wines Brands with Price in The World 2017

The best part about wine is that it not only plays a pivotal part in the good food digestion but also offers extraordinary sensations. Some people think that wines add harmful calories to the human body, but if the latest research is anything to go by, this is definitely not the case. As a matter of fact, it improves the quality of your skin.

Coming to the price aspect, there is variation in the price of wine. It all depends on the kind of brand you are interested in and years preserved. Old wine in terms of age is going to be a much better proposition when it comes to taste.

There are reports in certain sections of the media that Buckingham Palace has the oldest wines in the world preserved. Since getting there is virtually impossible for general public, it’s better to look at other options.

10. Wilson Creek Almond 

Wilson Creek Almond

With Wilson Creek Almond, you are going to get a ‘wow’ feeling from the first taste itself. Thanks to the pure almond flavor, persistent small bubbles will give you an altogether different feel. Traces of caramelized sugar offer you a typical yeasty champagne quality with added incentive of a refreshing finish.

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(Net Price: $ 17)

9. Bon Affair 2012 Syrah Spritzer 

Bon Affair 2012 Syrah Spritzer

Are you serious: Red wine in a spritzer? Talking about Syrah Bon, it is cold, refreshing blasphemy. You must have come across advertisement showing how this red wine, spritzer seduce men, women, and wide array of forest animals. Bon Affair 2012 Syrah Spritzer lures prey with a come-hither mist of bright raspberries. If its your night out with your loved one, this wine will provide an added impetus. With no need to worry about calories and added sugar, you are going to get a dry-crisp taste that is all natural. To make it even better, there is added element of electrolytes.

(Net Price: $ 15)

8. ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon 

ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon

This broody Cabernet is filled with deep cassis aromas and baked blackberry. There are plenty of roasted coffee and cocoa notes, offering you the best possible feel. ONEHOPE Cabernet Sauvignon has traces of paprika and sage leaves. The beauty of this wine is its leathery tannins and fine structure. Aged in French and American oak, its complex spice layers are balanced by soft tannins making it ideal to pair with roasted and grilled meats like lamb and prime rib.

(Net Price: $ 19)

7. Georgetown Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

Georgetown Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

A full bodied red wine with light oak flavors and intense fruit – What makes Georgetown Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon stand out from others is its deep colo and excellent tannin structure. When you add this up with aromas of dark spices, tomato leaf and moderate acidity, you have got the best possible deal. You would love this wine with Korean-style beef stir fried in garlic, soy and sesam.

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(Net Price: $ 12)

6. Chateau Diana Pink Moscato 

Chateau Diana Pink Moscato

This fresh and delectable Moscato is shiny and bright like light pink lip gloss. The aromas are filled with citrus and floral scents with orange galore.  A unique balance of tangy acidity and sweet sugar makes it even more enticing. The flavors meld into cinnamon baked apples with a tinge of sticky honey.  Furthermore, there are also traces of creamy orange sherbet and vanilla wafers.  The sweetness despite being layered and dense still shows bright.

(Net Price: $ 10)

5. Veuve Clicquot Brut 

Veuve Clicquot Brut

The best part about this wine is its floral raspberry essence and fruitiness that keeps the finish mouthwatering. Perfume is really complex and attractive. You can see the details with utmost ease. Talking about the texture, it is light and creamy but in the meantime enough pep. The aroma starts with a fruity smell followed by the brioche and vanilla. Whatever be the occasion, you are going to love this wine.

(Net Price: $ 60)

4. Chocolate Shop Red Wine

Chocolate Shop Red Wine

Dark chocolate and black cherries are an ideal combination and with Chocolate Shop Red Wine you are going to get exactly that. This wine is not only silky party-pleasure but a bit of oak also gives you a feeling of true love. Wine and chocolate are quite powerhouse flavors that require attention on your part. The concept behind this combination is to come up with some exciting synergy. With regard to pairings, you have two options: Wine lovers around the world love ruby port with a mellow creamy chocolate; and then secondly you also have a choice of mixing dried grape wine with a salted chocolate caramel.

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(Net Price: $ 15)

3. Bon Affair 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Spritzer 

Bon Affair 2012 Sauvignon Blanc Spritzer

This white wine spritzer will ensure that you are light on your feet. It comes with mineral spring water and grape seed extract with zero sugar and essence of unicorn soul. One of the most striking features of this wine is the fact that it has half the calories of regular wine. It has a crisp taste, pretty much like Prosecco or Champagne.

(Net Price: $ 15)

2. ONEHOPE California Sauvignon Blanc

ONEHOPE California Sauvingon Blanc

Talking about Sauvignon Blanc, it is a white wine whose taste is quite different from other white wines, thanks to its herbaceous and green flavors. Majority of Sauvignon Blanc wines are made fully dry, although there are number of producer who does leave a small chunk of residual sugar in order to get a richer texture. If you are looking for refreshing crispness, you are going to love Sauvignon Blanc. The main reason for crispness is high acidity levels.

(Net Price: $ 11)

1. Wines That Rock Rolling Stones “Forty Licks” 2012 Merlot

Wines That Rock Rolling Stones Forty Licks

This custom-crafted wine is inspired by the 40 track-album that gives an overview of the career of Rolling Stone. If you are interested in a strong tasty classic, this wine is tailor made for you. It captures the Mendocino County’s style attitude. This dry red wine is an ideal combination for smoky chili and herb-roasted chicken.

(Net Price: $ 17)