Top 10 Best Wireless Charging Pads with Prices in India 2017

Wireless charger pads are actually a precious gift for today’s generation. Hereafter no hassle to mess up with wires while charging your phone. Wireless chargers make the charging very simple by just connecting your smart phone to the wireless pads that may charge your phones without the help of wires.

For this reason, right from the day when Wireless chargers have been introduced in the market, lot of companies compete with each other to produce best wireless chargers to the consumers.

Among them, let us check top 10 best Wireless charging pads for smartphone in India 2016.

10. EC Tech Smart Wireless Charger

EC Tech Smart Wireless Charger

This is a best wireless charger with 5 USB ports that makes the charging work so simpler. This charger can charge effectively even when you place your phone along with the phone case. Also, though it can be little bulky it is a best travel-friendly device to carry in your bag. This charger costs around Rs.2000 in Indian market.

9. Powerbot Wireless Charger

Powerbot Wireless Charger

This is the most stunning, light weight wireless charger around the price range of Rs.800. The appearance is very appealing with thin circular pad and rubber ring that prevents your phone from slipping. The size is pocket-friendly and you can take it anywhere while you travel. An LED light indicates that your phone is charging. However, no warranty is provided for this product and if anything goes wrong you have to contact them only through email.

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8. Choe Wireless Charger

Choe Wireless Charger

Choe Wireless charger come with decent sturdy built with matte finish that is neat in look and appearance. In general choe charger charges your smartphone slowly than other wireless chargers. But however, this is a wiser choice since it has a solid built to make you more comfortable while charging the phone. It outputs 5 Volts of current which can charge your phone even if it has thick case. The cost is around Rs.800.

7. LG Wireless Charging Point

LG Wireless Charging Point

This is a best wireless charger with high quality at a little expensive price around Rs.2950. This is a Qi Charging model and hence check that your phone is compatible with this before buying it. This charger charges your phone upright and hence it may be little difficult to handle the phone while charging, It offers one year warranty and best customer service.

6. Mugenizer Wireless Charger

Mugenizer Wireless Charger

It is a quite different Charger which has an in-built battery backup that makes a best choice for the travelers. The price range is around Rs.5000 which is little expensive. The complete box consists of one microUSB cable along with an AC adapter which can charge the built-in battery too. This wireless charger can charge QI compatible phones only. This charger also comes with one year warranty within which you can claim for service if anything goes wrong.

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5. Adata Elite Wireless Charger

Adata Elite Wireless Charger

This is an innovative wireless charger which allows charging your phone in two directions such as horizontal and vertical orientations. It also assures to charge a completely dead phone within 4 hours. You can handle your phone while charging but however you cannot charge the phone while it is in case. It costs around Rs.2900.

4. RAVPower Wireless Charger

RAVPower Wireless Charger

This is a very famous brand in manufacturing replaceable laptop batteries, power banks and wireless chargers. It produces ultra slim wireless charger at a price of Rs1600 that can be easily carried in your pockets. Red and white light flashes back and forth to indicate that your phone is charging.

3. Samsung Wireless Pad

Samsung Wireless Pad

As we all know, Samsung is a very famous brand in making smart phones and tablets. Just like that, this tech giant has launched wireless charger at a range of Rs.2300 which is quite successful in the market now. This model can easily charge tablets than other models of wireless charger since it has large charging mat that can easily hold your tablet. There is no rubber ring to prevent your phone from slipping which can be irritating at times. But however, it is in the top most lists due to its durability and high quality design.

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2. Tylt Vu Wireless Charger

Tylt Vu Wireless Charger

This is an excellent wireless charger which is known for its look and style but really expensive at a cost of Rs.5640. Also, it can double as a stand to make you comfortable to handle it while charging. This model has cradle like design which can hold your phone comfortably. Also, it can neatly hold up 7inched tablet than any other conventional chargers. Also, it has power output around 12 Volts which can quickly charge your phone than other models of wireless charger.

1. Nokia Wireless Charger

Nokia Wireless Charger

This is the number one wireless charger in the market which has received many positive reviews about its features and facilities. It has an output of 12 Volts of current which can charge a phone as quick as possible. The design is also unique which resembles a flattened mouse of the computer. This product is available in number of attractive colors and Nokia offers a wide range of customer support through forums, chat, email support and its website.