Top 10 Best Mufflers Brands for Men & Women in India 2021

Winter has knocked the doors and it is time to shop for the chilly, windy days that are about to come. Both men and women plan to buy woolen clothes during this time period. The key factors that drive their choices are protection and fashion. For sure, winter clothes are for safeguarding your body from the chilly atmosphere, but it also provides a great chance to experiment with different patterns and designs.

One of the favorite woolen items is the muffler. With the variety of patterns and colors, mufflers are wearable for both men and women. Hence, become very trendy during winters.

Here is the list of top 10 best woolen muffler brands for men & women with price in India you should try this year.

10. Crafthub Mufflers


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Known for the checkered patterns, CarftHub mufflers are a great choice for men this year. Colors like red, blue, peach, purple, and multiple shades of green offer a wide variety for men. Apart from the looks, the woolen material used to produce these mufflers, provide top-notch protection to the wearer.

Price: A single piece of the woolen muffler of the brand Carfthub costs about INR 300.

9. Generic Mufflers

Free Runner

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This brand focuses on the patterns a lot. While the material keeps you warm in low temperatures, the stylish design of this muffler add more drama to your jacket or any other outer layer. People who are looking for different designs to match with their attire should blindly go with this brand.

Price: A single piece of Generic muffler will cost about INR 500.

8. Puma Mufflers


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Yes, our very own Puma is on the muffler’s list. This is due to the vibrant colors that it offers to the buyers. People have faith in the quality of the material. Plus, the brand name adds more class and status to their attire. You can go with this brand for lightweight wool, fashionable looks and the logo that brings attention towards it.

Price: Puma offers its brand name and trust of quality at INR 1000.

7. BRANDONN Mufflers

Modo Vivendi

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The designer mufflers of Brandonn offer amazing protection along with the comfort of the soft wool. The designs suit college boys to the working-class men. One can find both casual and formal types of mufflers in different colors and exciting patterns.

Price: The fashionable muffler from Brandonn costs about INR 400.

6. FabSeasons Mufflers


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If you are more into jolly colors and love alive patterns, then, FabSeasons is “the” brand for you. The vibrant colors and eye-pleasing colors of the wool mufflers are available for both men and women. The looks are the biggest reason why people prefer these mufflers as a gift item for their dear ones during winters.

Price: The average price of a muffler of FabSeasons is about INR 1,000.

5. Golden Girl Mufflers

Golden Girl

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Don’t misjudge that it is just for women by the name. Golden Girl offers stylish mufflers for both men and women. The material can differ for pure wool to the mixed wool. But both types are comfortable and soft. The maintenance of these mufflers is also very easy and doesn’t require much effort in washing.

Price: A muffler from Golden Girl will cost you about INR 400.

4. Romano Mufflers


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The mufflers attached to the wool caps offered by Romano look so adorable on young girls and boys. As the brand focuses on young girls, the color range is very wide. Girls who like to match and contrast their sweaters with the colors of their mufflers love this brand. They usually buy the same patterns in different colors in order to match it with different attire.

Price: Romano muffler costs around INR 500.

3. Krystle Mufflers


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Another name that comes to mind when you talk about the designer mufflers with woolen caps, is the Krystle. No matter what type of outer layer you prefer, this muffler will complete the overall style of your attire. The material of these mufflers allows the person to wear it in both winters and the autumn season.

Price: This brand offers their muffler at INR 700 on an average.

2. Graceway Mufflers


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Graceway believes in unisex mufflers and provides beautiful patterns that suit both the genders. The colors make you fall in love with the brand, and when you start wearing it, the softness of the material makes you a devotee of the brand Graceway.

Price: The price of a single piece of the unisex muffler from Graceway is about INR 1000.

1. 513 Mufflers


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513 is all about fashion and comfort. But the most amazing quality that separates it from the other brands is its affordability. The simple and classy looks of this brand make a man look stylish during the winter hangouts with friends.

Price: This high-quality muffler cost around INR 550-600.

Hence, these are the top ten brands of mufflers in India. Choose your own favorite and stay protected.