Top 10 Best Yoga Clothing Brands with Price in US

Yoga is recognized as one of the most beneficial type of method to attain peace of mind, great body shape and stress release as well. Hence a lot of people have started following yoga and practicing it every day. With best yoga clothing’s, practice can be achieved perfectly with much better results. Here is a list of top 10 yoga brands in US to consider buying yoga products for your practice.

Yoga Clothing Brands

10. Shining Shakti

This brand was founded by Cathy and Rachael Richardson. It is operating is services from Fairfax, Virginia. Bamboo and organic cotton are some of the signature fabrics of this brand. They are also introducing Tencel and Moral types soon into the market.

  • Tyed dyed Pants, Dresses, Yoga Tops, Scarves
  • All their products are organic and biodegradable as well
  • Price: $30 – $70

9. prAna

This brand is from Carlsbad, CA. it was founded by Pam The adosakis and Beaver. This brand was founded in the year 1992 and since then it has upheld their commitment to deliver environmentally sustainable clothing’s to their customers. They have partnered with some of the big labels such as Bluesign and their worldwide chain of production to ensure sustainability and safety of raw materials that will be used by the company during manufacturing. They also take great care of chemical during manufacturing.

  • Men and women yoga accessories available
  • Fitness and climbing tops, jackets, hoodies and bottoms can be purchased from this brand.
  • Offer dresses, accessories and swim suits as well.
  • Bluesign certified, Veeda, Jacquard, Organic Cotton, Chakra, Micropoly, hemp are some of the signature fabrics.
  • Price: $30 – $80

8. Green Apple

This brand is located at Manhattan beach, CA and the founder of this mesmerizing brand and its products is Cristofer Smith.  The founder of this brand has deployed his 24 years of experience into designing and manufacturing the products. Green apple is recognized to be the very first type of Green line of clothing.

  • If offer jackets, bottoms and tops for women under yoga products
  • Organic cotton, bamboo and ultra support or some of the signature fabrics of this brand.
  • All the products of this brand are biodegradable, vegan and makes use of bamboo as well as organic cotton having no chemicals in it.
  • Price: $20 – $70

7. Earth Yoga

This brand is from Malibu, CA. It was founded by Noreen Austin. They offer some of the best collection of eco friendly clothing line of yoga products for women. The prices are very much reasonable and can be easily purchased by all. The founder has more than 20 years experience in apparel merchandise and design.

  • The clothing line made from recycled plastic bottles offer very high performance fabrics.
  • Offer hoodies, bottom and tops for women for yoga
  • The use of recycled polyester fiber makes it very much eco friendly as well
  • Price: $34 – $68

6. Anjali

It is the brand from New York City, New York founded by Kristinn Sigridarson and Julissa Carranza who are husband and wife. The brand was started during the year 2006 and offers some of the most exquisite yoga clothing for both men and women. They offer bottom and tops for both men and women with some really good options and designs. The clothing’s from them can be worn in Yoga studio as well.

  • Recycled polyester, Organic cotton, Modal And Soy Are some of the signature fabrics
  • The clothing’s from this brand is sweat shop free and will be manufactured in Los Angeles and New York and hence they are a good choice for all yoga lovers.
  • Price: $35 – $80

5. Zella

Zella is the in house brand of yoga products of Nordstrom. This brand created a great popularity on the market in the year 2009. This brand offer some of the best kid and plus size yoga products.

  • Zella comprises of some of the best clients on the markets and can be a great competitor for yoga products with lower rates on the market.
  • The reviews from yoga fans have been great and hence the popularity increased to a much greater level.
  • Price: $25 – $100

4. Athleta

It’s a world famous brand owned by GAP. It has gained lots of popularity and has expanded its stores as well. Athleta would take more importance on its in-store events and community a lot.

  • This brand has great market value and has the potential to be a greatest competition to some of the world renowned brands such as Lululemon.
  • They have great resource to expand the markets worldwide and offer clothing with lower rates as well.
  • Price: $40 – $125

3. be present

This brand is located in Denver, Colorado and was founded by Amy Lopatin Dobrin. They offer some of the most advanced type of skiing clothes that would be manufactured using wicking and breathable fabrics. They also provide quick drying layers with some really good collection of yoga clothing on the market.

  • Breathe Weave, French Terry, Modal, Organic Cotton, Tencel, Recycled Polyester Blend are some of the signature fabrics of this brand
  • The manufacturing is completed in California and Colorado and comprises of sustainable fabrics making it eco friendly as well.
  • Price: $25 – $55

2. Solow

This world-famous brand is running its office at Los Angeles, CA. it was founded by Mike Bastegian. The signature type of fabric that they are handling would be Eclon.

  • They offer athletic bottoms and tops, women’s casual
  • Good collection of kids line available
  • They offer mesmerizing casual clothing that is effortless appeal that is of street to gym type for women
  • They comprise of sports line with some of the most stylish athletic clothing
  • Price: $20 – $80

1. Cozy Orange

This brand is from Carlsbad, CA and was founded by Jeff Shiue. This brand offers yoga tops, accessories, bottoms for women. Also there is provision of Maternity yoga clothing as well.

  • Supplex, Mesh And Recycled Micropolyster is the signature fabrics of this brand
  • They offer very beautiful yoga pants at affordable rates
  • Studio wear available for women
  • Price: $9 – $30

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