Top 10 Cheapest Best IVF Centers in India

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the best Fertility treatments for those couples who cannot conceive naturally. This is an artificial method of Reproduction in which the fertilization is done outside the women’s body (i.e.) it is fertilized in a laboratory under certain conditions.

Cheapest IVF Centers in India

In other words, IVF can be said as an Artificial fertilization method in which women’s egg is collected surgically and fertilized with the sample of their partner’s sperm in the laboratory. This is one of the recommended processes of fertilization for the couples who cannot conceive naturally. This process is done at the hospitals under the supervision of senior doctors who select best quality sperm and egg to make the IVF method into most successful one.

IVF is a demanding method of fertilization and generally cost high. But there are hospitals which can provide the best IVF treatments at the reasonable cost. So let us check the lists of such hospitals which can provide the cheapest IVF treatments in India.

List of Cheapest IVF center in India are:


For a very long time All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) is planning to provide IVF treatments at an affordable cost. The same has been implemented for 12 patients charging around Rs.20, 000 per IVF cycle which is one third of the actual cost charged by the private hospitals.

This treatment was established under Dr.Suneeta Mittal, head of the AIIMS IVF centre who has promised to extend this service to all AIIMS Research centres of India.


2. SSKM Hospital, Kolkata

This is the first Government Hospital in the State of Kolkata to provide cheapest IVF treatment which is six times as low as the fees charged in the private hospitals. This unit is set up at the Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (IPGMER), SSKM Hospital under the supervision of Dr.Gautham Khastgir who is an expert Doctor in Fertility treatments.

At IPGMER, the unit has planned to keep the price as low as Rs.30, 000 per IVF cycle which is six times less than the fees of Private hospitals.


3. Indo Nippon IVF, Mumbai

Indo Nippon IVF is one of the best IVF, Fertility centre located in Bandra, Mumbai and it successfully runs under the management of Goral Gandhi who has 10+ years of experience in the field of infertility.

As we migrate our highly skilled team of IVF experts from Rotunda-CHR to Indo Nippon IVF Center in Mumbai, our strength will continue to be innovation, excellence & care.


4. Delhi IVF & Fertility Centre, New Delhi

This is a best Hospital in providing affordable yet creditable IVF process to those who cannot conceive naturally. This hospital was started in the year 1994 which has now turned into one of the leading and best affordable hospital for IVF treatments. This hospital charge Rs.90, 000 per IVF cycle excluding the medication charge.


5. Pahlajani Test Tube Baby Centre, Raipur

This hospital promotes simplified IVF treatments at an affordable cost which can be reasonable and affordable by the couples from poor family backgrounds.

Dr.Neeraj Pahlajani who is an expert doctor in the field of infertility provides this excellent opportunity for the young couples who are seeking IVF at an affordable cost.


6. Become Parents

Become Parents’ is a leading ‘Ethical Surrogacy Agency’ based out of Mumbai, India Surrogacy Agency. Formed in 2007 in Melbourne, Australia, it has been helping desirous couples and to date has aided more than 500 couples realize their dreams.

This agency is located at various cities in India, Kenya, Dubai, Australia, USA, UK, Bangkok. Please visit their official website for more details.


7. Urogyn, New Delhi

This is one of the best Fertility hospital which treats infertility for various couples not only from India but also from UK, USA, Australia and Middle East. This hospital has ISO certificate from the Indian government and has bagged “Best IVF centre in Delhi” status in the year 2013.

The IVF treatment is given by many expert doctors such as Dr.Meenakshi Aggarwal (Gynecologist) and Chief Embryologist Dr.Mr.Paritosh K.Sarkar who has given high success rates in this treatment.


8. Srushti Fertility Centre, Chennai

Srushti Fertility Centre is one of the successful fertility centres in India which has successfully entered into its 21st year providing huge varieties of fertility treatments at an affordable cost.

It consists of fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, green IVF, assisted Hatching, Pre-genetic diagnosis, TESE, Donor and Surrogacy programs and so on. This hospital promises high success rates around 50% to 65% than compared to the hospitals of developed countries such as UK, USA, etc.,

The charge per cycle of IVF treatment is Rs.90, 000/-.


9. GunjanIVFWorld

This clinic was established in the year 2014 and has become one of the top most ivf & infertility clinic in UP, India. It has a special unit called as Fertility Research Center (FRC) which has fully equipped IVF laboratory and serves around 3500 childless couples per year from both India as well as Abroad.


10. Kiran Infertility Center

This is another best hospital which provides affordable surrogacy and IVF programs in India. This hospital is located at various places like Gurgoan, Nepal and Hyderabad.

Since its inception, more than 30,000 childless couples have been benefited through various fertility programs offered by this Hospital.



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  • Now a days in india it was common. Some of the couples are searching for surrogate mother to take her womb for rent those who are unable to conceive the baby. Surroagte mother is giving her womb for rent beacuse of eithe to satisfy and to keep happy intended parents or poverty.

  • IVF fertility treatment is best for those who cannot conceive babies… IVF is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm ..Thanks for sharing…

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