Top 10 Coffee Maker Buy Online at Best Prices in India 2018

In India, the best thing to start and end a day is with a hot brewing cup of coffee. It rejuvenates the whole body, keeping all the tiredness and boredom aside. It is more like a love of the beloved, which is very difficult to have because not everyone can make the awesome coffee. Therefore, it’s better to have a girlfriend (the coffee maker) to give that utterly love in quick seconds.

Well, to that note, here we have compiled top-10 coffee makers, which will make your day with a lovely brewed coffee.

10. Preethi DripCafe Coffee Maker

Preethi DripCafe Coffee Maker

The love of coffee is also seen India, where every day, every family has one member who loves coffee than the tea. Well, that love is now savored in a more professional way with coffee maker from the Preethi in an affordable price of Rs. 1639/-. This coffee maker has everything like a microfine filter for decoction, temperature control, high-grade plastic for heat resistance, heat sensitivity thermal fuse, and 1 year manufacturer warranty. The power consumed by this maker is 450 watts and operating voltage 230 volts.

9. Panasonic NC-GF1 coffee maker

Panasonic NC-GF1 coffee maker

Panasonic is a brand name in the market of electronics and consumer products, where we have here the coffee maker, which can serve the capacity for 10. This coffee maker has a mesh filter, drip stopper and comes with a swing basket. It operates at an operating voltage of 220-240 volts and consumes an 880 watts power. Well, if you plan to buy this model from the Panasonic, then you would just need to pay Rs. 2065/-.

8. Oster 3302-049 coffee maker (Black)

Oster 3302-049 coffee maker (Black)

Though many of you would  not count the Oster much as a known brand, but let me tell you that products are way beyond the performance. This model from the Oster has great features like On/Off indicators, removable filter basket, not stick warming plate, and 2 years of manufacturer warranty. The two best features, which make this coffee maker a best buy, then they are the dual water windows (showing the amount of water) and brewing pause while serve (allowing the coffee brewing when the coffee is being served). You get this coffee maker in just Rs. 1699/-.

7. Prestige PCMH 2.0-drip coffee maker

Prestige PCMH 2.0-drip coffee maker

You must have heard the one-liner in TV, “Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyar, Wo Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkar.” Well, it is actually true. If you love your wife then you would love the Prestige too, as women in India are fond of Kitchen Appliance of the brand, including this coffee make too, which carries a capacity to serve 6 cups in just Rs. 1995/-. Other features it has are a water tank having visibility, permanent filter, non-stick hot plate, handy glass Carafe, and anti-drip valve, consuming a power of 500 watts.

6. Kenwood Coffee Maker CM200

Kenwood Coffee Maker CM200

The Kenwood coffee maker is a brand that also suffices the needs of coffee lover who love coffee without much of a hassle. Well, this model of the Kenwood has features including warming plate, clear markers for accurate measurement, permanent filters, and anti-drip valve. This coffee maker is priced at Rs. 4750/- and consumes 650 watts of power.

5. Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso coffee maker

Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso coffee maker

Morphy Richards is a brand and, no doubt, why it is in the top-five. This Fresco Espresso maker from the Morphy is ably priced at Rs. 3295/- and has splendid features like overheat protection, drip tray, glass carafe, and a dial for temperature indicator. The capacity of Fresco is 4 cups, has 2 years of the manufacturer’s warranty, and consumes power of 800 watts.

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4. Black & Decker DCM 600 coffee maker

Black & Decker DCM 600 coffee maker

Being priced at Rs. 3290/-, the features that DCM 600 coffee maker endorses, is over the top and worth the price paid. The epitome of features which it holds are non-stick hot plate, drip stop system, glass carafe, water tank with level indicator and clear view. It serves the capacity for 8 cups and consumes a power of 600 watts.

3. Usha CM3320 coffee maker

Usha CM3320 coffee maker

Usha, an Indian kitchen appliance brand, which has a great following in India because of the quality it served and again, it has made a great market with CM3320 coffee maker with a capacity of 12 cups. Quite huge, right!! In fact, the price that you pay is just Rs. 2345/- and features you get, are LED display, brewing pause and stop warm function, permanent filter, lockable lid features, and anti-drip. Lastly, the power that it consumes is 800 watts.

2. Philips HD7450 coffee maker

Philips HD7450 coffee maker

The brand name of consumer electronics has this premier coffee maker for you with a capacity of 6 cups at a price of Rs. 3195/-. This has features of warming plate, drip stopper, cord storage, and an anti-drip valve. Also, the added benefit is that this coffee maker from the Phillips is dishwasher safe and consumes less power of 650 watts.

1. Havells 1.25 Litre Drip coffee maker

Havells 1.25 Litre Drip coffee maker

Get it here: Havells Drip Café Maker

Finally the countdown ends with this model from the Havells with a capacity of 12 cup serving in just Rs. 2695/-. The other commendable features, which make it a first selection, are warming plate, auto-warm system, clear markers, swing filter holder, anti-drip valve, and overheating protections. The power, which Drip coffee maker consumes, is 1000 watts.