Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in India

With the advent of technology digital marketing is now one of the best career option. To be expert in digital marketing you need to go through good training program. You may be wondering which one will be suitable for you? You can choose one among the institute mentioned below:


IAMAI provides four courses on digital marketing. They provide physical classroom based courses.  They have tied up with different companies to provide quality material and training to their students.



IMRI claims to provide best training on digital marketing. They provide one to one training so that you don’t have any problem on a particular topic. The institute follows experiential learning method to train students. You don’t need to go through any theory or lecture, you will master on digital marketing by doing it with professionals. They provide courses for two, six and twelve months. The first one is part-time course and the rest ones are full-time course.


8. EduPristine

EduPristine have recently launched digital marketing program and one of the leading institutes in India. They have centres in twelve cities in India. The institute provides training on email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ad words, Pay per click advertising and mobile marketing. They provide training offline and online. They claim to complete trainings within twelve days.

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AIMA have tied up with Digital Vidya for providing digital marketing training. Their digital marketing courses consist of seven modules. The best thing of the institute is that you don’t need to attend physical classes for it. The institute provides online training on Saturday and Sunday for four hours. The training will complete in three months. You can easily able to avail the courses.


6. SimpliLearn is another name known for providing training on digital marketing. They provide near about hundred training program on this field. You need to present in the centre for taking training. But if you have problem then you can go for online courses provided by the institute. They claim to complete the courses within three months. You can go through online for educational materials.


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5. Manipal Global Education Services

Manipal Global Education Services is a well known name among top known digital marketing institutes in India. They provide training in physical classroom setup and online. Their courses are preferable for students, marketing professionals, web marketers or for the people who like to choose digital marketing as their career option. Manipal Global Education Services claim to provide training by experienced and skilled professionals.


4. Digital Love

Digital Love is a digital marketing company in Bangalore. You can choose one of the seven trainings provided by the institute. Online Marketing Training is their flagship training program. If you don’t have time to present in a physical classroom then Digital Love can be your first choice. It is because they provide online and at any time you go through the educational materials. If you have any doubt, you can discuss it with their expert professionals.


3. NIIT Digital Marketing

NIIT Digital Marketing, a digital marketing institute in India tied up with  Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland to provide quality training to its students. They offered two digital marketing courses, one is Certificate and another one is Professional Diploma. They don’t provide online courses, you need to present their physically.


2. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India, a leading marketing company provides three courses on digital marketing program. Their flagship course is Certificating Program in Digital Marketing, besides this, Social Media and Mobile Marketing and Certification in Search Marketing are short ones. You can choose Corporate Digital Marketing Training Program if you are a businessman. The institute provides customized content which will be suitable for you.


1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is one of the well known digital marketing institutes in India. It provides more than two hundred fifty training programs along with eight certificate courses. If you are a novice then CDMM- Certified Marketing Master Course may be preferable for you. Digital Vidya have tied up with diverse leading companies to offer training in digital marketing. Trained and experienced digital marketing professionals taken up the classes.



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