Top 10 Best ERP Software Companies in India

Enterprise Resource Planning is a software for business process management that integrates various business related applications and to combine back end operations related to products, technology, services and human resources to derive desired results and are used by large, medium and small organizations now.

ERP Software in India

Below are the top 10 Best ERP Software Companies in India.

1. SAP

SAP is the most familiar name in ERP systems in India and is the third largest software company across the globe. SAP offers the most advanced modules of ERP which matches the business model of a corporate.


2. Oracle

Oracle is a vital player in the ERP Software in India and holds second position in Tier 1 Market. Oracle offers ERP software including its Oracle Siebel, PeopleSoft and Oracle on demand products for its clients.


3. Infor

Infor Global Solutions is a private company offering ERP solutions in India as well as have got strong global presence with client database in more than 194 countries across the globe in 14 domains.


4. Microsoft

An unbeatable name in the IT industry and providing ERP software solutions in various business domains and Customer relationship Management is a major one in that.


5. Epicor

Epicor was initially working with DOS and later on with a collaboration with Windows, and started selling ERP solutions as a package. With a global presence in more than 150 countries and with more than 20000 customers.


6. QAD

QAD offers Enterprise Application solutions with least migration problems for its customers. QAD plays a vital role in Indian ERP business with its great support to clients in rapid return of investment made by their clients.


7. Lawson

Lawson is another player in ERP software business with a global presence of more than 68 countries and is specialized in tailor made solutions for small and medium enterprises.


8. Sage

Started in 1981, Sage is an UK based company having strong presence in ERP application industry and the company has grown in this field with major acquisitions and that is the major strength.


9. Consona Corp

Consona caters its ERP services to various industries and is very much active in ERP Software Companies in India, CRM, knowledge management and other related fields in India.


10. ebizframe

ebizframe is a SEI CMM Level 5 Company with the accreditation of ISO. Noida based ERP manufacturing company is known for the contents of the vital software and also for building modules as per the requirements of different industries. The long standing ERP company is on the 10th position in the list, but recognized for its quality work delivery.



  • Sam Makad

    Great list of best software, you could check one more – Skyward ERP )

  • You have provided a very good list of some leading ERP software companies in India. It is very informative post, specially for the people who are looking for ERP software to streamline their business processes effectively. Here is one more top ERP software company in India – ACG Infotech. The company offers customized web based ERP software for manufacturing, construction, distribution, retail, and other industries.

  • Relgo Networks,this company offers customized web based ERP software for manufacturing, construction, distribution, retail, ticket collecting, Human Resource, Apps, Market Place, E-learning and Skill Management, Organisation Management, Customer Relation Management

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