Top 10 Fun and Crazy Things to Do this Holi

Holi is all about mainly painting the town and everyone along with it red, blue, green and every other color shade available. Holi has always been the time for me personally, when I let my hair down and enjoy the celebration completely. And why do it alone! The occasion calls for a huge color party, so let out the invites to all the fun souls. The more the merrier, they say!

You could chalk out a Holi bash at your place, or wherever is convenient. Get a terrace of someone’s house or an open place. A good sound and speaker system is essential to blare Bollywood numbers. But hold on! Before you start shaking a leg to Balam pichkari and Rang barse, don’t forget the bhang pellets! Also the moisturizer could come handy while washing off, if applied before the colors start hitting your face

Here’s how to have a fun on Holi!

10. Have a photo booth

Photographs are memories of a legendary day. Include a photo booth. You could also use the selfie stick. Go crazy with friends and family and ensure there is enough proof of that. The multicoloured wigs will only add to the craziness! Pose, pout, and look great even with all the hooliganism!

9. Hair protect wigs

Many of us hate untangling hair after the colored powder has set in. Oiling also seems a pain. For this reason, you could buy wigs and colored them in various hues using the Holi colors. Nothing as out of the box as a rainbow colored wig! Ensure you compulsorily have one for all the ladies in the house with long hair. Besides, a party with fancy hair is chic!

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8. Get the kids a pichkari

While keeping a check on the water, you could get all the kids in the party a water gun each, and let them enjoy. What is better than seeing their happy faces, from beneath all the color, making mischief and laughing?

7. Go for organic this Holi

The abeer and gulal in the market are what we have always used but there could be a need to change that. While red is the favorite color during this season, synthetic red color contains mercury sulphide that is carcinogenic. Similarly, many harmful constituents are present in these chemical colors. The added chemicals in Holi colors, do more harm than good. So replace those with organic colors, using the kitchen spices or henna. Turmeric goes for yellow, and you could mix some colors for new shades. Also flowers, dried and powdered give a safe and gorgeous color. Incorporate those in the usage. You will have saved a lot of skin reactions and rashes on your party.

6. Conserve water

The idea of a water balloon is fun. But to think of it, it is environmentally detrimental, as the balloons add to the waste. To top that, there is water wastage and also the fact that it hurts a lot! Why opt for something like that. If you really have planned to get your pals wet, ensure you have kept a limit on the water to be wasted. Also remember elderly people would not approve of throwing colors or color water on them. You could use flowers instead to throw at them. It is more respectful and less dirty.

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5. Have an assortment of drinks

Keep the thandai passing. The one without bhang of course. Yet to enjoy Holi in all its colors it is essential to down a glass of thandai laced with bhang. Some mock tails and light beer can be served as well. Try keeping the hard liquor away, as you do not want any casualties by the end of the day.

4. Alternatively, set up a barbecue grill

The ones fond of cooking, and not of the color assault can take over responsibility of grilling some meat and vegetables. Hot barbecued chicken would taste like heaven after all the tiring out from the color riot!

3. Street food on the menu

While the Indian inside you takes front seat during this festival of colors, you would love gorging on some Hindustani food, rather than picking on spaghetti or salads of course. Include some desi style chaats, pani-puris, and starters initially. That panipuri wale bhaiyya whom you regularly go to, can be asked if he can put up a stall at the venue. Caterers can be hired to go around with finger food. Include a good Indian main course.

2. Play peppy music

Well, you can blare music on Holi! It is expected, and noise pollution is not the greatest threat to the human race. Everyone is excused on Holi. Play out some peppy tracks. Bollywood has not left us with a dearth of songs to play at Holi. Turn up the volume and break a leg. Ensure everyone is on the dance floor most of the time, with only minor breaks to stuff some great food.

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1. Send out some fun invites

A pack of abeer, with some Holi gujjias and malpuas could be sent over to the near and dear ones, with an invitation to the upcoming party. There is no need to go formal on it, as Holi is celebrated in the spirit of love and togetherness. This way even those who won’t be able to make it to the party will receive your warm Holi wishes. But ensure you know how many are turning up, as you don’t want to run short of food and drinks.

So this Holi, ensure the colors you use are organic, the people you love are with you and the food you gorge on is great! It is a festival of togetherness and should be celebrated with love and unity. Also, it is a good time to get over old issues with friends and distribute free warm hugs! Keep the children out of the barbecue and bhang zone! Get colored, get dirty and spread cheer! Enjoy responsibly, eat well and have a fun, safe and an immensely happy Holi.