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Top 10 Fun Ideas for Holi Celebration at Home

Of course, Holi is a time when everyone in town would love to get dirty and messy and if you are planning the bash at home, nothing better than it is. An entire day of fun awaits you and your guests, but it also calls for a bit of arrangement regarding food and entertainment. An open space like a big terrace is highly desired, as you would not want to mess up the indoor space of your abode.

To chalk out a Holi bash at your place, or wherever is convenient, firstly a good sound and speaker system is essential to blast some popular Holi tracks and hit Bollywood numbers. Songs like Balam pichkari and Rang barse, where everyone can hit the dance floor and sing along, and enjoy will uplift the spirits of the ones who do not even take part in the color riot. A word of advice, however, would be to apply some moisturizer generously before the color play starts, as while washing off it would be easier.

That said here is the perfect plan for a Holi get-together at our place this year. Take a look.

10. The guest list and invitations

Form a guest list and send out the invitations. A pack of abeer, a simple t-shirt with “Holi hai” printed on it, along with some Holi snacks like gujjias and malpuas can be a sound and impressive, yet casual invite to the grand bash coming up. Also, those who will not be able to spend Holi with you will receive your wishes and greetings through the invitations. Formal invites are discouraged, as Holi is celebrated in the spirit of fun, love and togetherness and no one would come suited up for it. However, do make the last phone calls and ensure about the number of people turning up, as you do not want to run out of food.

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9. Barbecue your food instead

A grill set up in the corner, with the aroma of meat and vegetables getting barbecued, is a major hit, if you do not want to go into the elaboration of preparing and setting up too many dishes. Barbecues have always been fun, and after the tiring out from the Holi play, it would be great on gorge on some succulent pieces of chicken.

8. Water-guns for the kids

While keeping an essential check on the water wastage, you could get water guns for each kid in the party and let them enjoy. What is better than seeing their happy, mischievous faces, from beneath all the color? However, water must be minimally used.

7. Hindustani food on the menu

Spaghetti and macaroni do well with our taste buds, yes, but what is food without some ‘Hindustani dil’ in it? Spice it up with some chaat and pani-puri. Include finger food starters, and progress on to the main course too, being a choice of spicy and lip-smacking dishes. The calories you shed dancing can be balanced with the lunch spread!

6. Say no to chemical colors

The chemicals in the colors are majorly detrimental to health. While skin reactions and allergies are amongst the milder ones, many colors contain potentially carcinogenic constituents as well. You could make some colors out of kitchen spices like turmeric, or even henna. Make sure it is really diluted well, as the colors stay longer and no one would want to move around with an orange or yellow face for days! Also flowers can be used for their color. However, this requires a longer time for preparation. You could dry and powder the flowers and use them as colors. Also, the commonly available beetroot gives a beautiful color that one could use.

5. Protect your hair

Know what is chic? A rainbow colored hair wig! This can add an element of surprise and fun to you Holi bash, and also help you protect your hair from all the color.

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4. Save water and celebrate responsibly-

This holi let us minimize the water wastage. Go for dry colors and if at all, that is unavoidable, make sure you have pre-stored water solely for the celebration and strict limits are enforced. Remember that while washing off the colors you will be spending a huge amount of water as well. Be the sensible Indian, this Holi.

3. Play some fun music tracks to uplift spirits

Thanks to Bollywood cinemas, we have not been left with a dearth of songs for any occasion. Holi tracks like Rang Barse, etc. have topped charts since the age they were released in. Up the volume and get ready to shed some calories this Holi. To prevent the next-door neighbors from being worked up and vexed at you for the volume, send an invite to them as well!

2. Cocktails, mocktails, and bhang

Hush hush! The bhang is on its way. Tall glasses of thandai, mixed with some mildly potent cannabis or bhang, as we know it, is a major requirement for Holi. Ensure the drinks are out of reach of the children. Also make sure there is enough of the virgin thandai too and both are well demarcated. Watermelon or lemon-cucumber coolers can also be offered. If it is a huge party and there is a preference to hard liquor, hire a bartender to make the drinks and cocktails.

1. But first let me take a selfie

Let your photographs be fond memories of this legendary day. Do not forget the selfie stick, which you can buy online, if you do not have one. If elaboration is your mantra, set up a photo booth with some fun accessories. The day might go by real fast. The pictures will be here to stay.

So get ready for that amazing color bash that is coming up. A safe and happy Holiwill be cherished in the hearts of every guest that arrives at the party. The fun and frolic aside, take care of minor arrangements and ensure the smooth sail through of the day. However, make sure you are a part of the celebration majorly, and not lost in the preparation. Let down your hair, and paint the town red, blue, green, yellow. After all ‘Holi hai’!!! 🙂

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