Top 10 Great Ways to Celebrate Holi

Holi, the festival of vibrance and colors, of revelry and tradition, of frolic and fun, can be celebrated in many ways, and is not confined to just the Abeer-play and color assault. While the main attraction of this festive season is the painted faces of friends and family, you definitely could find other ways to make the most of this fun time.

Here are some great ways to spend Holi other than the conventional.

10. The Movie Plan

Color assault and loudness might just not be your thing. With a lot of Holi releases, a movie plan can never go out of fashion. Keeping it quiet and simple, you could go for a good movie that is worth the watch. Hanging out with friends and family is always fun.

9. Take a Family Trip

There are many Indian cities where Holi is celebrated exceptionally. Mathura-Vrindavan Holi is infamous and if you live in and around, you could include this in your Holi to-do list. South India has a more subdued form of Holi with temple rituals occupying most of the schedule. However, if you are in Karnataka and can drive down to Hampi, a small yet famous town, and experience the surreal. In Hampi, everyone is out on the streets and after playing, they all go to the riverbanks and clean themselves off the color. It is a great revelry and being a part of it is immensely joyful.

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8. Card Games at Home

This one is a personal favorite. There is nothing like sitting at a table and playing cards with friends and family. Hours of fun can be experienced while you are at it. If they are friends that you are playing with, you could raise the stakes and play for actual money. An afternoon of rummy sounds fun or you could just be ready with your poker face. Don’t forget to wash off the color before it!

7. A Family Picnic

Picnics may not be a regular affair in this busy life we live. Hence, a getaway picnic, to a beautiful spot can be a good plan. You could opt to go with a larger group, so that it is fun. You could share the load of cooking and make the people in charge for Holi games. Choose a nice location, put the kids in the backseat, and drive off. A fun HOLI-DAY awaits!

6. A Cocktail Party

The occasion calls for celebration and putting up a cocktail party is probably a fun and enjoyable way. You could keep the options of thandai or soft drinks for those who do not prefer hard liquor. Having a bartender would help if your group is too large. For a smaller group you could offer to fix some nice drinks. Also a bit of bhang wouldn’t do anyone harm. Ensure the kids don’t lay their hands on drinks with it though!

5. Wear Colorful Hair Wigs

As is known synthetic chemicals in the Holi colors available in the market tend to ruin hair and skin. Hence, a wig can help you protect your hair and also add an element of fun. A rainbow colored wig matches the occasion of Holi and could just be a part of your get-up for a small informal party. Who knows you could make a style statement with it!

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4. A Kids’ Competition

A talent contest amongst the children living in your locality could be some adorable entertainment. It will engage them also and be some good time off for you to sit and relax and enjoy the show. It is also a chance to break them off from the conventional manner of celebration of getting colored to look like hooligans.

3. Organic Colors

With the amount of synthetic material and chemicals added to the Holi colors available in the market, the chances of damage to skin are great. Hence, preferring organic colors obtained from natural sources like beetroots, or flowers can be justified. For this you could start well in advance, about two weeks prior is fine. Flowers like hibiscus can give you healthy, natural colors. The powdering of the flowers may seem too tedious a procedure to carry out if doing at home. Instead, sandalwood, turmeric and henna can be experimented with and mixed to obtain various colors. This you can do with your children as a fun Holi preparation activity. Also, it is a hundred percent safe, so you need not worry about your family and your health.

2. Set up a Barbecue

A nice little late morning spent barbecuing some meat does not seem anything like Holi. Yet, the idea is fun to be carried out. Along with the traditional Holi sweets and snacks, like gujjia, etc., a good spread on the grill never did anyone much harm. You could lay out outdoors the barbecue grill and cook in batches the different meats and vegetables, while playing some of your favorite music, while the children run around with colors, but ensure that they are far away from barbecue site. You wouldn’t want your chicken colored in Holi abeer.

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1. Organize a Dance Floor

While people jab color into each other’s face, you could set up a dance floor or hire a DJ. If such elaboration is not desired, a simple house that can accommodate your people, while you blare some music yourself, is just enough. An open terrace is also a good idea. Bollywood songs have always done justice to Indian festivals and also provided some great dance moves for us to carry out in public. Showcase the talent! Let the festival be celebrated by all, young and old.

Who says color play is the only thing to Holi! There are many things that you could opt to do. Either keep it simple or go out of your way in your revelry. The festival is a celebration of love and togetherness and anything done in that spirit makes the celebration worth it. Also go easy on the kids if they have colors inside their ears and noses! Remember, they had fun and that is the whole point of Holi! J