Top 10 Inspiring Things you can do on Independence Day

India would be celebrating her 70th independence anniversary in this 2016, 15th August.  Unlike every year let’s try something new to celebrate our independence day. Put a stop to forwarding long sentimental Independence Day messages, singing patriotic songs and giving long lectures how our independence was hard gained. We can celebrate this year with a realistic approach to help our country proceed further.

10. Pay tribute to the freedom fighters

Pay tribute to the freedom fighters

Pay a tribute to our saviors-soldiers fighting at the borders help us to keep our country protected from any foreign attack. The police force toils hard every day to keep our country free of criminal activities. A small gesture of thank you towards our redeemers would help us in respecting the real patriot.

9. Help poor people

Help poor people

Save some time for the poor-instead of spending money for independence day party you can invest it in helping the poor to enjoy a stomach full meal. This independence day think about the poor and also help them to enjoy the hardly earned independence. This would be a perfect Independence Day celebration.

8. Respect women

Respect women

Independence day can definitely be different for this year while you talk about women empowering and safety. Recently the plight of women in our society has degraded for looking at them with dirty glances. Try to develop a respectful view towards women and make them independent of all chains and let them live a satisfactory life. Respect is what women need who help the society to have its stone ruling.

7. Keep India clean

Keep India clean

This Independence Day make it a point to begin with cleaning of wastes from your and neighborhood areas. Since mother India is our home it is our duty to keep her clean and make her look beautiful. You can also do a good deed by installing a dustbin in your area so that others to can help in cleaning the nation.

6. Preach what you should do, not what should be done

your duties towards your nation

Preach what you should do, not what should be done-it easy to criticize others actions than improving on ourselves. This independence day can be celebrated differently from the previous years. Discuss among yourselves about your duties towards your nation and include them in your daily lifestyle. Preach others about the citizen’s duty and help your nation to grow into a healthy and developed nation.

5. Put a step forward for greenery

Plant more trees

Recently mother India has been suffering from extensive climatic changes because of deforestation and emissions of other harmful gases. This Independence Day could be celebrated a little differently through planting saplings and moving a step forward towards green India. Make it a point to plant a sapling in the name of India.

4. Donate blood

donate blood

Respecting the mother nation could be best done by helping her children to enjoy a healthy life. Pay a visit to the nearest blood donation camp and donate blood to save another’s life. This independence day receive blessings from mother India through this act and pay tribute to all the sacrifices she made.

3. Respect the people visiting India (Atithi Devo Bhava)

Atithi Devo Bhava

The Independence Day celebrations are viewed by many such foreigners who are improperly treated on their visit to India. Independence Day would be celebrated at its best and also respect our mother country by amicably accepting the foreigners. Your respectful behavior would help the foreigners to develop a positive attitude towards our nation.

2. Educate yourself about country’s constitution

indian constitution

Make yourself independent by going through constitution-constitution is such a book which would help you to live an independent life enjoying all the liberties and freedom which are ensured by the country’s law. This independence day you can educate yourself and your neighborhood with the available with constitution of our dear India.

1. Make yourself disciplined

make yourself disciplined

Try to adopt positive and good habits so that you can live a familiar life with the other social beings. Think about the negativity which drives you to practice the bad habits and eradicate them from the grassroots level. Try to live with simplistic lifestyle so that you can enjoy the best nature has for you.

This Independence Day can be celebrated in a different and fruitful manner than you did before. Let us swear to help our mother nation to remain independent all through the coming years through the activities and responsibilities of her dear children. Remembering our saviors and respecting them would help in achieving a healthier India.

ScoopHub Wish You All A Very Happy Independence Day! 🙂