Top 10 Interesting Things to Do This Weekend in Chennai

Chennai is the city of rich traditional history and vibrant culture. It is studded with several religious sites, galleries, museums, gardens, monuments, beaches as well as adventure activities. Chennai has something to attract people, who are a history buff or a nature lover or adventure seeker. Take a look at the list of best weekend destinations of the city.

10. Fishing


Experience the exhilarating activity like Fishing at the best places in Chennai. There are popular places for fishing, such as Royapuram Fishing Harbor, Barracuda Bay Sport Fishing, Blue Waters and Angers Fishing Spot. The early morning time is the best for fishing due to its cool temperature and peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy fishing with calm water and serene beauty at the most attracted places of the city.

9. Art and Culture Tour

Art and Culture Tour

Take a weekend tour to the richness of south Indian art and culture, at the Dakshinachitra Museum. It showcases art, architecture, lifestyles, and crafts of five major southern states on India. It is located at Mattukadu, 25 kms south of central Chennai.  While boating, crossing under the ECR bridge is quite exciting experience.  This is one of the best places in the city to spend time with family. The visitors also find souvenirs of art and craft.

8. Bicycle Tour

Bicycle Tour

Discover the rural beauty of the country through bicycle tour to the Kadambadi Village, Mahabalipuram on weekends. Take a tour through the country roads and feel the pristine beauty and pleasant breeze flowing through roads. Shape up your imagination with the art of pot making from local potters. 2 hours of cycling gives a serene and rustic atmosphere of the village.

7. Trekking


The best trekking experience especially for beginners that is what the Tada Falls gives to the trekkers. About 80 kms from the city, it is a refreshing weekend getawy to trek in the forests. The 2 km of trekking offers small pools of clean water, and there is a Shiva Temple that acts as a path marker for trekking. The path is lush green and rich, which provides diverse and vibrant birdlife.

6. Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching at the small seashore township, Pulicat is the major attraction near the city of Chennai. At this beautiful lake offers glimpse of stunning species of migratory birds. The place is heaven for bird lovers, locates 55 kms away from the city. the tranquil lake is the best place for weekend relaxation after busy week.

5. Paragliding


At the distance of 227 kms, Yelagiri Hill Station is the magical place near Chennai. Paragliding is most attracted fun activity, which gives the picturesque views of lofty mountains. Apart from paragliding, people can spend their weekend with peaceful walk and boating as well. The hill station is the best place of tranquility and solitude.

4. Water Adventures

Water Adventures

Marina Beach is the second longest beach in the world, which offers plenty of water fantasies. the place offers thrilling activities like water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, kayaking, speed boat rides and double tube ride. The place provides mesmerizing views of sunrise and sunset too.

3. Laser Tag Gaming

Laser Tag Gaming

Spend an exciting weekend with infrared guns, radio frequencies and a flurry of lights. Discover Laser Tag in the city with basic level to higher challenging sessions. The city of Chennai offers various places to enjoy gamming in different areas. There are places called G sector, Nungambakkam, Chaos Entertainment, Gopalapuram, Laser tag Chennai Battlefield, Kilpauk and Asgard Entertainment. All the places are perfect for entertaining activity like Laser Tag.

2. Wind Surfing

Wind Surfing

Covelong Beach is a perfect place for Wind Surfing, located 40 kms away from the city of Chennai. Wind Surfing is a sure way to relax and refresh on weekend. The breathtaking view of the beach’s surrounding is the memorable experience. Enjoy thrilling activity at this serene place, which is combination of sun, sand and sea.

1. Cave Exploration

Cave Exploration

Explore the Borra Caves, if you are interesting in Cave exploration. The Borra Caves is situated in Ananthapuri hill Ranges of Eastern Ghats. It is naturally formed caves 150 million years old. The largest caves are spectacularly known for its stalactite and stalagmite formations that have withstood for over a million years, which gives it an amazing interior views.