Top 10 Most Expensive Beer Brands in India 2021 with Price

As all of us know that India is one of the highest populated countries in the world. Recently, it is on 2nd position among all countries in the world in terms of population. Still, when it comes to the dearest alcohol consumption, which is beer, India does not stand even in top 10 lists. However, the alcohol industry has seen a tremendous progress in last 7 years and the main factors behind this growth is better economy, culture fusions and new rules and regulations.

More hard liquors like scotch or whiskey is liked by the majority Indians but there is a change visible in younger generations who is getting more inclined to beers. Very soon, India would come in the top 10 beer manufacturers in the world.

Following is the list of present premium beers that are available in India for all beer fans:

10. Stella Artois Beer

Stella Artois Beer

This is the authentic tasting beer in the list from the world’s best beer brewing company InBev. It has a strong flavor and hypnotic aroma, which is personified with its packaging. Stella Artois was made available by none other than Anheuser Busch and it deserves its name in top 10 premium beer brands.

Price: 325 INR

9. Asahi Beer

Asahi Beer

Asahi as the name suggests, is a Japanese beer and is one of its kind dry beer. It is indeed the first beer of that kind and is getting popular these days. However, Indians mostly like the stronger and deeper brews but with this beer, things have changed in Indian mindset. Now people prefer lighter yet different unique imported beers.

Price: 330 INR

8. ErdingerWeissbier Beer

ErdingerWeissbier Beer

This is again a premium alcohol in form of beer brewed at one of the largest and widest wheat beer brewer. Due to its high quality and supreme nature, the cost at which it sells in India is quite higher compared to other countries.

Price: 360 INR

7. Hoegaarden Beer

Hoegaarden Beer

Hoegaarden has faced a bad time in India when it was caught in mismanagement of stickers and imprints on beer bottles. Due to this scam, Hoegaarden sales in India were stopped for few months. Regulations in India for every product labeling are very strict, especially for all imported goods and products. The label should strictly include information like country of origin, its content, proportion, weight, and that too in multiple languages like English, Hindi, or Devanagari. Still this premium brand proved itself as a clean chit and it holds a good reputation and popularity among all Indian beer fans.

Price: 363 INR

6. Leffe Blonde Beer

Leffe Blonde Beer

Leffe Blonde is a complete package of flavor as well as rich brewing of authentic beer in one. It follows all custom-made procedures and finally has made its way out to import in India. There is a good Indian market for this beer and hence it has made a good value for itself.

Price: 432 INR

5. Schneider Weisse Beer

Schneider Weisse Beer

“Schneider Weisse” is again a high-quality beer label, which strictly follows high standards of producing and packaging. It is brewed at Bavaria and a special attention is kept on Reinheitsgebot that is the beer purity law, which makes it mandatory that only ingredients permitted to brew the beverage are hops, yeast, barley malt, and water.

Price: 463 INR

4. Murphy’s Black Stout Beer

Murphy’s Black Stout Beer

We all know Ireland and its love for beer. The major credit for Beer Consumption of Ireland goes to Murphy’s Black Stout. They have the same authentic taste and use the same quality and proportion of same ingredients since 1856.

Price: 815 INR

3. Guinness Draught Beer

Guinness Draught Beer

Guinness Draught is again a lovely beer from Ireland. The day it was first made, people predicted that it will create history and will go on till generations to come. This is proved as people still love this beer all around the world and hence we put it on number 3 in our list.

Price: 527 INR

2. Chimay Red Beer

Chimay Red Beer

Now this beer has some interesting story associated with it. Pradeep Gidwani who has founded two great places like “The Beer Café” and “The Pint Room” has achieved in winning the hearts of a majority of Indians with its well-made beer. People now accept Beer as a socially meeting factor just like coffee. Chimay Red is one its brand only and it has a great popularity in India. This label has made itself on number 2.

Price: 572 INR

1. Duvel Beer

Duvel Beer

One of the most costly beer brands in Indian Market is Duvel. By 2016, the beer market in India has grown up to 13.2% and credit goes to all beer brands from abroad with an average cost of 650 INR. Duvel has the specific texture with strong features of beer all made up in one bottle. This is undoubtedly the most loved beer of beer fans who can afford such luxury in India.

Price: 800 INR

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