Top 10 Best Pen Drive Brands with Price In India 2021

Storing the data in the computer and making it portable was a huge headache when pen drives were not invented. After they came in the life of ours, the life became smooth and working. We now backup data, keep all important documents backed-up with us so that anytime and anywhere we can use them. But the problem does not end here, it even starts because we have a plethora of brands with us, keeping in a state of dilemma that which one to choose?

Well, well, well, no more dilemmas, as we have compiled here a list of top-ten most popular pen drive brands in india 2021 so that the hefty task can be achieved with an ease. The list starts like this.

10. PNY Pen Drive

PNY Pen Drive

A well-known brand in the arena of the pen drive, the product comes in the various storage capacities from 8GB & 16GB. The product from the brand fulfills your need of data transfer and storage with utmost quality and do know how much you have to pay for- well starting is Rs. 193 in India. Amazing, is not it?

9. Lexar Pen Drive

Lexar Pen Drive

Being the most popular brand among the students and professionals of India, Lexar is that brand that provides the excellent solution in both memory sharing and storage. Their products come in the storage capacities of 8GB & 32GB and the price starts from Rs. 290. Also, it supports all digital devices!!

8. iBall Pen Drive

 iBall Pen Drive

iBall is another name in storage and sharing the data and files. Their product ranges include the pen drives, SD cards, DVDs, and Blu ray disks. The price ranges of the products start with Rs. 270 and they come in variations of  hybrids, 8GB and 16GB.

7. Moser Baer Pen Drive

Moser Baer Pen Drive

The next most featured brand is Moser Baer and I am a great fan of it. I have used the SD cards, pen drives and CDs of this brand in my school and college life both, so the trust factor is double here. So, I recommend this to all and highlights of the products of this brand are- the beginning is Rs. 270 and capacities are 8GB and 16GB. Other products include Blu ray disks, DVDs, etc.

6. Toshiba Pen Drive

Toshiba Pen Drive

This highly acclaimed brand boasts many specializations like 8GB and 16GB where the prices start from Rs. 213 in India. The brand has a wide range of USBs that are compact, reliable and have high quality when it is about data storage and transfer.

5. Sony Pen Drive

Sony Pen Drive

A very known brand for digital electronics in India also deals into pen drives for files and data storage and transfer. Their pen drives start at a price of Rs. 289 and have storage capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

4. Transcend Pen Drive

Transcend Pen Drive

Transcend is the Taiwanese brand that shares an 8.7% of the total market of pen drive all over the world. The pen drives come in several versions like 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB where the price starts at Rs. 287.

3. HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pen Drive

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Pen Drive

HP is a renowned name in personal computers and other electronic goods where it is no less marked as a leading supplier in pen drives. The versions made available from this brand are 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB and the price starts at Rs. 279.

2. Kingston Pen Drive

Kingston Pen Drive

At the number sixth in the list, there is Kingston, which is an American brand and has a perfect amalgamation of quality and performance. The price range starts with Rs. 333 and the storage capacities are 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 128GB.

1. SanDisk Pen Drive

SanDisk Pen Drive

San Disk very aptly holds the first position by the quality and performance it has rendered. The brand holds the best open drive brands that are secured by the software San Disk Secure Access. The price of the products by this brand starts at Rs. 209 and the products available are Cruzer orbit, Ultra, Xbox, and Cruzer Blade.

So, with the list here, I hope I have made the selection little easy. Well, no doubt, your choice is going to be the San Disk for sure, but other brands are also doing well if your affordability and use are little less. So, go ahead and choose one for you and start backing up your data.