Top 10 Best Online Flowers Suppliers in India

Flowers are the best way to express your feelings as they speak a lot. Gone are the days when you have to go out to buy flowers as they are easily available from online suppliers now. You can now order them easily and get them delivered to your loved ones in a simple and convenient manner, with the help of some reputed online suppliers.

online flowers supplier india

Here is the list of top 10 online flowers suppliers in India:

1. R R Sales Corporation

R R Sales Corporation is Delhi based trader, engaged in supply of herbal products and oils, in addition to online supply of flowers. The company was established in 2005. It guarantees timely delivery of quality checked products at affordable prices.


2. Dharsini Exports

Featuring next on the list of top 10 online flowers suppliers in India is Dharsini Exports, a firm founded in 2007. It trades and supplies a great variety in fruits vegetables and flowers, all pure and fresh. It also exports these products in countries like Dubai, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Europe.


3. R B International

R B International is a name which comes among the best when it comes to supplying a comprehensive range in dried exotic plants for decorative purposes. The materials are packaged in an excellent manner to ensure safe delivery to locations far and wide.


4. Satyam Kraft

Satyam Kraft is a reputed company based in Surat, Gujarat and was established in 2010. Basically, the company is engaged in manufacture and supply of party materials and trousseau packing. It also deals in online supply of decorative flowers, metallic brooches and tassel hangings.


5. Madhu Flowers

Madhu Flowers is an enterprise based in Calcutta and it is engaged in the online supply dried exotic plants and flowers, in addition to traditional plant based handicrafts. It also exports these products and has earned a good reputation for timely delivery, high quality and pocket friendly prices.


6. Bhuvani Exports

The next name among the best online flower suppliers in the country is that of Bhuvani Exports, a well known trader dealing in supply of a wide range of products, including fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices and coir products. All the products are of great quality as they come from reputed vendors.


7. Indo Global Exports

One of the pioneers in the flower supply market is Indo Global Exports, a supplier and export house which dates back to 1992. It exports and supplies flower bouquets, dried exotic flowers and potpourri. It caters to clients all over the world and fulfills their personalized requirements.


8. Turabi Hortifarm

Turabi Hortifarm has become a name to trust when it comes to the supply of an amazing range of Gerbera Flowers, all of which are produced in the company warehouse. Available in a range of vibrant colors, these beautiful flowers have become the first choice for clients in Ahmedabad as well as many other cities.


9. Crazy Flora

The next name on the list of top 10 online flowers suppliers in India is that of Crazy Flora, which is not only engaged in the business of supply of imported flowers, but also imported fruits and vegetables too.


10. Elegant Flora

Elegant Flora is a leading online supplier of flowers in India and showcases a great variety in Gerbera flowers and roses. It has been a pioneering name in the field since 1994 and has a wide client base not only in India but in Japan and Europe too.


As, the trend of gifting flowers on all special occasions is on an increase, all these flower suppliers are doing great business.