Top 10 Most Popular Men’s Jeans with Price in India 2021

Jeans or commonly said Denims” are a way of life for all men. They are a must in every closet. Today, every company makes denim for different body shapes and fits. From regular comfort to slim fit, there are varied categories in jeans that make comfort and fashion on same path.

“I want to die with my blue jeans on”

Here we shall discuss the 10 popular jeans for men’s in India whom people love to wear the most:

10. Pepe Men Jeans

Pepe Men Jeans

Pepe jeans are the very casual range and are the most popular and desirable jeans brand. It is liked by many not only in India but alsoin the whole world. This company is owned by the Denim jeans and currently holding the maximum number of shares of clothing brand in jeans segment in India. It is indeed one of the most leading store having super variety and quality of jeans, t-shirts, polo neck tees, sweaters, etc., for me, women and kids.

Price : Under 1500 Rs.

9. Spykar Men Jeans

Spykar Men Jeans

This is again a reputed brand in jeans in India.Spykar is majorly owned by the company known asSpykar Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. Most of the young crowd has a fantasy for Spykar jeans. There are good numbers of stores in India. Even online market of jeans is booming. Spykar has everything casual to formal clothing for all age groups men, women, and children. It is doing really well and soon you will see this brand covering almost every city of India.

Price : Under 1800 Rs.

8. Wrangler Men Jeans

Wrangler Men Jeans

Wrangler is an imported clothing brand. You can say it as an American manufacturer of the jeans.It is owned by VF Corporation with its offices at North Carolina. They have good options for person of different body shapes. For skinny people, they have a different style of jeans and for obese, they make another cut so that it fits well and looks good!

Price : Under 1500 Rs.

7. Lee Men Jeans

Lee Men Jeans

Lee is quite an old brand now with even our parents wearing the same jeans brand earlier. This American brand has maintained a great pace with generations coming up and in no way lacking to other companies. They even have a good collection of t-shirts, jackets, or polos to match with any good jeans in your closet.

Price : Under 2000 Rs.

6. Levis Men Jeans

Levis Men Jeans

Levis is a great market player and it has completely taken the market of denims. Every season, they launch a variety of jeans cut like low waist, high waist, skinny, bootleg, narrow jeggings etc. It has won the hearts of many all around the world. It is owned by a private American company known as Levi Strauss & Co. The company was founded long back in the year of 1853 and has still captured the market completely till date. They have affordable price range for quality products.

Price : Under 2000 Rs.

5. Zara Men Jeans

Zara Men Jeans

Zara is a Spanish Fashion Company founded in 1975. At present, it is the world’s largest apparel retailer. It has around 2000 stores in different locations. With every new trend, Zara has a new collection and trust me! They have best of the collections in comparison to other stores. With quality, they give full attention to simple yet good presentation. In Men’s collection, they have a classy modern approach. Washed out Jeans or a torn out jeans are easy to find for any body size. Best part of Zara is you can get a refund anytime after purchase for purchased products with tags, which you do not wear because of any issue.

Price : Under 1000 Rs.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Men Jeans

Tommy Hilfiger Men Jeans

Tommy Hilfiger is the best. It has a higher pricing than all above-mentioned brands but truly they are worth every penny. Jeans or denims from Tommy Hilfiger are highly durable and lasts long, really long. If you are willing to spend minimum 5000 INR on single jeans, Tommy Hilfiger is the most ideal brand for you. They have great cuts and fabric is just perfect.

Price : Under 10000 Rs.

3. Diesel Men Jeans

Diesel Men Jeans

It is a brand to flaunt. Every diesel jeans can be recognized from far. They have a diesel label visible on front pocket in inclined manner. This is simply the best. Even the colors and fading effect on jeans of Diesel look lovely. This Italian company was found in 1978. It is mainly known for its super collection in jeans for both men and women.

Price : Under 2000 Rs.

2. True Religion Men Jeans

True Religion Men Jeans

They are a premium brand of Jeans founded in 2002. The unique quotient about True Religion is they have handmade jeans. At present, there are 900 boutiques in our 60 countries. It is truly an asset to own and a label to feel proud to own. Jeans from True Religion costs around 7000 INR or more.

Price : Under 15000 Rs.

1. Armani Men Jeans

Armani Men Jeans

It is a complete denim based collection from Armani. They have good colors and have all sorts of t-shirts, polo’s, jeans, jackets etc. More like a casual collection, you can wear Armani jeans anywhere on parties or office get together. They are adding to your style and the logo EA shines bright on the jeans.

Price : Under 10000 Rs.