Top 10 Most Popular Women’s Jeans with Price in India 2021

Women and Fashion go hand in hand. A woman wearing tight jeans is always attractive and hence almost every girl owns a good pair of jeans. Best part of jeans is it go along with many tops. It has a nice shady pattern, which adds on to the complete look.

“Give a girl a right jeans and she can conquer the world!”

This is actually true. Women love to wear jeans more than men and hence feel comfortable. They can do almost anything and everything with a nice t-shirt and fitted jeans.

Following are the top 10 women jeans brand in India in 2021:

10. Levis Women Jeans

Levis Women Jeans

Levis was the first company to design and manufacture jeans in the year 1873 by Levi Strauss. They have their headquarters in San Francisco. The company has around 2000 stores around the world and hence a huge production capacity. They are famous for different fit jeans- skinny, bootleg, or regular fit. They are affordable in comparison to other labels and hence most preferred by all.

Price : 2000/- Rs.

9. Lee Women Jeans

Lee Women Jeans

Lee is a good denim brand made in 1889 by VF Corporation. It was a venture started by Henry David Lee. The company has around 400 working staff in United States. They are one international retailer company famous for casual as well as work wear fashion. They make good quality stuff and are still economical. Also matching t-shirts can be bought from the same store as they do have great tee collection for men and women.

Price : 1200/- Rs.

8. Wrangler Women Jeans

Wrangler Women Jeans

Again, a company owned by VF Corporation, they specialize in manufacturing jeans and any such clothing. They are based in North Carolina, US. They first made denims for cowboys and hence were the most popular brand once upon a time. At wrangler, you shall get multiple color options and variety of waist fittings like high waist, low waist, or baggy jeans.

Price : 1500/- Rs.

7. Pepe Women Jeans

Pepe Women Jeans

This is also known as “Pepe Jeans London” because it was born in London. At present, they have main head offices in Spain. Pepe Jeans was an Indian initiative with all owners as Indian. I am so proud to have such company made in London. Initially the owners used to sell on a street side stall on weekends in west London. Slowly people liked the cut and fabrics and they progressed tremendously. Today they have huge fans all around the world that prefers only Pepe Jeans.

Price : 1500/- Rs.

6. Diesel Women Jeans

Diesel Women Jeans

This is an Italian Denim designer company who actually has seriously made it to perfection. Nothing can beat jeans from diesel. They look extremely stylish and add to the fashion quotient of yours. Team jeans with any casual shirt or bright tee and you would become an iconic personality that attracts attention. This is a magic present in Diesel jeans. Do try this brand without fail!

Price : 5000/- RS.

5. Calvin Klein Women Jeans

Calvin Klein Women Jeans

Calvin Klein Inc. was a thought of designer Calvin Klein. He not only thought but also made this huge fashion house. The famous CK logo on clothing completely looks royal and classy. You will be judged a class apart than your friends or colleagues around. This company is now owned by “Phillips Van Heusen.”They have main offices in New York City. Most of the high-end malls in India have a CK store for sure.

Price : 10000/- Rs.

4. Gas Women Jeans

Gas Women Jeans

It is again an old company found in 1970 owned by Grotto family out of Italy. The most famous jeans from GAS are one with 5 pockets and minimal 95% cotton. You would indeed love to wear them, as they are highly comfortable for all day work. Even you can choose two-three different cuts and colors for looking great as always.

Price : 1000/- Rs.

3. Jealous 21 Women Jeans

Jealous 21 Women Jeans

An Indian brand “Made in India” finally is in top 10 brands list. Wow! I feel proud to see Indian Jeans brand. They are specially designed to fit well on Indian women body shapes. Fit is what mainly affects the jean and when it is Jealous 21, they have multiple varieties for different waist and hip sizes. Another good point about this brand is it has 3 hip sizes for every waist. Such three hip sizes are known as hottie, hourglass, and bootilicious. Life asks for more and hence Jealous has lot more for every fan.

Price : 10000/- Rs.

2. Flying Machine Women Jeans

Flying Machine Women Jeans

This is again an Indian brand, which gets international fashion at affordable pricing to Indian population. They have really got advanced in technology and they have come up with new jean, which maintains the body temperature accordingly. In cold weather, you can wear such jeans and regulate the temperature to high for better comfort in chilly cold. Similarly, in hot weathers, they become true friends.

Price : 1000/- Rs.

1. Gucci Women Jeans

Gucci Women Jeans

A high luxury brand from Italy has just super level of jeans and styling which is unmatched by any other brands. It is an Italian fashion showstopper and you need to have good amount of money for buying such costly Gucci clothing or any accessory. Only the rich can afford a pair of Gucci jeans.

Price : 25000/- Rs.