Top 10 Best Promises to Make with Your Partner this Promise Day 2021

This upcoming Promise Day can be the most romantic day as well as an emotional day for all lovers who consider “Love” as most important thing than anything else in their life. So, in such as beautiful day, what kind of promises you are going to make with your partner and how far you are going to stick to it?

Making promises on this Promise Day can be very emotional and touching for your partner and she/he may feel more important than any day.

So let us check top most promises that can be made to your partner on this promise day. The following promises are literally applicable for both girls and boys.

10. I will expose my love always

This is the most important thing in a relationship. This means exposing how much you love your partner which is most important thing than anything else. Just make her to understand that you always love her and no other girl can replace her place. Expose your love as far as possible through love greetings, message cards, slam books, romantic gifts, etc.,

9. I will be a best dad

Make a promise on this precious promise day to be a great dad for your kid. Just take part in your child’s home work and discuss his daily routines at his school. Make sure that your child feels secure and safe when you are near him.

8. I promise to be punctual

This is rather a difficult promise to keep up. But if you really respect your partner’s love, then keep up your time at any occasions when you have promised her to be at your home. Never be late and by chance if you are getting late, try to engage her through your phone calls and reach home as soon as possible.

7. I can help you

Just make a promise on this promise day to help your spouse or partner in her daily routines at your house. It can be any household works such as cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, living space, making tea or coffee, taking care of kids and so on. It is more than enough if you be a part of her with little help during these household works.

6. Never let you cry

This is the genuine promise which must be made by every guy during this promise day. Just promise her that you will never ever make her cry at any moment. Try to respect and understand her views and never break her heart at any time.

5. I will be the first person to wish you for every occasions

This is the thing which most of us don’t do. Thus, from this promise day, try to be the first person to wish your girl friend for her Birthday, Valentine’s Day, love anniversary and so on. Just try to keep up this promise for your entire life period.

4. I will spend time with you

In most cases, due to the hectic life schedules, most of the people are not able to spend their time with their partners. As soon as they return from office at late night, they go to bed without even talking to their girl friend. Thus promise your girl friend that you will spend at least a little time with her every day right from this Promise day 2016.

3. Quit smoking

Let this promise day be a resolution day for you. Just promise your girlfriend that you are going to quit smoking and drinking from this promise day 2016. Also, keep the promise sincerely and make her understand that your promise worth a billion.

2. I will ever be loyal and honest to you

This is a promise which is very necessary in a couple’s relationship. This is not just a promise but emotional words which contains deepest meaning and sentiments. Being loyal to your partner is the biggest thing in a love life. Thus, keeping this promise until your death is the most important thing in your precious relationship. In addition to this, just try to keep your phones without passwords thus being more loyal and faithful to your lovers.

1. I will never leave you alone at any time

This is the most important promise that a lover can make his/her soul mate. This promise has deep meaning and emotions saying that he will never leave her alone at any cost even if she is surrounded by many problems. This also means that he will be there always with her during her ups and downs and will never leave her alone at any time. The same promise can also be made by a girl to her boy friend.

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