Top 10 Protein Rich Foods For Weight Loss You Must Try

Protein is the key element of any diet wherein you wish to eat healthy and feel satiated at the same time. The basic idea behind going for a protein-rich diet when you wish to lose weight is to tame your hunger. Once you are able to control your hunger pangs, you can easily keep track of what you are eating and how many calories are you consuming.

top 10 protein rich food for weight loss

Hence, you must switch to adding some protein in your diet and increase it gradually.
Choosing the type of protein in also very important. You should go for those sources of protein which are low in saturated fats and calories, and rich in nutrients.

Another important thing to note is that changing the protein sources from time to time is also necessary. Consuming protein from the few basic sources only does not actually do much good. It may cause taste bud fatigue and also deprive your body of other health- boosting nutrients.

Here is a list of protein-rich foods except the common chicken recipe. Try out and witness the changes in your body.

1. Spinach: About 1 cup of cooked Spinach can give you approximately 5 grams of protein. As compared to a hard-boiled egg, Spinach contains almost the same amount of protein with half the calories. Besides protein, it is also rich in Vitamin A and C, heart-healthy folate and a lot of antioxidants. It is recommended to steam the leaves as it makes it easier for the body to absorb the calcium content from the leaves.

2. Peas: A cup of green peas is said to contain 8 times more protein content than a cup of Spinach! After having known about Spinach, just think about how healthy peas are. Besides protein, they are extremely rich in Vitamin c and a blessing to your immune system. They are also packed with polyphenol antioxidants – which are likely to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke because of their ability to prevent cell damage. They are also enriched with Vitamin C, which is a very good dietary antioxidant.

3. Ostrich: Leaving the common grilled food aside, ostrich meat is a rising star when it comes to protein. The meat is gaining popularity because of being less fatty as compared to chicken or turkey. A 4 ounce patty can give you about 30 gm of nutrient which builds strong muscle. Besides this, it gives you about twice the daily requirement of Vitamin B-12. It also contains Choline- which is an essential nutrient for losing fat.

4. Beans and Legumes: Half a cup of beans/legumes can provide upto 7-10 gm of protein. They are also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Consuming these helps in weight loss as they digest very slowly and make you feel fuller for a longer time. Hence, it helps to accelerate weight loss without making you feel starved. You can include them in your soups and salads, with brown rice and vegetables. They also work great when you wish to snack – mix with your fav sauce and some corn and savor.

5. Peanut butter: 1 or 2 tablespoons of this creamy delight gives you about 7 gm of protein. Although, eating too much of it can harm your diet, but moderate amounts provide you with a solid dose of healthy fats and protein. To make it even healthier, look for the variations without hydrogenated oils, added sugar, preservatives, etc. Eating peanut butter can also prevent a number of cardiovascular and coronary artery diseases, as per a study.*

6. Potatoes: Potatoes may have a reputation of being starchy but it also contains many other nutrients, including protein. One potato may give you about 4 gm of protein, half of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, more potassium than a banana, antioxidants and resistant starch. However, the use of potatoes in your diet should be careful as they might add extra calories to your meals if included as extras.

7. Tempeh: Just like tofu is the healthier version of cheese, tempeh is the healthier version which comes from soyabean. It has a higher protein content as compared to tofu- about 17 gm of protein on the consumption of half a cup. Although, it is not found easily in the market, but you may be lucky enough to grab hands on it in some good grocery stores, in the refrigerated sections.

8. Greek Yogurt: It is a very good source of protein, about 100 gm of yogurt can give you about 10gm of protein. Besides helping in boosting metabolism and reducing hunger, it is also very rich in calcium and hence improves bone health. It also contains probiotics – which maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the body.

9 Eggs: They are a very good source of healthy fats, proteins and other nutrients. 100 gm of boiled eggs can give you about 13 gm of protein. Eggs also have a tendency to make you feel satiated and prevent you from overeating. Besides protein, eggs are a storehouse of vitamins B2, B6, B12, Selenium, Vitamin D and many other minerals like Zinc, copper, etc.

10. Lima Beans: In a 100 gm serving, some Lima Beans are known to offer about 21 gm of protein. They are also credited with reducing the risk of cancer, improving heart health, help with glucose metabolism, prevent fatty liver, and controlling appetite. They are nutrient dense and contain a lot of vital nutrients, including folate- which helps in reducing irritability, fatigue, and weakness.

Out of the endless sources of protein, these are some basic and qualitative ones which not only fulfill your body’s protein requirement but also help in losing weight. You can also try Souprotin- high protein soup from NutraSphere. They do not add any extra calories, but nutrients and a lot of other health benefits. Go ahead and include these in your diet.

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