Top 10 Best Surrogate Service Providers in India

The invention of surrogacy converts the hell of childless life into the boon of conceiving a baby. This is an artificial reproduction method where fertilization is done externally maintaining some suitable conditions. Mother’s egg is taken surgically while fertilization is completed outside woman’s womb with her partner’s sperm. This is a high demanding medication for such couples who have never tasted the joy of having a baby. India is one of the top-notch destinations for surrogacy service clinics where technology and tools that have been used are meeting the global standard. Moreover, medical professionals are highly qualified and skillful in order to deliver successful surrogacy treatment to childless couples. The best ten surrogacy centers in India are enlisted below and the relevant information is attached to them.

surrogate service in india

10. Shivani Fertility & Mother Care

This particular clinic is appropriate for personalized IVF treatment and surrogacy service within your budget limit. Infertility service is started in this clinic from 2004 with highly professional experts along with modern tools and techniques. The success rate of this hospital is well beyond the expectation as they are providing infertility medication with proper care.

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9. Indira Infertility Clinic and Research Center

This clinic is founded in India during the year of 1988. With the help of surrogacy service, this specific clinic is able to put the smile on many faces over the country. It is located in Udaipur, which is well known for its enormous success rate, advanced technology, and superlative infrastructure.

8. Apollo Hospitals Centre for Assisted Reproduction

The service of Apollo is well known to the national as well as the international patients. This center is available to the various cities across India. Since last many years, this hospital is offering its widest and cheapest infertility surrogacy service to the IVF patients with ultimate care. The ratio of success of this hospital is continuously increasing.

7. BLK Super Speciality Hospital

Latest tools and techniques are being used in this surrogacy clinic. With the help of trained experts and passion of healthcare, this specific hospital has become one of the center eyes for the couples in India, who are intending to achieve artificially a baby of their own. It is located in Delhi and is considered as one of the reliable centers for infertility program in India.

6. Nova IVI Fertility

The clinic is also known as Pulse Women’s Hospital Pvt. Ltd. This is situated in Ahmadabad and provides uninterrupted surrogacy service with uttermost care. Professionals are technically expert to meet the need of your personalized demand. They perform a thousand cycles of ICSI and IVF per year and maintain the success ratio in the top.

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5. Bloom Fertility Center

Bloom Fertility clinic is considered as the largest center which is individually owned by IVF unit in India. It has four numbers of branches all across the country and each of them is familiar as reliable surrogacy service provider in India. It is located in Mumbai and serves from many years for national and abroad couples.

4. Virk Centre for Human Reproduction

This particular clinic is well known for surrogacy service and also situated in Jalandhar. It is providing the frustrated couples a ray of hope by offering various infertility service such as ICSI, IUI, IVF, sperm retrieval surgery, hatching, and assisting patient evaluation. It has the record of 72.54 % pregnancy success rate through ICSI and IVF last year.

3. Infertility India:

This is one of the most renowned fertility centers which has grounded its service over five other fully-equipped clinics across the country. The branches are available in Chandigarh, New Delhi, Nerul and Navi Mumbai. It has been delivering quality infertility treatment since long 20 years, to the domestic as well as the abroad patients. It featured trained expert hands, advanced medical instruments, and high marginal healthcare which increase the level of treatment in the clinic.

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2. Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital

This is the most renowned hospital for reproductive IVF treatment and surrogacy service in India. This specific clinic has been awarded many accolades for their amazing health service assisting with successful artificial reproduction method by providing the hope of having the baby. The total surrogacy service is handled by familiar Hiranandani group with professional expertise in order to shape any personalized demand. This particular clinic is situated in Mumbai.

1. Max Healthcare

Max Healthcare is considered as one of the best infertility care centers in India. This particular hospital has its branches all across the country especially in Delhi, Punjab, Uttarakhand and in many other places. The entire branch clinic is known for affordable surrogacy and reproductive assistance by highly trained and expert professionals.