Top 10 Best Water Purifier Brands with Price in India 2021

List of Best Water Purifier Brands with Price in India

The world has been addressing a newer revolution in the day-to-day needs. It has been profusely accepted worldwide that better alternatives regarding water purification are available and therefore, one simply does not go out of options. The diverse range of prudent water purification solutions has helped the people to get a hold of better options to keep the drinking water safe and standard.

Some of the top water purifier brands across India that make it to the “top 10 best list of water purifier brands in india” are as follows:

10. Nasaka


This flagship brand under Okaya was brought forth into the Indian market in 2010 and therefore, they can rightfully be considered as the newest entrant into the Indian Market. The company makes the use of advanced Japanese technology for purification of water. The major variants are Natura, Minjet water purifiers and Extra Sure.

Best Selling & Price :- Nasaka Stage 12 Minjet Plus+ 13L UV RO Water Purifier (17000/-Rs)

9. Electrolux Water Purifier

Electrolux Water Purifier

Some of the notable aspects of the water purifiers provided by this company happen to be the use of modern day technology including advanced UV filtration, Arsenic remover, Ro filtration, UF process, double purification technology, and mineral controller as well. ACE, Vogue and Sterling are some of the models, which are primarily manufactured by Electrolux.

Best Selling & Price :- Electrolux Vogue 7L RO + UF Water Purifier (11000/-Rs)

8. ZERO B Water Purifier


This company is relatively unheard of and therefore, it has been able to make it 8th into our list. It is an Indian brand under the manufacturers, ION Exchange Limited. The company makes the use of UV and Ro technology for the implementation of water purification. The major variants offered by the company are Suraksha Plus, Ultimate, and Emerald models as well.

Best Selling & Price :- Zero B Eco 6 Litres RO Water Purifier (18000/-Rs)

7. Livpure Water Purifier


This company is a flagship model of Luminous Water Technologies Pvt Limited. UV, RO and UF water filtration technologies are some of the leading assets that have allowed the company to make it big across the Indian Market.

Best Selling & Price :- Livpure Pep Pro 7 Litres RO UV UF Water Purifier (12000/-Rs)

6. TATA Swach Water Purifier

TATA Swach

This Indian Manufacturer, which is a product of TATA, has been making quite the headlines in the recent days. The company uses TSRF technology and advanced nanoparticles for cleaning the water. This technological advancement has been among the leading reasons as to why the people have been preferring the products of the company. The preferred models are TATA Swatch smart, TATA Swatch Nano, and Plain Silver Model. All of these are available at comparative pricing.

Best Selling & Price :- Tata Swach Viva Silver 6 Litres UV + UF Water Purifier (6000/-Rs)

5. Aquafresh Water Purifier


This Delhi based company is a new entrant into the global market. The water purifiers manufactured by this company also makes the use of the latest RO + UV Technology and therefore, one can expect better treatment of water. The relatively lower pricing has been the major asset that has allowed the company to make it big across the market.

Best Selling & Price :- Aquafresh Pluto J17 10 L RO Water Purifier (6000/-Rs)

4. Aquasure Water Purifier


Yet another flagship brand that makes it fourth on our list. Enlisted under Eureka Forbes this brand has been able to make quite an impression amidst the Indian consumer forum. The classic range of water purifiers encompassed by the company provides for the latest RO+UV filters for better treatment of water.

Best Selling & Price :- Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus 1L UV Water Purifier (8000/-Rs)

3. Pure-It Water Purifier


A relatively newer entity into the market, the company is a venture of Hindustan Unilever. The company is known for its wide range of purifiers including Pure-it Ultima RO+UV, Pure-it advanced and classic edition as well. The relatively lower pricing gradation has helped the company to make it big in the consumer forum. The company makes it 3rd into our list.

Best Selling & Price :- HUL PureIt Classic Cartridge 23 Ltr Autofill Water Purifier (2500/-Rs)

2. Aquaguard Water Purifier


It is among the oldest players across the Indian market and has been quite renowned for its consistent performance as well. The company is a venture of Eureka Forbes and it has been quite cherished for their global presence as well. The company was founded in 1982 and since then they have been exponentially growing. Enhanced RO plus UV mechanism helps to provide safer drinking water to the individuals.

Best Selling & Price :- Aquaguard Enhance 7 Litres RO + UV Water Purifier (12000/-Rs)

1. Kent Water Purifier


The Kent RO Purifiers are some of the “most heard of” water purification assets. The company has made quite an impact across the Indian market and at the same time, they have been leaving a mark across major Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh as well. The range of water purifiers allows intense water removal including arsenic elimination. The range is pretty diverse in terms of pocket expenses as well and therefore, people can be expecting to get a wider range of products at an affordable range.

Best Selling & Price :- Kent Maxx UF +UV 7L Water Purifier (6500/-Rs)