Top 10 Best Welding Rods Manufacturers Companies in India

One of the key industrial procedures is welding and welding rods make a primary requirement for welding. There are a number of manufacturers who have entered the market to fulfill these requirements.

Welding Rods Manufacturers in India

Here is a list of top 10 welding rods manufacturers Companies in India:

1. Nucor Weld

One of the leading manufacturers of welding electrodes and wear plates in India is Nucor Weld. The product range comprises of Spectrum and Eknoweld, both meant to cater to diverse needs. The quality of both the products is excellent.

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2. Magnet Industries

Featuring next on the list of top 10 welding rods manufacturers in India is Magnet Industry, a name trusted for bring top quality and extensive variety in mild steel welding electrodes. This Ludhiana based manufacturer supplies a wide array of products including mild steel electrodes, arc welding electrodes, low hydrogen electrodes and a lot more.

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3. Maruti Weld

Maruti Weld Private Limited is another widely acclaimed welding electrodes manufacturer in the country, which has an experience spanning two decades.  Some of the industries catered to by Maruti Weld are cement, steel plants, railways, dams, etc.

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4. GEE Limited

Next on this list is the renowned manufacturing company called GEE Limited, which has showcased an innovative electrode product called Superseal, which boasts of state of the art technology made available at affordable price.

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5. Modi Hitech India

Another ISO 9001:2000 certified company on this list is Modi Hitech Limited, which is a leader in the welding consumable market. It manufactures welding rods as well as welding consumables and also exports them around the world, making it a well known name on the global scale.

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Noble Electrodes Private Limited is a trusted name in the manufacturing industry of welding rods, with its establishment dating back to 1995. The company is committed to provide world class quality equipment at reasonable prices.

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7. Eureka Systems and Electrodes Pvt Ltd

Another prominent name amongst the top welding rods manufacturers in the country is that of Eureka Systems and Electrodes Pvt Ltd, which excels in design and fabrication of steel welding electrodes and machinery. The company is backed with advanced technology and a team of experienced professionals.

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8. Stanvac – Superon Group

Stanvac – Superon Group is a pioneering company engaged in dealing of top quality and high performance maintenance equipment including welding rods and supplies. The company was established in 1994 and holds an excellent track record in the industry.

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The next name on the list of top 10 welding rods manufacturers in India is that of Rasi Electrodes Ltd, another ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Based in Hyderabad, the manufacturer provides welding rods for light as well as heavy engineering industries.

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10. D & H Welding Electrodes (India) Limited

D & H India Limited is a pioneering name in the field of production of welding goods such as welding wires, metal arc electrodes and all kinds of welding consumables. The ISO 9001-:2008 certified company caters to the needs of cement, transport, shipbuilding, steel and petrochemical industries.

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All these renowned manufacturers of welding rods have played an instrumental role in development of industries in the country.

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  • Abdul

    We want welding rods best company and best prices for reselling


    Where is ADOR in this list? Has ADOR gone down so much?


    Dear Export Manager,

    Good day and many thanks for your advert on the web.

    We are from Cotonou-Republic of BENIN and we are looking for a reputable manufacturer of quality WELDING ELECTRODES( siezs E-6013 , E-7018) etc and we came across your company details and we take this opportunity to let you know our interest to establish a mutual and lasting business relation with you.

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  • Tushar

    the top Indian brands are L&T Eutectic, Ador Weld, Diffusion, Delta-Therm, Esab,D&H,Mangalam, Stanvac-superon,Maruti weld, Weld fast(It bought UK based MWA), Bohler Theissun, Nucor weld and after these are the ones listed above!

  • weldcraft private limited is one of the best welding electrodes and flux manufacturing company
    Established in 1976 and got national quality award.

  • Kartik

    where is MANGALAM?
    You haven’t kept the best in the list.

    • Thanks for commenting. Our team do thorough research before listing these companies and these are based on their services and products quality. We appreciate your suggestion and our team will review it, if is falls in the listing criteria, we will add this one too.


    why have you not listed ESAB EWAC & ADOR FONTECH.



  • Sanjay Prasad

    MAILAM is a prominent brand for welding consumable from Puducherry. why not listed ?