Top 12 Best Bean Bag Brands With Price in India 2021

Today’s fancy people have adapted western designs in home décor. People are experimenting different styles and comfort in furniture. Bean bags are highly captures among Indians who wants to add character to the living space. Bean Bags have innovative materials, designs, colors, prints and textures. They give an eye catching and durable characteristics which has become vital part of every home. Presenting the top 12 brands which offer the innovative designer bean bags in the Indian market 2021.

12. Feel Good

Feel Good

The bean bags from Feel Good are perfect in homes due to a wide range of bright colors. The soft and cozy feel of the bean bags are the best for any body type and posture. Worth a buy products are made with high quality leather which provides durability and softness. Available at the lowest price of 1000/-

11. Fab Homez

Fab Homez

Fab Homez is a premium furniture brand available in the country. The bean bags from the brand come with durable designs and fabulous colors. The leatherette material gives high capacity and bean bags don’t fade out. The products come in various sizes therefore they can be fit anywhere. The brand offers with and without filling bean bags which are available at the range of 600/-

10. Repose


The Jain Retail is one of the leading manufacturing brands of home furnishing in the market. The Repose Bean Bags has a wide range of different designs and unique color combinations which help to get best match to home décor. The versatile, stylish and classy bean bags from the brand come in a variety of sizes and types. Loungers, football and chairs are the best collections of bean bags. Best price is 550/-

9. Jupiter


Jupiter Bean Bags are produced by Prime Marketing Co. The brand offers a huge collections in bean various types of bean bags such as designer bean bags, plain bean bags, Hi seater, lounger, SAC and Hi back gamers. All the styles and designs of bean bags are appropriately suited with home décor. The brand offers starting range in products of 475/-

8. Tulip


The Tulip Showcases an exquisite range of bean bags in India. The bean bags are made with soft artificial leather which gives the elegant look to the products. The bold colors and unique textures are the best for different types of interiors. The bags have hidden zipper and Velcro closure to fill it easily. The best starting range is 480/- which is for bean bag cover (without filling).

7. Comfy


Add a style to décor with Comfy Bean Bags which are sophisticated and classy in designs. Very soft and smooth in comfort, the bean bags are made with best quality leather. The flexible bean bags come in various sizes and shapes to suit any body shape and size. The modern style bean bags are priced at 400/-

6. Baggo


The Baggo offers vibrant and neutral colors in bean bags. The brand gives a great addition to the living space as well as bedrooms. The lightweight bean bags are easy to handle and can move around easily. The brand offers bean bags with and without filling material. The products’ starting price is 950/-

5. Dolphin


Dolphin group is serving the best quality bean bags since 1983. The brand offers a huge collection of Regular bean bags, Customized bean bags, Designer bean bags and printed bean bags. The exclusive bean bags include pyramid, FatBoy, Sack Bean, Babby, Lounger and Pet beans. The high quality material bean bags are available at the starting range of 500/-

4. Can


Can Bean Bags offers ergonomically designed bean bags in various types. The soft and durable artificial leather and strong sturdy stitching give the most comfortable posture which makes the relaxed feel. The exciting colors and beautiful prints of bean bags give an attractive look to the space. The products are available at the starting range of 900/-

3. Style Homez

Style Homez

Style Homez provides an exclusive variety in bean bags such as chair shaped, Cotton Canvas, 100% cotton, and leatherette. The bean bags from Style Homes are durable, easy to carry and comfortable as they don’t fade out. The brand also offers bean bags sizes which suitable for 8-10 years old kids. The products are available at the starting price of 500/-

2. Sattva


Sattva is one of the leading brands for bean bags in the country. It offers various sizes and materials in the products. The popular classic style bean bags are made with high quality material and stitching. The evergreen bean bag style gives comfort and relaxation all day long. The products are available in plenty of bright colors to add a touch of style in interiors. Lowest price is 350/- onwards.

1. Orka


The Orka Bean Bags is the pioneer of the low cost brands in India. The brand guarantees the most unique and versatile rang of bean bags at the quite affordable rates. It provides Classic, Printed, Denim, Suede and sports collection in bean bags. The major manufacturing firm stands at the first rank in the list of top brands. The simple and stylish bean bags are priced of just 400/- onwards.