Top 12 Best Bra Brands with Price in India 2021

The Bra or Brassiere is such a kind of innerwear which is an essential part of woman’s dressing. The bra differs by its size, shape, comfort level, design and patterns. It has become trend to have beautiful lingerie for designer outfit. The bras are available for different personal requirements according to the size and shape. You must not get confused while choosing a bra because this is the basic necessity of women. looking for a laced bra, sports bra, padded one or under wired bra, always ensure the quality material and reliable brand.

The famous brands are willing to design a best suitable innerwear in different styles, colors and patterns with the use of beautiful fabrics, which can provide style with comfort. Every Indian woman has different choices for their inner wear and different tastes of having bras. Cosy fit and cool appearance is the major objective of all the famous bra brands in India.

Here is the list of best selling brands of lingerie in India 2021.

12. Tweens Bra

Tweens Bra

Tween Brand is a beautiful lingerie company. The brand offers top quality undergarments for women and teenager girls. More and more, it tailors an extensive variety of undergarments products, different pad and cloth quality and durability as the common and major objective. They provide soft breathable fabric which give extra comfort. The brand produces bras which are suitable for Indian women. The brand provides the bras at very affordable prices. Investing your money on this brand in India would be a great decision.

Best Price: 200/-

11. Daisy Dee Bra

Daisy Dee Bra

Daisy Dee is India’s famous lingerie brand with the assurance of reliable quality. It produces cotton comfort bras within cheap rate. The brand owns a variety of range in bras. College style bra, Daily wear for Salwar Kameez, Saree, sports, T-shirt bra, and slips are the best products from the brand. The products can transform, Accenture, Revitalize and Uplift the body shape. If you like to wear various patterns of bra within the budget, then this brand is absolutely suitable for your demand. It completes the basic need of every Indian woman in dressing providing durable and comfortable bra.

Best Price: 135/-

10. Hanes Bra

Hanes Bra

The Hanes is established in the year of 1901. This company is familiar for manufacturing most durable and comfortable set of inner wears, especially for women in India. However, Hanes is a popular brand for men and women undergarments. Hanes manufactures daily-wear, sportswear and night-wears in a range of bras. A versatile brand of bras showcases glamorous shape wears bra collection. The products are available in variety of design and styles in best attractive features. For a perfect bust size and for seamless body fit from outside, you must select this brand. It can give a precise shape to those who have unusual breast size along with the compatibility factor.

Best Price: 285/-

9. Zivame Bra

Zivame Bra

Zivame is the newly launched online brand in India. The company defines inner radiance of a woman by producing premium lingerie. A famous online brand offers various collections of bras such as Bridal, Very Sexy, DD+, Teenage, Plus Size, Maternity/Nursing and Cotton Bras. While you are looking for padded bra or pad less bra any product tailored by this brand is capable of holding the breast tissue tightly and can prevent any further sagging. The fabrics used in different types of stylish bras are breathable, durable and flexible, which gives total comfort. Moreover, the padded bras are designed with 2.5 mm pad thickness and with matt finish so that the nipple will not be transparent or highlighted over the bra. The pad consists of polyamide finish that makes you to feel soft and fit to your skin. In addition, they produce such undergarments that are cosy and pocket friendly for Indian woman who belongs from average family.

Best Price: 199/-

8. Clovia Bra

Clovia Bra

Clovia is a high fashion and premium lingerie brand in India. It produces soft, silky and smooth feel bras with plenty of styles. The beautiful bras provide full comfort and highlight curves gracefully. You can find bras in numbers of styles, sizes, colors and patterns. Clovia produces bras in different patterns, some of them having cup shape, or detachable straps. They are designed with high quality fabric and perfect finish. Woman’s bustline are not same and thus you can select the perfect shape of your undergarments, as Clovia manufactures stretchable and smooth fit polyamide bras. All products of this brand are available in suitable price.

Best Price: 249/-

7. Pretty Secrets Bra

Pretty Secrets Bra

Pretty Secrets Lingerie brand offers stylish and trendy collection of bras. It provides bras with different sizes, colors and styles. The brand has a wide range of bras suitable for various body shapes and sizes. The brand manufactures lingerie sets in matching colors, finish and feel. If you are looking for stretchable, comfortable, and durable bras above the limit of expense in India, then this brand is quite suitable for you.

Best Price: 600/-

6. Triumph Bra

Triumph Bra

The Triumph International Lingerie is one of the oldest brands worldwide. An exclusive brand offers variety of bra styles and trends. To get an ideal shape of cleavage and proper volume of breast, a woman can go with the extreme and triumph provides all such facilities. The seductive stylish bras combine glamour, glitter and elegance perfectly suited for different occasions. Soft padded bras with hooks or soft edges ensure enormous comfort. The size reduction bra of this brand comes with 3D shaper stable wire and provides flawless support to your outfit. The finest quality products are available with high performance at little higher prices.

Best Price: 700/-

5. Floret Bra

Floret Bra

A well known international brand Floret, offers high quality lingerie and loungewear solutions. The products of this brand include bridal bra, wired bra, sports bras, padded bra, non padded bra and many more. The supportive comfortable bras from this brand are crafted with high quality materials and unique stitching patterns. The bras give fabulous look and comfort for all day long with stretchable fabrics. You can find any type of bra to fit your own style.

Best Price: 149/-

4. Enamor Bra

Enamor Bra

Enamor was launched in India in 2003 by Gokaldas Images, which has become a premium brand of bras with international trends, variety of sizes and global standards. A fabulous range of bra includes Dailies, Girlies, Trendies and Glitzies with various categories. The elegantly feminine collections are designed with rich fabric, latest stitching techniques with smooth molding and provide comfort.

Best Price: 500/-

3. Amante Bra

Amante Bra

A premium lingerie brand, Amante is a brand of fashionable and confident woman. It presents latest stylish designer bras for inner bliss. Padded or non-padded, Amante introduces microfiber fabrication to its products in order to provide extreme comfort to its consumers. The Amante portfolio includes Daily Wear, Fashion Lingerie, Sports, Swimwear and Sleepwear bras. The brand provides value products with comfort, style and unique contour.

Best Price: 445/-

2. Lovable Bra

Lovable Bra

A flagship brand, Lovable is the largest selling lingerie brand across the country. The international brand manufactures bra with a premium quality and style. The brand offers segments like All Day Long, Cotton Essentials, and Encircle and Tease. It is known for producing wide array of bras in different styles, shapes, colours, and patterns. It creates bra collection with a fashion of global level and provides flexibility and comfort. You can minimize your expense and maximize the comfort factor with this brand of bra in India.

Best Price: 275/-

1. Jockey Bra

Jockey Bra

Jockey India is the manufacturer of men, women as well as kids undergarments. The brand offers a largest collection in bra such as Essence, Fashion Essential, Active, Pop, International Collection and Comfies are its best selling ranges. The fabric used in the bra is the most comfortable, durable and of best quality. Jockey Bras give the best shape, fit and comfort for all day long. It becomes one of the leading undergarments brands of India for perfect, durable and quality products.

Best Price: 199/-

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